A Prophetic Advance

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

The warfare has definitely stepped up a level, and sadly I expected it to in a measure, because I am pressing in to some good things I can see in God and in the past when I didn’t expect it or didn’t believe for it, the warfare happened anyway! Today I understand it better. There IS a resistance.

The Body is COMING together, it is not fully assembled yet, so we are still running the devil off of things on the ground we’ve lost or need to take. The devil does not like to be displaced! Don’t tell me your cushy life is the norm for all, time will prove that out. I am old enough to know!

Until we get team work WORKING in the Body of Christ, we will continue to struggle. I have had the “mistake” of having good days, so I KNOW the difference in what is God and is not! I don’t just say, “Oh, that is just how life goes,” when I can identify the devil in the mix.

Some say I am too harsh but I see things. The more you press into the Lord, the more Light you get that will expose the things hiding in the darkness. You really have to choose your Light level, but if you want more, there is the price of the battles because you SEE how it COULD be better!

So you count the cost and learn how to take your hits and you trust God that the pain in your battles will be worth it, and they will (and have been) because of past revelations and obedience by you and others. Are we perfect? No… but we are being perfected (or matured), which is a process. It’s the navigation tools we need and some of those come from other members of the Body.

If life was better in the past, is there a reason? Of course! The devil is not lord over Jesus, give me a break! It has been explained to us in Scriptures what is going on, and I know what “the bite” feels like. It hurts or stings or wounds, until you discern how to fix it or deal with it. A friend of mine used to say, “You can do business with anyone, it’s all in how you do it.” I found that to be true!

Life requires wisdom! But while it’s very important as the principle thing, wisdom relies on the past, and Jesus is new every morning. I’m on the advance with the best of my ability and it’s about seeing the Kingdom and the King, not some mortal person, sorry, nothing personal anyone, if you think you and your thoughts should dominate my thoughts. I find Jesus’ thoughts more helpful!

Everyone is going to do what they think they should, or what they want to do, and so the real crust of the situation is showing people MORE revelation. And only the hungry really want that, because it’s going to knock off the hard shell covering we put up, so we can SEE more of Him and interact and then DO what He is asking us to do so that we CAN make PROGRESS!

God’s ways will spoil you! There are people in the world who CHOOSE the devil’s ways and they will NOT understand what you say because their ears are not tuned for truth. We can bait them like the good fishermen we are, but some still don’t hear after that and so we have to speak the devil’s language to the devil and tell him to GO! This is why the Bible says there is a time for war. We don’t want it, but it’s the only language that works. Prayer will help us do effective warfare so the least casualties will happen.

Sometimes we have to BIND the devil – it does work! But then we also have LOOSE the Spirit of God to come in and take over that area so 7 more worse won’t come in. This lack of this understanding today is hurting us, because some THINK they are wise, when they are just making more room for the devil by the things they say and preach and do. JESUS has to be The Authority in your heart!

These can bind with their words, they proclaim (like the Pharisees) but they are not really taking ground. It requires strength! (not extortion!). God is not employing babysitters in the Kingdom, but He is a nice taskmaster who will reason to some degree. But if we don’t know right from wrong and He thinks we should, then we have a sure battle on our hands.

Jesus is an overcomer and He expects us to be, too! It is for the purpose of Good. He doesn’t want us hiding in caves unless it’s because we are working to take ground for Him (and us in Him). King David wasn’t in caves because he was wrong, but because he was right, he was seeking God’s Kingdom! He was on the advance. The proof is that he DID take the ground!!!

But there were some serious battles and the ones who can’t SEE Jesus often just add to the burden. The little foxes can spoil the Vine and this is what we need to be on guard for, too. We have to learn how to patch up the holes in the fence or deal with the predators. We don’t want or need the devil picking us off.

It is a continual battle but the more progress we make, the less bad stuff happens. Those little things will help us learn the big things better. It’s why Jesus said “count the cost” for your battles. Think things through! There will be surprises in the advancing. We have to be prepared as much as possible. Just be on the offense and not the defense for the Kingdom!!

We are facing serious challenges today and IF the world holds your kingdom, you will be at its mercy and they are not looking that wise or kind to me. They will use you to their advantage. The complacent do not have a Cause, but true Christians do. We are working to restore a fallen world by making a path or a way for the true King to enter in. The prophets cry “Prepare the way of the Lord!” He will come to the places we prepare for Him, in our hearts and in our land.

Some good things happen BECAUSE someone else prayed. It’s not just because we are so great. In our adolescent years we think we are smarter than our parents BECAUSE they have covered us, only to find when we are on our own, they really weren’t so witless after all. They were working. And even some parents get overwhelmed, but either way the ANSWER is still JESUS and His Word.

We can have our pockets of success, but if we are really going to go global with this good Jesus thing (smile intended), then we need to prepare ourselves and others for the ADVANCE of the Kingdom of God! Of course the enemy wants to tell us we are nuts, but if we have the MIND of Christ to any degree, we know Whom we serve.

It is personal! It’s you, it’s me, it is those present and those to come, AND those who have gone on in the faith. We are all in this together. If you can’t do it for the past, then do it for the future, or vice versa! But get your vision of a better world from God and go about your Father’s business of seeing it happen.


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