Looking for the Enemy

by Pam Clark  (pamclark@prophetic.net)


Even in what we have known in the past, living in a Christian nation, there are still people who get wounded.  Granted, the more truly Christian a territory is, the less crime, wounds and pain is there because there is a force of good will at work.  It was Christian “hospitality” that began the first “hospitals” and they have made a huge difference in the quality and sustaining of healthy life.


Not only do prayers make a huge difference when we can call on and find the “God who Heals”, but the good efforts of others also comforts and can bring remedies.  But sad to say, people still get hurt, and they get wounds, and it is really sad and a crisis when it happens to younger children who don’t know how to reason it through and who don’t know how to find the available resources for them to find help.  This is a problem world over, which is why spreading the Good News of the Gospel to every nation can have such a high impact in our global life.  Others need our helps.


Some of these wounds can carry over into adult life and many are confused about what good reality should be, or they believe it has passed them by.  This is why community in Christianity is so needed, because like a number of other programs out there, true Christianity is a caring community and it can help solve problems and issues and raise the standard of quality living.  Little things really can mean a lot.  And we still can be real!


But some people who are wounded get angry and they don’t know what to do with their pain.  They just know they hurt and they are looking for the enemy.  The devil, our real enemy, knows this and seeks to harness this energy for his own camp.  This is how so many people are seduced into false doctrines and cults and lifestyles they really did not want to live in – they just did not find another way.


If it is not taught, many do not know that there are spiritual forces that fight for the souls of men.  These forces are after your energy, your good will, your money, your talent and any other resources you might have.  Even the devil wants you to be honest if you are serving him because he does not want to be cheated!  Crazy, isn’t it?  We watch movies about such stuff.


If right and wrong is not taught or revealed, people are victims.  What is going on is a spiritual war.  If you believe the Christian doctrine, and I do, we started off in a good place and then we were seduced by the evil spirit and fell.  We can get simple or complex with that doctrine, but for this writing, I will keep it simple.  The way this doctrine is presented can make it seem hokey sometimes until you put it up in the face of reality and then you realize something had to have gone on that took the good will rights of mankind away.  We were not made trash.  Our hearts know that.  We can respond to good.


Now if people live for darkness, they don’t care.  They are self-centered and selfish and they don’t really care about their fellow man, unless it serves their selfishness.  Some realize the error of their ways later in life and choose to change, but some don’t.  Our job as Christians is to reach the lost.  But we can’t really do that well if we don’t understand the program!


For some, Christianity just means a nice social club, or a group-think of good will.  And that is a real nice start, but the reality is much stronger than that.  The reason is that we are in a war for the souls of men.  People can find things to pass the time with, but life does go on after death and there is a reason for the death part.  It’s a message that choice really does make a difference to you and those around you.  There is accountability, but it’s ultimately by the God of good will and He will judge things fairly and sternly.


The spiritual forces go deep into the lives of mankind.  It even affects the animals and the environment.  Wounds that fester cause infection and even that infection can spread and do more damage, in the natural and in the heart!  Scientists study every day the ways to fight infections and we have made some great progress.  We are grateful for their labors, just as we are for the military that defends us, but even the military can go wrong if its premise for executing things is wrong.


In the end, we all want the judges and those ones who determine things to rule in our favor.  Some people are so wounded and blind that they just acquiesce and let others determine what their lives should be.  Often they are the cheerleaders for those who go out there and make a difference.  If they support the right things, that is great, but there is a God who is after more than a cause and there is a great Cause!  But the cause is not just for your strength, but your heart and life, your motives and your will.


There is something freeing when we realize there is a good will that is actually for us, like a God who loves us.  Burdens lift and life is better.  But this good will has to affect our whole life, not just part of it to be fully relevant.  People have suffered wounds and many still carry pain.  If you really knew the life stories in the crowd around you, you might be very surprised.  How sweet and kind it is when people can get help and solutions and kindness instead of more hurt for their pain.


God does not really need marketers, He is good on His own.  Jesus was a marvel because He could do the stuff and change people’s lives and He did not need a sales team or marketing agenda to help Him out.  He trained disciples to be like Him.  He was good for His good will until the last drop of His blood was shed, but then something amazing happened.  He rose from the dead!  Thus we have the Christian faith and it’s worth going for.  It is so multi-dimensional that there is nothing else like it. 


Many people are believers in evil until they have met the good.  And then the good changes them.  But some have wounds and they go looking for the enemy and any enemy will do, even if it is not the right one!  They are led by their emotions more than their mind, or they have allowed their mind to reason in unreasonable ways.  Man was created in the image of God, meaning that we can host the Spiritual Force of Him.  We can also pollute that host and become God’s enemy, sometimes not even knowing it!  But we don’t have to stay there, we can renew our minds to the Truth.


People who hurt look for pressure relief and if it is not offered to them reasonably, they react instead of act.  To say that pain is no big deal is a lie.  Live with it and then see if you still have the same outlook!  Usually we gain compassions.  But some in pain do reach out for God and not only find a higher way of life, but in that seeking they actually find relief and remedy too!  I think we all want to be the “medicine man” who can cure it all.  Some actually want to be the Messiah Himself but are not.  They make greats boasts but have little results, especially in the way of good and changing the lives of men.


What is required of us is the submitting of our heart – for good and good will, or we do it for evil.  The devil will gladly take takers because he wants your resources and energies for his cause.  He will find the beloved of God – creatures made in His image, even children born with innocent hearts – and corrupt them.  It matters not who they are, the force behind his energy is evil. He has no love.  If we don’t realize this, we will never win the spiritual war and there will be many casualties.


The Church, the true believers of God, are not a military but they can come into an order that has a strong good will force.  That force will knock out a lot of evil and disable it, and help those who want to do it better.  To really go after the enemy of evil, we have to work this concept out in our souls.  Then we can change the world for the better.


The good will of God can take us to vast places unknown and find the good of there – we call that the glory of a thing.  Our pent up energies can find a positive release in His will.  We can overcome the evils of the world, the flesh and the devil, but it’s by lining up with the true Spirit of the ever living God, the One who inhabits eternity, because God could not govern if He were not just.


We need an awakening, a revival to true Life.  And I believe there are many, if not millions and billions who are seeking that.  They just need to find the truth and realize that they are after the good God more than they are after the real enemy, the spiritual devil.  The more people play in the wrong things, the more punishments they will receive because they aligned with it to the hurt of others.  Those who really do choose evil over good will go to hell, if they choose it as a total life heart commitment.  God will strive with man to a point, and great is His grace, but then He will govern and judge justly, even with “reforming” His own creation.  As the Bible says, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”


The goodness of God can overcome, but if you do not open your heart to it, you will miss out on the greatest opportunity ever given.  God can understand you when man can’t, but we need to seek Him in the spirit.  When we do, His Spirit will meet us there.











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