A Prophecy for our Times

A prophecy the Lord gave me this morning:
Have you covered what I want to give birth to?, asks the Lord. 
Have you agreed with Me?
You will reap according as to what you have done…
Have you loved as I have loved?  Have you loved as I have loved you?
You will be judged for this, right or wrong.
Now is the time to repent.  Now is the time to turn away from your wicked ways.
If you want to see My Kingdom, you must change  your mind, you must change your ways and accomodate my Goodness.
You say you want change but are you willing to change?
If you are not willing, then what you have sown will be measured back to you.
I Am asking for heart change.  I am asking for life-outlook changes. 
I am asking for you to see Me in your everyday life.
Do you love Me?  As you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto Me.
Do you give Me honor as your Creator?  Is there another?
I Am a God who is giving birth to many new things, but should I bring to birth that which cannot be borne?
Where must I seek My people, should it not be among  you?
Do you know Me?  Do you want Me?  All day long I stretch out My hands…
I want a people whose hearts reach out to Me, not just lip service only.
What kind of signs and wonders do you want?  I can do anything! 
What are you seeking? Do you know Me, My child?  Do you really know Me?
Deep cries unto deep at the noise of My waterfalls.
Does this earth know how to cry out to Me? 
I long for the days of embrace.  I long to hear My love songs. 
I long to hear you say “Come meet my Friend.”
My arms are wide enough.  My heart is big enough! 
My Mind is all  you need.
Come away with Me, My beloved, and we shall ride the high places. 
We shall bless the low places. 
My tears with yours shall water the ground of My Love.
Come away with Me, My beloved, and we shall ride. 
Together, we shall ride.

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