The REAL Problems of the Times We Live In

The REAL Problems of the Times We Live In
by Pam Clark (

A lot of the crime and harassment today could be stopped if there were Godly leadership.  But “business” has bought out the government.   Like someone said to me one time, look at the commercials around the news – they are mostly pharmaceutical.

That means the drug companies have bought out the news (because the ads pay for it)  and that is definitely a last days thing. (Except I think that Shaq commercial for Gold Bond is the cutest thing I have ever seen.) But look at how many drugs say, “It could kill you but you need to try it!”

It’s the spirit behind it that so few Christians seem to discern. Our whole government has been drugged it seems today!   They seem to not be able to accomplish anything good and helpful and there is no sensible reasoning at all.  We are lost and we see very few leaders in sight!


Even Christian leaders are sucked into the propaganda! You see them lining up with the political rants and believing that your vote is what is going to change things. NOT!  Because even that has become corrupted.  Thank God for the salt and light people who work to make a difference, but it’s not easy!

And some will tell and sell you all this doom prophecies, so they can sell their “last days” products. But once you hunker down and survive a few years, then what? Somehow it gets better? Not without a move of God!!!  A prophet will turn you to GOD!

And if you haven’t noticed recently, the king of the north country is on the move… And our celebrity President who feels that being a celebrity is more important than real covering…. oh don’t get me started. I am not into believing all these conspiracies I can never prove (and they can’t either) but some things ARE obvious!

God gave us navigational tools but we have to believe Him and use them.   God is not going to do all the work for us. You know, if you are flowers in a vase, you are going to die. But if you are PLANTED you not only will bloom but also reproduce!

Numbers are easy to come by with gimmicks as well as scams. But what are the real numbers of REAL Christianity?  See, if we have no VISION for tomorrow, there probably won’t be one, of any quality.

If we are just “cute” for today, we are those flowers in the vase that are going to die!  Today even the media is talking about how Americans are into selfies.  I don’t think it’s wrong to share, if you have something going on! But just to only admire one’s self, is a weakness.

We need some rumbles in our base to produce some real leaders.  If all that results is products to buy, we have missed it.  If you are never stirred in your own Spiritual gifts, you have missed it, so self does become entertainment!

I used to go to churches where there was Spiritual gift training and the people used it!  There is still some of that going on, but not enough!  Most today are on elementary levels.  Churches used to have testimonies of what GOD did!

It not only built up the people but inspired them!   But the problems then were leadership squashing the people too much, and limiting women, so people left or went to jelly (doing nothing).  But there is a core Body out there, and God knows it is there!  He is dealing with some stuff, but He will call it to rise up.

I can’t say for sure exactly where it will be, but when you can see with even glimmers, people flock. When the world passes tests, before the Church, God sees a problem.  It means He is going to deal with the Church first.

If we have no GOD vision, then we will never see God but only ourselves!  God will give us problems to work on, but it’s for our good – to teach us and train us and to show us how to take territory for Him (called Kingdom advance in some circles) but are we doing that?

If we go to church to hear lectures, have we encountered God???  You have to be brave to encounter God but it’s expected of you.  It’s not about leaders to idol worship, but a Body that responds to Him!

WHEN God moves, the other junk will be moved out, but it’s not about us being ‘king of the hill’ (for idol worship, SELAH!) but about incorporating people into His Living Body! Are you perfect???

Some will work to move forward, and many won’t, but for those who will, it’s an awesome journey! And the biggest hurt is when you think you have friends and you really don’t but you have to press through anyway!  Sometimes it’s misunderstanding, sometimes there is a fear to trust, but God is the Rock, not man.

When God is center and first, and He is in some places, and should be in your heart, then you can press forward.  We don’t want to just survive, barely alive, we want to THRIVE!  But a church that doesn’t raise up its flock to function is a dead church!

Leadership has to be skilled. Some churches are mostly women, not men in the workplace who know what’s going on in the world. Selah…. In many, the men lead, the women do nothing but care for babies, and people are out of touch!  The world is not like that.

The world then thinks that Christians are strange, and oftentime, fools because their mental reasoning is low and low functional.  People leave the churches to find freedom! Now what is wrong with that picture?

What they are really looking for is the real Church.  If you are struggling for a structure, you are missing it. If you find God, you have it! GOD can do what people can’t!

If church is about OUR songs and dances and speeches, is God there???  And we wonder why the holy Presence is missing???

I have never been to a perfect church, but I have been to some good services!  When you respect the hearts of the people, for God, you are on to something. If you are trained IN HIM, you can help others.

There used to be a lot of politicians who would never step foot into a church but had great respect for them. Can we get those days back?  Billy Graham was Billy Graham for a reason!  He had and has a heart for the leaders.

He wasn’t trying to boss them around and control them.  But he was praying with them and leading them to the Lord, at least in their situations!
As a Body, we have grown (gone through stuff) and what is coming is a new world order – but I don’t mean the conspiracy one. Society has changed in many ways. We are going through another youth boom, globally.

You can raise up a few kids or you can raise up leaders and send them out and bless them.  You teach them to know God, to pray, to hear from Him, to care about others, to have good sense, to know family love, to understand encounters.

And the test that JESUS has is “when you did it to the least of these, you did it to Me.”   See, if you are not willing to advance another person in the Kingdom, you missed it.

There are many encounters in the Bible. And believe it or not, encounters are still happening today. But, what are we doing with them? How are we responding to them?  What is the fruit?

Will Jesus say, “Well done”?   He will look at you, He will look at the Body, He will look at the Father and then respond.  Is anyone teaching this?

Psalm 91 works for those who work to please Him.  He will cover you.  God is a rich deep well. We should never be bored or impotent.

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