Recovering Well! :)

by Pam Clark (

Wow, I am still in a serious recovery from what ever this flu bug is, but am amazed how the Presence of the Lord can be there too. When we are weak, He is strong! Smile…

There are times when your best potions and tricks just don’t work to keep you going like you want, and you have to surrender. For those who know me, while I believe right confessions can help, if they don’t connect with your spirit, then it’s flesh, but it could be a start to something good. I just don’t idolize that “I” am in control because I know how to talk a certain way.

There is only One God and Jesus is His Son. He decides all things. But while I have had a visitation of evil, and I did, right behind it came a ministry from the Lord. I encountered the or an Angel of His Presence. It was SWEET! And the Lord spoke to me of the Harvest.

With all the deaths and the attacks on the Body going on, one has to go to the Lord to talk about it! And today I felt Him say that He is identifying the mature Harvesters to each other, the mature saints who feel the pain of another and don’t have to broadcast what they did to help if they could, but care because it is their nature in Him.

Now I know there are many facets to this, but what He was saying is that He is showing who can be trusted to put Him first. See, often when one is down, many move on. They were your “best friend” before, but trouble came. Now you have to know the difference between your assignment and stopping to help a friend, but as I believe even Jesus would say, “There is a friendship that is closer than a brother because the Spirit is in Him.”

Jesus, even today, is about His Father’s business. He knows what He cares about. He knows what He gave His life for. Co-laborers are precious people. They are not a commodity to deal with like the stock market, to work to your advantage. I said I had a visitation of evil and I did.

Evil is a presence and a force and has passed my way a number of times in my life and I was glad for it to keep on passing by. We have to learn and know how to hide in Him/Jesus.

We are called to give our all. But we also need to know how to be wise and God will test our hearts, for our sake and His. Remember how King David prayed to ask God to test his heart to see if there be any wicked way in him? Hey, in us is no good thing. What good is there comes from God, so it is the desire for God that is being tested.

And as was said by the angels to a saint, “Did you learn to love?” because finding your anchor and place in Him is what matters. But the Lord gave me a revelation about the evil, and it was that there is an evil that is just evil – it is every thing wrong. You know it from your gut and the evidence. But there also is a force of evil that causes good things to go wrong.

And act of evil can set in motion a number of things, like the attack on a parent can affect a child and that go on for generations. Things are wrong and there is a force of evil, but it was not necessarily the source of evil. Do you understand this?

Now I knew this, but the Lord was highlighting to me the need of forgiveness in the Body because of this. Many want to characterize people as “evil” (scapegoating them) when they are victims of their circumstances, and in these last (crazy) days, there are a lot of evil circumstances.

Many of these young ones are tossed about with the winds and waves of life and I think in certain areas, that can apply to all of us. The Love of God will constrain us or mature us, but we have to see it in others. The difference is that you have to discern your destiny, that it does not “just happen” and the mature saints are precious because they will not take advantage of the sheep just to gain a selfish advantage.

When you are learning, in the beginning you mimic or copy what the elders do. It doesn’t mean you understand it or even agree with it from the heart, you do it because you are testing it out and trying it out. Some of it works for you and some of it not so much, at least not right away.

See, the heart has to be in on it, and the heart goes through a maturation process. That is why a “want to” is not always an ability; you have to mature into it, and the choice process is critical.

It’s easy to get a large harvest of babies and walk away bragging. And some have a gift to evangelize and those mass appeals will get many into Heaven. But if you can’t see there is soooo much more than that, you are still a child in the Kingdom. You won’t know your left hand from your right and how to use it, and you won’t discern the bitter from the sweet.

Babies just eat anything in front of them. And they need to be protected. But they also must have the freedom and liberty to make some choices that allow them to mature. This is why good teachers and ministers are important. And some of you are CALLED as that! I think really, we all are, to some measure. And some are gifted called to reach many, but if we can’t share the good news truth, we hinder the work of God and He notices that.

The greatest reward I have is the Presence of God on a regular basis. And there will be seasons He withdraws to stretch me. But as I yearn for Him, that stretching of my heart is working in my favor. There is even an “oil” or “fragrance” or “substance” that emanates from me/in me that I can sense at times. And at times others will notice it too, but it’s the fragrance of the Presence of the Lord and it has an energy.

You know, a lot of scents can come out of a bathroom, but usually when you come out, you are the better for it. Just be real here. Sometimes our soul needs to be cleared out and God will help with that! More pressure times are coming, it’s why we need to be grounded and strong in the God ways. It’s why we need to understand grace. It’s why we need to discern how evil works.

Ephesians 6: 10 “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

It’s why we need to hear, and see what the Father sees, and then be like Jesus and do what we see the Father doing – reaching out to a lost and dying world with hope and love and life, and grace.

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