Anchoring Into Divine Positioning

by Pam Clark   (

Many have sown into divine positioning through their prayers and through their actions, and some don’t even realize it.  But I want to let you know that when you choose the will of God over the mind of man, you have sown.

God’s Kingdom works by faith, not by works, but faith has works that proves the faith.  The Lord gave us the book of Revelation to share with us startling things to come. It certainly is a heads up that we need to be in the right places at the right times.

I have lived through a Revival season and it was A-MAZING.  It was so amazing and impactful that I have longed and labored to live through that experience again.  (I mean, in Heaven it’s always there, but we need and want it HERE!)  The mind of man was completely passed over and the Presence of God was HERE.

You can’t manufacture it.  Another Personality was in the house!  And it was so awesome.  It changed you.  (Much more than just giving you the giggles, and there is a holy laughter that can break off some serious negative junk!  But this changed your whole life and course of direction because there was Some One to live for!)

Many of us after living in the afterglow have labored and prayed for years and oh we know how we need it again, especially in looking at the downturns of society.  But what I want to share is to be aware and know how your faith is WORKING.

If faith were not a struggle, it would not be a testimony.  I’ve always said that God can go as far as the most obedient person.  When that fails, the agreement for His will is lost.  It is just how He set it up.  (Then you know who is in charge, not just Him, and not the power our good will because our power is puny without God, but our unity in Him.)

But praise the Lord, we can have God’s will if we choose to attain it.  Many have coasted in the prayers of other people, but that season does not last forever.  To whom much is given, much is required.  The Spirit of God cares about others – there is a generation of the righteous that should keep on producing!   If it doesn’t, society fails and we can see what that looks like in other nations, if not our own.

Now some of us learn the hard way, and I have been one, but God uses all things for good, even our stubbornness.  (It makes us really believe the lesson!)  But God also does not strive with man forever, if we harden our hearts against His Spirit.

That in itself is a good reason to realize that our investment into the things of God will have a payoff, even if we don’t see it immediately.  Some things just take time, and are even proven that way.

The train can move slow at first and many can jump on, but then things start to speed up.  A train can’t stop on a dime either, that also takes time.  But it can get to its destination, cargo intact!  And the people on there can have an enjoyable ride – especially if they have prepared!

We are quite a nation of independents, but if we do not sow into our Godly leaders, then we have to sustain ourselves and God has placed gifts in the Body for our good.  Many want the church to come around them in times of need, but when the pressure is on, the true Body must take care of itself.  Oh, we can reach overflow seasons, and when we have that, everyone around us is blessed.  But when it is not, times are tough.  There is a Spiritual hunger that hurts!

But those blessing things don’t “just happen.”  Ignorant people will think that.  They probably also believe in magic and fantasy.   But there is a time for reality and God says YOU play a significant part in that!  He designed it that way.  But not only do you labor, but you also get the rewards!  And He can do miracles!

People can confuse you, churches can confuse you, leaders can confuse you but it is not God’s will to confuse you.  I have learned, you can walk out of confusion.  He has made it so much easier with the abundance of Christians resources to learn His ways and get into His will.  We just only need to do our part as a willing recipient and participant!

Some think kids will just raise themselves or society will and then when the kid grows up, they wonder where this creature came from!  (Now I know that raising children is not easy and none, although they may look it, are perfect.)  But we surely can find God’s love potential there.  But children are not just for us, they are for all of society.  Job knew this and gave offerings frequently for his.

But the best way to learn and even cover ourselves is to lead by example.  Like some have quipped, they choose your nursing home!  When children are young, they have to pretty much obey, but when they are older, they pattern after what they see and know.

We are all children in God’s eyes and He is the One who really sees the heart.  You can’t make God do anything, even for you kids!  But we can sow into His will, we can lead by example, we can seek truth and find it.  Then His will can manifest.

It’s one thing to prepare a nest egg for the future, and many, so sad to say, have seen that not work out as planned.  But, if we have sown into the Kingdom of God, and there are many ways to do it, we really have prepared for our good future and for those around us, and that makes for a better and more peaceful society.  Are you sowing into your divine placement?

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