Making a Difference

by Pam Clark (

In observing things about what is going on in Washington D.C. today, again I find myself so disappointed in how they carry things out these days. (What’s new, right?) Well, what is new is some more prayers! I really feel led to pray a new way.

Even with many people’s best efforts, they seem helpless and now even clueless on how to get it right. Some try, but too many fail in their leadership. But I felt in prayer today that the Lord told me it is the atmosphere in the area there that is a big part of the problem. So I am praying for God to clear the atmosphere!

I am praying for the holy wind of God to blow, with the fear of the Lord, too! Man’s best attempts to solve his own problems will always fail without God’s help and intervention. He designed it His way to work!

This “spirit of acceptance” of “anything goes” is a stumbling block and snare. In the Church it has been called “greasy grace.” Many spirits from other places have brought confusion and distraction. We have not stood well lately in the face of our spiritual adversaries.

I agree with many of the major prophets, I believe that we will have one large last Revival in America and then the Spirit will transition in a major way to Israel. But how strong that Revival is does depend a lot on us!

“If you build it, they will come.” I am sure you have heard the expression from the movie “Field of Dreams.” I believe that regarding this Revival. What we prepare for we will receive, and just like a full glass that is being poured into, what we can’t contain will just wash over the sides and be lost because we can’t contain it.

Right now the enemy is laughing over this once righteous nation. And there is still a number of good pockets of faith. But can they carry the nation? We can’t grow without hearing from God! We have to believe that He wants to work with us!

Causing destruction is easy for anyone. Anyone can destroy something without much skill for the most part. No one is that impressed with that, except with the stupidity of someone doing that as their major focus in life.

Even Scriptures say this is the difference between the false prophets and the true. But how many can build? It takes knowledge and understanding to build. It takes skill, which comes from application and practice. If we sow to the wind, we will reap the whirlwind. There is a wind that cleanses and a wind that destroys. When we are talking about the Kingdom of God, it takes real faith.

A wind from God would do us a lot of good. Not just any wind, but His Wind! I believe God has a vested interest in His inheritance here. He will work and do mighty things with what He can in the places of agreement. But for significant changes, it will take that agreement with Him.

God must be apprehended. Choice is a big thing with Him. Ask Adam and Eve. I know some say they don’t believe that story, but when the Spirit of Truth is presented, they will!

We may not have the capacity to put forth effort on every cause, but there really needs to be some valiant activity in every life of someone who calls themself a believer. Even He will defend that. This passive Christianity is not going to pass the test!

We need to put our lives on the line in some things, that expresses (to Him) that we are truly willing to make a difference. It starts there and it will affect others. Hunkering down and hiding will not make progress in the atmosphere for what we desire of the Kingdom. That is a different atmosphere. The atmosphere of being in the Kingdom is based on our righteous will!

The enemy went for it. He found some zeal and worked it. We have a power greater than that, but it requires our hearts and not just our emotions. Christianity fails when it bases everything on emotions. Emotions can be worked up and even draw in unbelievers. You can get a crowd. But if that focus is not focused on the passions of the will of God, we miss it.

If we think we are going to get a big fish with just a tiny bait, the chances are small that it will work out that great. The line just might snap and the fish is probably not that impressed with what he sees anyway. Banking on the exceptions more than the rules can lead to many failures.

We need wisdom! But we also need desire to hang in there when there is a struggle, and that is a big part of it in our maturing process. That understanding seems to have been forsaken.

As most know, fish in an aquarium often grow to the size of the aquarium. Fish in a larger environment will grow larger! We need a correct assessment of our size and place, and then we need know what is expected from us. Labels are not more important than motivations. As most know, Jesus said we are to overcome the world.

The enemy has been sowing his seed, the tares. How much good seed have we sown? You know what you have done in the Kingdom! Or what you have not done. “Hope so” is not the “Know so” of faith! Real faith can move mountains!

There is a Family of faith that the family is based on. It’s not the other way around. I know that is hard for some people who have been taught otherwise, but it’s still true and the lives of the patriarchs and others prove that! When we try to captitalize on that Family with a political agenda and political ways, we offend God.

Wisdom is one thing, manipulation quite another. What are our goals? Do we even know? How determined are we? Are we posturing or are we in faith? Churches have forsaken prayer. When the churches forsake it, then it will surely be forsaken in the homes.

Love is most often proven in the struggles. Do we really believe for the good? Time and eternity will tell! Is your home in the mansions of God?

Jesus has been working. The Bible says He is ever interceding for us. This life is not all there is. He said He goes to prepare a place for us and then He will come again and get us. It is not just an escape thing. It is for those who really desire the Kingdom of God. I want to dwell in His Presence forever more!


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