The Turn

by Pam Clark (

We have just made “a turn” on The Path in the Body of Christ right now. Things have changed and gone up a level. So many have preached that God is a lovely ~addition~ to your life and He can make you happy. And there are books and messages galore on “how” He can do just that! Say a little prayer, give a little money (or a lot), do this or that, and you have “the in.”

But here is the real truth – God can make you happy if you do it His way, not another! The reason I say we have gone up another level is because the Church has united and identified with Israel in a much stronger and public way now.

Those who have sown into Israel, which is God’s heart, are now beginning to reap the rewards, in spite of the warfare that will surround it. There is now a dividing line that can be seen on who is on the Lord’s side – and that does not make Prime Minister Netanyahu perfect by any means. He is the man God chose, but he is not the Messiah Jesus/Yeshua.

Most get that, but many in the world look for a rally point and will pick a man, or a date, a place, an event, or even a stone image to idolize. Many who believe they have chosen God now have to process the events and direction of what has just taken place with his speech to Congress.

The believers in America have chosen the God of Israel, not His nemesis. They understand there is a commitment, even when things are not popular. They know He is not a trinket or a book best seller or extra addition to their preplanned repertoire. Even Jesus when on earth, experienced His followers falling away.

But what I want to share is that we have made a turn on our path of life on the earth as a Body. We are in a greater unity with Israel. And because some are just following more than they are invested they will see this as a disturbance, but more are to come.

As this turn is made, many will miss the turn and spin out so to speak. (“We like Israel, we stand with the nation of Israel, but…”) This faith is not going like they thought! Many who have just observed will find a greater curiosity and look for the explanations of what is going on, and that means we have to give it to them, if we know (which is why I say pray for the Spirit of equipping!).

Even though the path is curvy and steep at times, it’s going somewhere – to the mountain and city of God, where He is the King who rules and reigns with justice and authority.

Even America does not get that claim. Literal Israel does not see it, but as inferred yesterday by the PM, it’s getting better – and that is because of the faith of the people. After a hundred generations, God is still there and willing to show Himself strong.

Yes, there has been a turn and distinctions before not seen are being seen – on both sides – and we get to choose Whom we will serve. Not just vote for, not just align with, not just something to add into in our mix, but whom will we SERVE?

We need to know Him, and we need to know His Voice because the other side is rattling with their disturbance and we need to know how and Whom to follow.


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