A Word for Weary Prophets

A Word for Weary Prophets
by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

I have a word for weary prophets and others called who feel oppressions.

Some of you are waiting for the Lord to lift the oppression but He is saying “Bear up and take on the burden because I have called you to a higher place and position. You say you don’t fit, and it’s rightly so, you no longer do because things have changed and you are in a transition season. You are not transitioning as ‘the same’ person. I have been at work within you, to show you things and strengthen you – to toughen you up for the higher places I have called you to.

Stay true to your heart and your call and your cause that you know is from Me. Not all want to go where you are going. Not all want to care the way you do. Some do not understand, but they will still love you. Some do understand but they don’t want to see your success. Learn to pull away and come into Me. I will deal with them. Things are changing and as you keep Me in mind, I will keep you in mind.

Did you think that as prophets you would not have to take on the challenges as my former prophets did? Some of your circumstances may be different but you face the unbelief, just as my prophets of the past did. Just because you are among a Christian people does not mean that the battle stopped, in fact, some things are more difficult because you are in the House of My friends. I was wounded and you will be, too, but it did not stop Me. It did not stop My work.

Be strong and very courageous. You don’t have to step back, but instead step forward into the new destiny that I am calling you into. It doesn’t matter what others think, it matters what I think, and if you want My discerning abilities, you must come into Me even more. Keeping you humble is easy, but bringing you into righteousness is My challenge and I long to see you there in the place where you may walk in the courts of My friends.”

One comment on “A Word for Weary Prophets

  1. Wow, pam…this is as the Lord was looking into the circumstances of my life and my heart on this very day! Thanks for this timely word. God has just brought me out of a local congregation..job completed. It wasn’t a pleasant experience in terms of the pastor’s relationship to me personally, but three years which I have grown and learned many things during my sojourn with this part of the Body. Thanks for sharing this understanding of the work of the Lord in the life of prophets in this hour.

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