The Will of God Shall Prevail

by Pam Clark (


What has made America great is they were the people of the Book.  It’s not a church or a denomination group but it is knowing how God, the Master Designer and Craftsman of the Universe thinks.  This is what made “the law” glorious, not the penalties invoked, but that God had an order and it worked!

To get it across at first, God had to be sternly firm with people, and some would call it cruel, but once comprehended, it made people prosperous and healthy and with favor with God and man.  There was long reaching destiny in the design, and promises of even greater things to come.

King David was a man after God’s own heart.  He had struggles and was no different than other men of flesh, having to wrestle with his own demons, but his love for God set him apart.

David understood about the control spirit with his friend Uzza.  Uzza had wanted to help God because there was a brief time where it seemed God had failed.  They were carrying the Ark of the Covenant that hosted and was the focal point of God’s presence.  The carriers weren’t doing it quite right to the order specified and Uzza reached out “to help God” and stablize things because the oxen stumbled.  In a flash of holy anger, Uzza was killed by the Lord.

Just as Annanias and Sapphira had met certain death over intentionally lying to the Holy Spirit and His people, Christians have learned that there are just some things you don’t do if you want to prosper.

David was a worshipper.  Misunderstood in many ways, he none the less found great joy in lifting up his heart to the Lord, even among the sheepfolds, where his father frequently sent him as a lad.  That is where he was when the prophet Samuel came to town, seeking God’s choice for the next king.  King Saul was “missing the mark”  for how things should be, but God can be patient.

Like many prophecies, in the present context it was not easily understood, but people knew something significant had happened, even though “its time was not yet.”  Israel still had battles to face, and giants to kill, but the little guy was still important in God’s view of things, if their heart was towards the Lord.

Interestingly, King Saul had a son who was in line for the throne named Jonathan.  David and Jonathan met and had an immediate bond of friendship and this helped groom David for his ministry to come but David was in no hurry to be where he was not ready to be.  He loved Jonathan’s gentle spirit and kindly and even sacrificial ways that his father saw in him as a weakness.  Jonathan ended up giving his life for the kingdom and this thus made David, in due season, the next king.

The people were happy and Israel saw a revival.  Once understood in the proper protocols, the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Jerusalem and placed in the Tabernacle of David, a protected place he made for the worship of the Lord.  David set up choirs and musicians and even got a revelation that a greater Temple structure was to come and God downloaded many of the specifications to him and he began to collect and prepare for it.

As with many revivals, when things are going strong, people can get to a place where the power of God is so strong and the favor can be so rich that they begin to miss the things that are going on in the world and the needs, and they see themselves not just as the chosen people, but as the chosen kings with full dominions.   A submission is missed and they get off track.  Such a thing happened with King David.

It was the springtime, a time when most kings would go off to war because the weather was right and surrounding nations were always wanting to take more territory.  But David was feeling confident and decided his staff could just handle it while he stayed at home.  He had seen a beautiful woman and he decided he really wanted to check her out.  So he did – to the point that he invited her to the palace and adultery took place.

Young Bathsheba, impressed by the king, found herself with child, and sent notice for him to take care of this.  She came to a place where she realized what she had been led into was really not okay, and she was relieved when her husband came home from the battle and would rather serve David than her at a time when he usually would.

Somehow word of the situation got to Nathan, perhaps God confirmed it by a dream, but either way the prophet sensed some things were wrong and when it was confirmed to him, he went to address the king.  The passion of God was burning in him, for he as well had been enjoying Israel’s revival.  David had sent Bathsheba’s husband to the front line and he had been killed and as the word of it came to Nathan, he travailed.

Harsh words came from his mouth, and they cut to the heart of David.  The whole kingdom was shaken by all this.  Was God a lie?  David loved the Lord and he suddenly realized that he had failed the God he loved.  He repented.  Sadly the baby died, as prophesied, and when David realized God’s word had been firm with him and he submitted to that as God’s will in his life, the mercies of God then reached out to his repentant heart and another son was given.

God promised to give this son named Solomon special favor with Him because He knew that David wanted to get it right.   But because the people still felt betrayed, he also had to wrestle with the public backlash and even one of his other sons, who acted on his jealousy challenged his father for the throne.

But through it all, David groomed Solomon and helped prepare him to build the coming Temple of the Lord.  Israel under Solomon knew a time of peace and prosperity that the world had never known before.  Knowledge and comforts greatly increased.  Even the Queen of Sheba was amazed that even his servants were happy in their duties, but it was because the Spirit of God and His good will towards man had prevailed.


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