A Functional Forward Moving Kingdom

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

Let’s be serious for a moment.  Are the key people in your church duplicating?   Make a list of who your key people are.  Now, are they being worn out until burn out or are you raising up others in that ministry too (or helping them to do that) so your church can grow?

The key to this is treating them right, developing relationships people can trust in, and rewarding them appropriately. Then they will pass that equipping spirit on to others.

Kingdom Leaders, we are exhorted – Proverbs 27:23-24 – “Be diligent to know the state of your flocks,  and attend to your herds; For riches are not forever, nor does a crown endure to all generations.” If the church cheats, then the flock will cheat. It’s a generational curse.

See, we have got to admit that we gotten to a place of laziness and complacency and even greed. It’s showing in all of our society.  Are we going to own up to it, or just continue to suffer the consequences of it?

I am serious, if there is a gift and a blessing, it is being duplicated to reach others? Are we learning  good Kingdom principles?  Are we really equipping the saints, or is it just “all about us”, whomever you are?  Pastors cannot complain about the people forever and go forward (and they do complain because they are human just like you are). Churches ARE  the front lines to a CHANGED SOCIETY.  It’s YOUR choice!

And for all the other ministries in the five fold – what are YOU doing to minister your gift to the pastors —  without strings on it?

Find out what God is saying to you and then share that.  Make it safe to share – in group settings.   Like it or not, good or “bad”, be real.  Until we get real again, we are not going to make much progress.  Leaders  raise up the equipped.  A lot of frustrated church leaders have that problem because they are not receiving the ministry gifts God has provided. See, the church doesn’t work like the world, but the wisdom of the Church should minister TO the world, and not the other way around.

All the gifts “come under the Rod” for inspection – it means they pass through the Blood of the Lamb and  the Lord of the Flock.  There is a conviction.  When you come to a Church service (of whatever kind), do you honor the Lord first or the church first? You know!   Are you more concerned about your identity, or who He is? He knows!

The bottom line is, are you fulfilling YOUR calling?  And is it under the Blood and the Lord of the Flock? When the efforts are real, things start to work, the right shifts start to occur.

Holiness, the Presence of Holiness, should be in your houses of worship! Yes, there are worship times and then people time, where the people are ministered to and enjoy the joy. But if Holiness is not there first, then the problem is not His – He is just not welcomed and people will not change. Do you know the difference between a social club and a worship service?

Do you want to know how a church should work? Then study how the gifts work! There should be services all over that teach the gifts, and not just the five fold! (Got any anointed teachers in your church?  You should!) If you want an apostolic church, then spend time on the overall view of the ministry gifts, including gifts of administration and gifts of helps, the “minor ones” etc.  They are all important and necessary!

Don’t spread it out so long that people can’t get the overall view.  See the function!!!  Let your people see what resonates in their hearts and then minister to that.  Do you need to learn?  Then present a teachable spirit!

No one shares it best than the one who has it! God did not give the gifts out there for competition.   But He does bless willingness!  And Jesus looks for the real work – what His Father is doing.

Some have the gift of miracles. But if you don’t know how that works WITH the other gifts, it’s just a passing thing.   Some people want that gift for the excitement of it and some want it for the ministry of it. Learn and discern the difference!   Church at large, we have got to find our Way again!

Do you have evangelists in your church? Are they hitting the streets?  Do you know?  Do you have the ministry gifts ready for when their fruit walks in the door? Is there a class on the basics at the least?  Evangelists need ministry too, just like the new believers do.  Are some exalted beyond  measure?  Or is there a team working together?

How much of God do you want? If you want and need a blast of Him, get ready for things to change.  Seek Him till He is found by you.  If you are good at getting His Holiness in the door (and that starts with sane living) then He will minister to the bigger problems.

Do you appreciate those who DO the work of the ministry? If you do, then you carry the Spirit of the Lord.   When you realize that the Lord is the Miracle, then you will have things in order.

For some who want to work with this – a suggestion to get you started. Have your flock share or write down all the ministry gifts they know about (nothing too long and drawn out) – and then compare that to what you know the Word says. Know the state of your flocks! – even among the young ones.  Then they will see the need too and respond.

Sometimes people want prophets to come in only to tell them the obvious! You will never get the best part of that gift if you aren’t doing your part.  Let God be First!   He is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM!

Some people will find they are in the wrong ministry because there was not a way for their real ministry to manifest.  They were doing someone else’s real job to cope.  How sad is that? That makes two people in the wrong place.  God bless those who work to make something happen in His Spirit!  There is MUCH to be gained!  But to get the unction to function, you have to get the vehicle started.  And the parts have to work!

God can do much with a go-cart, and even more with an anointed jet plane, and He is pleased with just cars (so to speak) and when it’s really Him, everyone is happy – and He always gives room to grow!  He started with a baby in a manger in a shepherds field – and turned the world upside down!   Just keep the main thing the main thing and don’t get into competition with men. There is a spirit of that going on which is not right in the Church.

Do you know that to move forward in God, it takes the anointing – the supernatural convicting power of His Presence touching their heart and lives.  And ministers get burned out when they have the vision to go forward and no one really agrees with them.  But that often happens because the real fuction of the gifts are missing!

That is why we have to make it easier to find.  That is why the real gifts need to be in place!  Then everyone is happy including you!  Squashed down people won’t get you there.  And if you kill off the ministry in the name of sport, God will respond to that one day.  He will be jealous for what He died for.  A competitive spirit will turn into a political spirit.

God usually works from the bottom up, more than from the top down. He is inviting people to come into His Kingdom.  That’s how a vision works.

If the world is more appealing than the Church, what does that say?  Then what is the Prize?

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