Spiritual Evolution – by Pam Clark

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

I have been thinking about the evolution of Spiritual discovery today and how it can change us. We all start with one mindset and then as things press in on us, and we press out, we can evolve to another one. This also happens when our spirit is hungry and senses and reaches out to something more…

Often people just follow the pattern of someone else. But then there comes that day when we realize we can choose for ourselves! That often can happen looking for Jesus or because of Him. It’s wonderful when we discover our freedom – and that God will help us maintain it.

In this world there is the destitution of Spiritual life – meaning that some don’t even know they have access to a Spiritual world. These kind of people are easily programmed. They can feel trapped. But then with the discovery of their spiritual life, options begin to occur. For those who just want power, any avenue will do. But not all paths lead to eternal life.

Many people are fed by their anger and sometimes that energy is needed to get them out (and keep them out) of where they once were. It can be noble in the right ways. But if people get “stuck” with a bad “attitude,” it can be a hindrance.

Some are turned on to “Book knowledge.” Man has created big institutions for that. But hopefully people will later discover Spirit knowledge. Some tune in to the crowd’s mindset, where ever they are. But there is more!

There really is that place where you can encounter Jesus, the King of the Universe, and receive portions of His Mind. Obviously His Mind is a bit beyond ours, but He will let us receive as much as we can and are willing to hold at any time! There are no limitations.

His Mind is connected with His Spirit, and His Spirit has a nature, a character, a personality. When we engage Him, some things that seemed so dramatic and traumatic are not so much anymore BECAUSE He has revealed a greater way to us. His Cause INCLUDES us, and does not deny us.

We all have issues and we probably will have some as long as we live in this fallen world. But the HOPE that is “out there” can become “in there” inside of us! And an evolutionary process begins when we invite it in.

It’s wonderful to get to that place where the judgment of others does not bother us. They may still judge, but you have found your freedom! We can call it “Peace like a River.” And the Bible says this peace will crush Satan under our feet! (Romans 16:20)

It’s a funny thing that as I begin to discover this in one area, I find many more areas in my sould where I want this River to run. But that also is the beginning of a new evolutionary process! I seek the fellowship of those who also have found these wonderful places and it’s great, even if just for moments. It’s the rest of the Lord, and it’s refreshing!

Some people call it “centering” but it really is more than that. It’s not something we do, it’s something He does for us and we accept it into our lives. I have discovered that I am a discovery! And it’s often joyful!

There are moments of bliss, and then we have to choose “The Path.” Things start getting interesting here! Some encounters are not what we want or expect, but “the bait” leads us on. We can go through “soul turmoil” but we keep going back until we have built a confidence in our Shepherd.

Some things do call for “group think” and some things do not! The honor of the King must stay within us. The “crowd” cannot pull us away, even if it is in a church, and I am all for churches that preach truth. We need people. But “the crowd” can also cause us to miss something. The peer pressure can take us off course. We have to get back to the Divine Discovery within us.

This is not “all about self.” True Divine Discovery will be more about Him! And our effectiveness to serve others will increase. It’s about changing the mindsets guide us, and it is a joyful discovery!

The birth of a Spiritual life…

Jesus said, “You must be born again!”

Nicodemus in John 3 replied, (my paraphrase), “In the natural?” And Jesus said, “No, in the supernatural.” But it’s not “anything goes.” There is a path.

And you don’t have to “show out” to everyone when you discover it, but they will see the difference! Sometimes the first energy release is so great, that zeal abounds everywhere. It’s really beautiful to behold if people are treated right.

Someone jokingly said that God does His best work with new believers because they hold nothing back that they see. But in time you learn that humility is an asset. It’s okay to be bold, in fact, it is good to be bold! We are admonished to be strong and courageous. But you need to be secure in your Cause because there are challenges and challengers out there.

On “The Path” we learn how to overcome those by hearing the Lord, learning His Word and applying His ways to our life. Without question we see change! And His Word endures, so those who are grounded in the Words of Life will be secure.

Later you learn the frustration of the Lord who wants and ENJOYS our fellowship, like Jeremiah 8:19 exclaims:

Listen! The voice, The cry of the daughter of my people from a far country: “Is not the Lord in Zion? Is not her King in her?” “Why have they provoked Me to anger with their carved images— with foreign idols?”

When we are young, we are managed, but when we are older, we learn to manage ourselves. There is a Spiritual growth possible in us that many still have not realized, but when they do, it will change the world dramatically for the better.

These are powerful words here: JESUS LOVES YOU!!!! The God of the Universe CARES! But it’s discovery because a relationship is requested.

Others can call you a “religious nut.” They can assume that their thoughts must also be yours, but you know are engaging in the Mind of Christ. If we have “a King” in us, we’ll be fine! We can then come to know that total salvation that is offered – of spirit, soul and body.


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