A Poem for the Loss…

When we are young
And life is free
Covered in love
And possibility
Around is love
And all things good
All the little boo boos
Are understood
But then we get older
And we find
Life is not so easy
Nor so kind
There is a thief
Who stalks around
Stealing what he can
Some things profound
And little by little
Our hearts do break
Holding on to the good
We don’t want him to take
As hard as it is
We learn to let go
Treasuring the things
We’ve come to know
But releasing them to
The God above
We must releast them
Into the Father’s Love
We scream in pain
We look for the gain
Diminished and needy
Resisting the greedy
Why are we weak
When He is so strong
Why do we feel
So all alone
As life slips us by
And here comes the night
We do our best
To resist the fright
God must be real
Or we die alone
He must be real
Or we turn as stone
Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
Oh my dear God
Where is the after?
But like Jesus
On the Cross
We give it to Him
We resist the loss
Putting ourselves
In our Father’s care
Knowing His Reality
Must be there
We offer up
The fragrance left
And find His strength
In our last tests.
by Pam Clark

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