Personal update

Recently the Lord led me to give up a part time job I had and I really feel that He is calling my attention more to ministry things than market place things, although I believe I will always do both.  (I’m a web designer.)  But He has first call on my time, either way.

I have an opportunity this month to go with a friend to the Washington DC area and we plan to scout around some in the area (& in the Spirit) and see how the Lord leads us, and we are full of faith that He will.  I really sense this is a divine appointment thing.

Some of my expenses will be paid, but not all, so if you feel led to send something it would be appreciated!

My address is Pam Clark,  PO Box 484, Moravian Falls NC  28654.  Or, sending to

To be honest, now that I have my car, I would really like to do more traveling!  With the old car, my travel was very limited and now with my newer car, I can do more.  Who knows what may open up.   The Lord will supply!  and He does that through His people.

If you feel led to give, it’s very appreciated.  I hope to get some good pictures and will share what I can of the adventures.  And if you get any “words,”  you can email them to me.  Please, not long word studies as I don’t have time to read a lot of those with what I am called to do.   Hope you understand.

Thanks for your prayers for sure!

God bless you,



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