Reaping the Riches of God

by Pam Clark (

In praying for America today and asking the Lord where to give (on some funds that came in), I heard the Lord say to give to His nation Israel. (So I did.)

Sometimes I don’t agree with what the people of Israel do, but that is not the point, according to the Lord.  The point is that we support His nation in ways that bring it to fruition the nation that He wants!

I definitely believe in the cause of Christianity, but there are times when I sure have problems with some Christians and even some churches or leaders, but the Lord has taught me, it is not about giving to men, but it is about giving to Him, and the ways that is expressed the best.

If we would all do conscious Spirit led giving, it would change a lot of things.  That means that you pray about what you are to give and where it is to go.  You have thought about it and want to express your faith in that area of your life and receive God’s blessings there.

God wants your good reason to go along with it and if you give with good will in mind, (and that should be at least 10% of your income), then He will bless that – He really will.  And it’s not always just monetary benefits, although those are there.  That means you have studied enough or learned enough to know what is good versus evil.

When you really pray and sincerely give in response, then He will also reveal to you things of His good will for your life and ways to go about that!

As the saying goes, you can’t outgive God.  But if He can’t direct your giving, then you are the one who has taken charge. And the results won’t really be what you want.

There is practical giving, considering your lifestyle, and there is directional giving – giving to the things you want to see focused upon.  If only other people can tell you how (or where) to give, you haven’t gotten there yet to reasoned giving.  You are just a young lamb that is following, but God wants you to mature!  He enjoys Godly adults!

And if you don’t respect the Church and all her needs and activities, then your giving is in vain with the Lord.  There was a season in my life when I had trouble giving anywhere, and the Lord had to teach me to get over myself and give to HIM, smile…

It was at the time that so many scandals were going on and I was upset with all of them!  But the Lord taught me that the Cause was Him and not the ministries.  That was such a breakthrough for me.

God, of course, sees things that we don’t see, but He can handle our mistakes and He is in the restoration business.  The joy of the Lord is our strength and when we please Him, He shares His joy with us and we feel it!

When America gives to Israel, we have sown seed for the well being our own nation.  Israel is God’s nation whether they like it or we like it or not! We don’t just give to just any thing, we give to what we believe will bless that nation Spiritually.

If we don’t bless in good will, or if we do, we will reap the spirit we have sown in.  Jesus said, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24)  That means you need good sense with your heart!  He relates to that.

Some seed that we sow takes a while to come up, but we are so glad when it finally does.  What if we love a certain fruit but quit feeding the tree after two years and in three years it would produce more fruit?  Good investors learn how to capitalize on the short term and the long term.

Sometimes you may not “feel” like giving, but you will like the “feel” of the result!  When you give with your heart towards the Spirit with your good sense, a lot will open up to you!

Someone today sent me a lot of dreams and visions they had and they used a lot of Scriptures to back them up but they were all doom and gloom.  I thought, you know, the Gospel is GOOD News and when there is no good news with the messenger (or a hope and plan for it), then I don’t have to submit to that totally negative spirit of judgment with no hope.  Jesus came and died to take that away, and while everything unsanctified has a consequence, He is GOOD NEWS!

He made the Way, and HIS WAY will win.  He didn’t die for my will, He died for His will for my good!  As I have said before, I don’t like stopping at red lights when I want to go somewhere, but that order will get me there in good shape!  And everyone else too!

What is law there works for my freedom.  That is what made the Law glorious, right and good.  It explained truth.  It facilitated it.  We have to discern these things.

Some people only know the Law and become legalistic or religious, but when you catch the Spirit, more Life through faith in our heart opens up to us, and we share the character and personality of God with Him.

When people give to God with human expectations, you might (or you will) get disappointed.  There is that blind trust when you put the seed in the ground and don’t see it,  and the seed MUST die to come up again, but the Godly expectation is for His power.

I love the New Living Translation of Ecclesiastes 11:1-2:

1 Send your grain across the seas,
and in time, profits will flow back to you.
2 But divide your investments among many places,
for you do not know what risks might lie ahead.

Learn HOW to give.  I’m still learning, but I am learning and seeing some things!  If you give blindly without His power expectation, then you have given in vain.  Am I making sense to you?  If you give with strings attached,  you haven’t really given.

When you give, you have to let it go. That is the trust factor. But you can learn how to trust. You can!  God knows the heart’s sincere will that you gave in and He will direct your paths in the future because of it.  Nothing is lost with Him.

In this day and time people have lost trust, but you can get it again and one of the key ways is through finances – because where your treasure is your heart is, you know?  We can get that trust back in our churches and in our nation.

You also have to learn the balance of giving up, and giving out, and giving down. You give up to what you respect, you give out to what you know is practical and needful for maintenance, and you give down to those who have less than you.  There is a real balance in that.

Otherwise, there is not a balance of spirit (in the Spirit!).  If you are only a benefactor, then you will get into competition with God.  If you only give up, then you have no self will (the good kind) and God can’t partner with you.  He wants us to work with Him.  If you give out, you get what is going on. Know what I mean?

And if you have a pioneer spirit, you might be a prophet!  LOL  I pray God’s richest blessings upon all of you.

Pam Clark

2 comments on “Reaping the Riches of God

  1. Karen says:

    I really love what you have written here. It’s so true. When we look to God in our giving, then we do it gladly. I’ve learnt to love where I am and to not judge as no one is perfect, hence no church is perfect because I’m in it.
    The Lord gave me a figure to give and it’s not the 10 percent (Law) and He’s opening doorways that are amazing! Obedience is better than sacrifice. Amazing scripture. Bless you Pam. 🙂

  2. Donna Hunt says:

    Pam, You spoke about giving. Following the prompting of the Lord on how, when, and where to give is so right. The blessings flow as we follow the Lord. Might I suggest a book you may find interesting. It’s by Al Houghton of Word at Work Ministries. The book: Purifying the Altar. Be blessed Pam. I have read your posts for some years now and hope you keep on spreading the Word of the Lord.

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