Are You Considering Sin?

by Pam Clark (

As stated in the Bible, there are three main categories of sin – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.  All others, and there are myriads, fall under these categories.  It is not so important to get the category of every one of them right as it is to discern it.

The devil was good at attacking two pure people – Adam and Eve – and sadly, he is still good at corrupting today.  Our diligence has to be that we are aware it can happen, that it displeases God, and have the faith that once and for all, the enemy’s defeat will one day be fully accomplished in our lives, but we have to choose Him.

We have all been raised in the weakness of this fallen world and some things have just been set up to trip us up, if at all possible.  We know that when frustrations mount, or that when we are extremely tired, or when someone successfully sabotages something, that the enemy sees these as opportune times.  The Bible even talks about the devil leaving Jesus “till a more opportune time.”

Yes, there are these seemingly designed set ups for attacks and even in wars, we call them ambushes.  They are real and they are out there.  But some sins are done because of unexpected pressures and some are done with the full intent to commit them.

When it comes to repentance, this does make a difference.  Some are not tempted if the adverse circumstances for them are not there.  Most likely they would totally avoid the snares of sin if the circumstances were favorable to them in a reasonable manner.

And that really is the work of many in a service to the Lord, and that is to prevent adverse circumstances from becoming ambushes.  We are grateful to those people, who often themselves had something bad happen and now they want to help others not experience that out of the goodness of their hearts.

It’s a sign or token of redemption and faith.  But then there is another aspect of the intentional sin.  It is something that is considered, pondered upon, thought about and there is the choice of willful intent to partake in the matter.  Oh the excuses that man can come up are innumerable and even the devil will gladly help them come up with justifications, but the God who knows and weighs the hearts knows and sees and discerns it as intentional.

When a people choose to have revival – a visitation of God because they ask Him for it – it is done by an intentional seeking.  They go out of their way with sincere hearts find His will,  to repent for their sins and invite and make room for His Presence in their lives.  Even then, God often will wait to see how strong their real intent is.  Because God has an order, He looks to see if they will comply to the order and the spontaneity of His ways.

When people respond by seeking the will of God with a posture of true repentance, many things you didn’t even realize were a problem, or the problem, comes to light and gets corrected.  There is also the joy of restored relationships and joyful anticipation of working together and finding accomplishments with others for a common cause in trust.

Many in workplaces today work out of obedience for the little reward of a paycheck, but too often  their true lives and hearts are not into that job and it is just a ways and means to get other things that they really want done.  It causes a split in their personalities and life becomes a discipline more than a pleasant experience.

We admire the survivors of adverse circumstances, but how much better might it be if we could all work for a happy goal and enjoy those around us as we do.  And many people do strive for just that and see it as a blessing.  But when many don’t, it becomes a problem of discontent and unrest, and then others seek out methods of “crowd control” to manage the froward people, some even to the point of possibly killing them off.

Conspiracy theories abound and some just love to stir them up.  But some are very real and it’s a symptom of lives out of sync with the will of God.  And things out of the will of God are going to have problems and as the Bible says, the wages, the rewards, of sin is death!  Some breathe, but are dead inside.  They are entertained but not satisfied.  We want to reach those people and give them the light of life!

Many are looking for leaders to “just handle things” or to “just fix things” but leaders alone can’t do it.  For the world today to change for the better, it is going to take large groups of people with a common and sincere heart.  It’s going to take a unity of purpose.  And then God will bless that if it is for His foreordained purposes.

When we realize the purposes of God are good, and that He is indeed a Master Mind who created it all, and that His intentions for us are for our fulfillments in Him, we gain a true and enduring hope when we understand the purposes and scope of why He sent His Son Jesus to die for us and take us into the redeemed life.

First of all, we need it to have life!  Secondly, it’s sure death without Him.  And thirdly it is important to understand that all this is based on choice if we want to contend  for things with it.  Some lives are ruined because they are herded like cattle and have little ability of resistance.  When we engage the power of God with the understanding of His good will, it’s a win-win situation with far reaching ramifications!

If we persist in our own ways, making willful intentions to serve our own lusts and desires that work against the goodness of life, we not only defeat ourselves but those around us.  God weighs the hearts and will give us the fruit of our ways.  Sometimes the smallest things can affect major circumstances!

The rewards or paychecks of sin are not always “later” – often the negative process starts and the results are not that far away.  We must understand that there are two world systems at work.  One is the Kingdom of God and the other is that of the fallen world.  So choosing, you can be a master of either one, but you have to decide which one your heart is lining up with, because it speaks of your destiny.  Death has many facets, most of which we do want to avoid!

Many people, without the knowledge of God, excel in the world system.  When we see those people, we sigh and often say, “Oh if only they would serve the Lord, how awesome that would be” because we believe they would use those same skills for Him.  But if you have been around a while, you will notice that the fame of one world does not transfer over that easily or that often into the other.

Often if you choose to “transfer” to the other side, either way, you are wrecked inside.  The whole thought process and system of checks and balances are different.  The building process for internal power and strength is different.  This is why there will be much deception in the future days because there will be a bait and switch and if you don’t know your God, you will fall for the “promo.”

About 20 years ago I had a friend in a city I used to live in from church and he was a kind of burly type man, sweet and gentle but also quite manly in appearance.  He seemed to know a lot about the Lord, and it turns out that he used to work with a major repentance ministry.

I found him interesting because he knew a lot of people and had some strong thoughts but he never could keep all of his thoughts together.  To “get” him you would have to be very patient and get the pieces and then try to put them together yourself.  Honestly, it became frustrating.

I took it to the Lord as I wanted to enjoy this man’s company, just as a friend, and then one day he confessed to me that he had sinned and committed homosexuality in his recent past.  I was not only shocked, but brokenhearted over it, because I could then see what happened.  He really was like a shattered mirror.  The pieces were there but they didn’t connect anymore and so he was fighting the distortion, as were those around him.  It broke my heart.

That shatteredness led to his mistrust of everything and everyone because it wasn’t like before and he couldn’t get his internal foundation right for building.  Now this is an extreme case but also typical of how sin works.  We all have little pieces that we put together as we grow into maturity and the enemy who hates the cause of God is just seeking how he might destroy that because of the power it has to be used against him.  So he wants to stop it and will work at it.  There is a war going on in the heavens!

With genuine repentance God can put his life back together but it will not be an overnight thing.  He will have to find the glue of Heaven and declare God over every broken piece to put that back together again.  And he probably will be a much stronger person for it, but it’s a painful thing to go through.  I’ve seen it in women, too, and with other types of sin.

Apostle Paul talks about growing up in the sincere faith because once we were babes, but we can gain maturity and strength.  Some people are sheltered, some start off in a good place and are able to maintain it.  It’s an awesome gift.  But there are millions called too, who have every right to partake but they have to struggle more to get there, but as Jesus says, “He who is forgiven much loves much.”

The whole goal is to find your ministry in Christ (the anointing).  There is power in the anointing to change the world and the things around you.  Those who were sheltered have to be on guard just as much as those who came up “street wise.”   They need the blessings of each other, because wisdom often comes through challenging experiences.

God often calls the “least likely” because He likes to get the glory for what He can do.  Are you considering sin?  Don’t do it!  Life is hard enough, and the enemy is targeting you anyway without you making it worse.  It can wreck your whole life that consists of time and it can also steal your eternal rewards.  Everyone likes cash, but righteousness is your spending money in Heaven and it works on earth, too, in prayers.

Have you failed already?  Know that the true Body of Christ and God Himself is on your side for you to win this thing.  Yes, things may take some time and hard efforts but everything you do for Him, will bring you benefits.  When you turn from sin, your example speaks loudly to others and Heaven also has a child has come Home and rejoices.  There are eternal consequences.  There is no peace like God’s peace.

God will get great glory on the earth – it has been promised!  When the holy spark starts the next  Revival Wave, you want to be in the right place at the right time.  You don’t want to spend all your time on the logistics of trying to get there.

Pray as Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is Heaven.”   It’s not about brownie points – that is the world.  Jesus says you are either for Him or against Him and that is how He is looking at it.  Be on the winning side.



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