This is the Work – To Believe!

by Pam Clark  (

Jacob isn’t the only one who wrestled with an angel.  We do it all the time.  There are unseen forces, working for us and against us, and our
will influences a lot the outcomes.

An amazing statement was made by Jesus:  “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.”   John 6:29    As a child, it seems so much easier to trust, because most of the time we are covered by people who are using their Godly gifts to protect us.

But sooner or later we all mature to the point where we realize that it is a rough world out there, and as much as we don’t want to see it, evil exists and is more than willing to take advantage of all of us.  It is at this place where believing becomes work!

It is also at this place where our faith in God makes a difference.  Sometimes we don’t even know we are believing in God when we believe in good.  But left only to ourselves, we will not accomplish the fruit that remains because we do not understand God’s foundations.  When we miss that, we can build a great building that might have to be torn down.

People are hungry for what is right, and we have Good News to give to them!  God will help you!  Many present God as a “ticket” for fire insurance, but that will not get them into a productive life.  The Good News is that God will give you a lifestyle that can benefit you all your days into Eternity.

Life doesn’t stop, it keeps on going.  When I was younger I had a father-figure friend who used to frequently tell me, “You go into the ways you prepare.”  I didn’t really understand that fully and I keep on learning the reality of that statement.  It really is a true life-changing concept and the impact of its truth can last for a real forever.

At the time I first heard that, I remembered Jesus saying, “I go to prepare a place for you…”  And I had pretty much put the burden all on Him.  But even though I knew about Jesus, I had not learned that there is an invitation to walking with Him in this life to a greater place.

If that were just fantasy, I guess it would be a nice one, but if you live this life a while and think about how it works, you will discover there is a reality.  There is a co-laboring with Jesus that is productive for you and for others.

If we only listen to the message about denying ourselves, we can deny ourselves right out of that relationship.  How can one be a friend to someone who is not there?   We must learn to discover ourselves through the eyes of God.  Then we will learn what to deny and what to accept.

Prayer then will also take on a greater significance.  Rote prayers may get you started, but they won’t maintain you without really believing.  Somewhere they have to engage with you in the Spirit realm to have a positive and sustaining effect.

Later in the aforementioned chapter, Jesus says: “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day.  It is written in the prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught by God.’ Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me.”  John 6: 44-45

Do you feel a tug?  Has someone witnessed to you?  Have you seen a Scripture on a billboard sign anywhere?   Are you reading this?  God is sending out an invitation to you, drawing you.  But you have to make the decision to come into His Presence.

Now some days, He will just go where He will, but if you want encounters and a lasting relationship, you will have to make some efforts to reinforce this relationship.  And it pays off because for a season yet, the devil will also work to go where He wills.  The Good News is that the God of the Universe will ultimately deal with him, but until then, it’s good to be on the right side and understanding of things.  He will give you helps.

Wood will rot if left in the dirt, but concrete won’t.  However, often a wood frame is built for pouring in the concrete.  There are tools that are given to help us build our lives the right way.  It is wise to learn what God’s tools are and how He uses them.

He has given us His Word, the Scriptures of The Holy Bible.  He has given us people who love and care for us;  He has given teaching and gifts of ministry through the Body of Christ; and He has given us supernatural gifts for achieving our highest goals.

It is in our best interest to become child-like and teachable in the things of God.  We are told to test the spirits.  We are to measure things in life by the Character of God – and God is quite amazing!  The more you get to know Him, the more you want to know Him more!

It’s way beyond emotions, but the emotions are there, too.  But there is work to maintaining the relationship.  God believes in you!  You would not be on the planet if He did not.  But as you accept His belief in you, you will discover your belief in Him increasing, and then you will also learn to accept His ways.

You will find those ways can be life changing, and you will learn spiritual concepts of good and evil and how to navigate through them – if you work at it!

You will learn you that you need to master the tools He gives in the areas of ministry work that He has called you to, and you will see that it can make a dramatic difference in this life.  And your heart will be warmed to this Love that truly surpasses all understanding.

How many of us know that Love will remain, long after people we care about go?  It’s in our hearts and our souls, and, Love can multiply.

To honor God, is to honor His Love.  His Love can overcome evil, if we learn how to do it right.  This world is just temporary, but God’s dimensions are forever, and we can live in them.

We go into the ways we prepare.  And there is no better way to go than walking with Jesus, who has prepared a place for us.





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