How is Your Fish Tank?

by Pam Clark (
I had a dream night before last and while I am not sure how much I am to share, as I always want my dreams to speak to me first and process it, but some of this I do feel a liberty to share.

I have been praying about the next move of God – there is a rainbow of so many beliefs and ideas about it, most all (of the ones I see) having some merit.  But none have caught my heart ~exactly~ and I have been through a powerful move in my past, that I know many others have not seen, and some have even seen greater.

So I have been praying about the next move, what it is, how it will work, wondering what could be better than what I have already seen where incredible signs, wonders and miracles  and incredible healings have taken place.  I’ve seen mass salvations and people baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  I’ve seen strong large meetings and small meetings where visitations and impartations come and I’ll take either small or large if the Lord is there.  This dream had such a strong impartation on me that I don’t need “a meeting” to “find the Lord” right now.  I do believe in gathering before the Lord though!

I’ve seen a lot of meetings where they claim the Lord is there but it was not like the other glorious things I have seen.  I’ve come to realize that people’s ideas of revival are quite different.  There are protestant revivals where good and Godly motivational speakers preach well, and you see a miracle here and there.  And I’ve been to pentecostal ones that were a little more intense and a lot more happened, but you had to keep checking yourself to make sure you were on the right track and sometimes you would have to fight off craziness or confusion.  You really do have to study to show yourselves approved, to know what is right before God.  The degrees in pursuit are optional, I guess.  And all the gifts have to work together, not just one will do it.  On this, I can say I still need patience as I am so eager to see some things.

For me, when the presence of the Lord is there, something happens on the inside of me.  Things shift and change and new dimensions and strengths are made available and I find I have to wisely choose, and rejoice when things go well for me or others.  Not every revival is about “me” and it is good when “revival” meetings inspire and motivate people to go out on the mission field and do what they have not done before carrying the burden of the Lord and ministry in their hearts.

The gifts of the Spirit have to be taught about, or people will not believe in them or walk in them correctly or wisely.  But I have known that God doesn’t do the identical twice for the most part, so there is something new coming.  Many talk about “the new sound” and we have looked for that in music and in other ways, but I came to realize that was really a greater fine tuning in hearing the Voice of the Lord affecting my life.  Sometimes it is in music, and sometimes it is not.

I’ve been excited and frustrated over and over, and join with many in the struggle not to lose heart as we see our nation dumb down and forsake its true Spiritual heritage.  Every day there seems to be an assault against good sense and good reason, and our faith is mocked.  Some of it has been deserved where legalism choked the Life out of people.  But you don’t throw out all of it for the sake of a few.  You have to press on.

“Lord,” like many of you have cried, “where is our help?  What are you going to do that will make a difference to this wayward generation?  I feel as if I am losing heart and I don’t want to live like that!!!”

And as I submitted myself again to His Spirit and prayed these prayers, and asked all these questions a couple of nights ago, I had this dream.  In the dream I met Billy Graham.  Now, I am aware of his mighty ministry and sincere dedication and incredible works, and bountiful harvest of souls.  And thanks to TBN, I have heard many of his messages, older and newer.  You can’t help but respect him, knowing the sacrifice of self he has paid to do the Lord’s work.  He is respected by small and great alike.

In the dream I was introduced to him and there was such a deep and abiding Presence of God upon him, and there was such a DEEP HONOR of the Lord around him that it went far beyond what I have ever known about him, and I’ve been to some of the ministry places he has.   The presence that was there was a deeper honor than anything I have ever encountered before, (and I have known the fear of the Lord) and I wanted to soak in it.   I prayed when it was time to leave that I would get to encounter that again and I felt that I would have that.  It had been a short friendly exchange of words, but so much more was going on.

The Holy Spirit was so strong upon me that all I wanted to do was worship, but I found myself in another location near where I used to live in Houston, next door to an apartment I used to live in and I went by.  In that apartment were now where sick people lived in a community group and they had advanced stages of AIDS.  They were sitting around a table playing cards or a game, just talking.   It was pretty barren in some ways of furniture.  A friend of mine was there ministering to them; she was helping to clean the apartment.  She had worship music on and I was so glad and after greeting her,  I just leaned against the wall, closed my eyes and went into worship for while, grateful to praise and give thanks for the prior anointing’s encounter.  As I had walked in to greet her, one of the men got up and greeted me and wanted a hug and I gave him one and saw the black lesions and had compassion.  People who are victims like that can be very defensive.

I had seen those black lesions before on another friend of mine who really did live in this apartment complex of the past and later died.  He was a classical pianist.  My friend  in the dream who was cleaning the kitchen when I walked in showed me little fish tank containers sitting around and one was a bit cloudy and she asked me, “Do you think this water needs changing?”  I said, “Oh yes,” since I could tell I had more experience with fish than she did apparently.

I went to another back area of the apartment and then came back and she had all the fish in one big tank.  It was shiny and clean and the water was clear and the varieties of fish were all swimming around.  I said, “Oh that is so much better!  It looks great.”

The fish seemed okay but a bit later I looked and they were jumping out.  I was shocked and I thought, “What could make them want to jump out of that tank?  It was so nice.  Their other condition was so much worse.”  Then I asked her, “Did you put the anti-chlorine drops in there?  If you didn’t, then they are breathing bleach and it will kill them!”  (City water is treated with chlorine.)

I got very concerned about our finding these drops for the water real soon, and we both found bottles that looked like the right drops but were not.  A big part of the dream was my searching and searching to find the drops in time to save the fish!  I went outside to look, and when I came back unsuccessful to try looking in the house again, the fish were in water puddles on the floor flopping around and I knew that water was going to seep into the carpet and they would all soon die.

End of dream.  I woke up pondering what this could mean, but I knew.  There IS a move of God coming.  The fish represent souls.  They needed their water/habitat changed, and it was. It looked all shiny and clean but it was not okay.  The fish were jumping out (out of the church symbolicly) and they were flopping around and dying.  There was a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors, some striped, etc. which I take to mean the Church at large.

I realized they had wrong doctrine (water represents the word/doctrine).  The lack of honor for the Lord has caused the Church to compromise on many issues.  People offer many “remedies” but they aren’t working, and people are leaving because it doesn’t work for them.  The understanding of the need is there, but not the fully correct remedy.

God is going to come in a stronger way, and the believers will be stronger people.  They will minister.  But those who do not want to submit to His ways will find themselves suffering and “flopping around” and without His help, they will die.  We must have compassion for the lost.

It is not a time to be discouraged, God is going to come.  Just work to stay and be in alignment with Him.  He is going to deal with what is wrong and the Godly will see what is right, and more of it.


One comment on “How is Your Fish Tank?

  1. Acie says:

    Thank you for courageously spreading God’s truth. The fact that you are not trying to prophet financially from your ministry renews my faith in the true body of Christ growing and obeying our Lord. Thank you. I am old yet my spirit needs much growth. Your workdhops are a blessing and I know God is using you to help many like me. Thank you.

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