It’s a Navigation Thing

by Pam Clark  (

I am so glad that God says “His Word is Truth” and that He manifested it in His Son Jesus. As in the persecuted days of old, there are always “legalists” who delight in trying to snare people, but the Spirit within, if you know Him, will be that Voice that says, “This is the Way, walk in it this way.”

Jesus said to discern things by the fruit. I really think we as the Body need to get better at this. First of all, we look at the overall fruit – is God’s Kingdom benefited and prospering because of it? Now we were told there would be some warfare,  but can you see the advance?

Second of all, and just as important, do we know the fruit or manifestation of His Spirit? When we say “the gifts” of the Spirit and “the fruit” of His Spirit, we can subtly take on a selfish attitude.  We think, “a gift, a present for ME! I want that!”

We can even do that with “the fruit,” but we can lose God’s true Spirit in the translation of it all.  We really need to have as a goal to be all we can be in God – and that will encompass a lifetime!

The gifts are blessings of equipping but they work because we choose to incorporate it. The equippings are for deliverance from evil and advancing Spiritual prosperity. The Spirit is lord over the physical realm, so that comes in secondary. You may not have a big bank account balance but you may have everything you need for the walk you have chosen to walk.  And that can be a blessed one!

The gifts can be a great deal of fun but they are not entertainment.  If you have a heart that likes to bless people and help them, then it is JOY to see them manifest.

And we do need our own times of restoration after labor and God can enable that too. We just need “the governor” inside to manifest and be Lord.  Otherwise we get off the main Path.

We can’t grow unless we take on new things and that is where trust comes in. This is the battle of life for all of us, but we have been givens helps for navigation. When the true leaders teach navigation more than worship for them, we will be in this more together! The Jezebel spirit is subtle, it will give you something and then take something from you that should be yours.

We have to preserve the place of the Lord in our heart (that we chose) over all things! It is His Voice based on Bible truth that should lead and guide us. Like I said, how many teach on navigation? We need to be able to navigate through this life and have goals that are discerned as God’s best will for us.

The flesh will base things on the flesh of man. Does this look good, feel good and taste good? And maybe it does, but is there a cost? The flesh will be selfish at the expense of others.

The Spirit will care about the man, but will have eternal destiny in mind, not just for ourselves but others also.  That navigation will take us somewhere.   THAT will govern our world.

It requires a mind and heart relationship which will affect our everyday decisions. We won’t just follow a leader but we will interact with God. God has provided leaders – His Word makes that plain. But the JOY of walking with Him is knowing Him and expressing the gifts/fruits/calling that He has placed within you! As we mature in this, something awesome takes place!

Churches that have been on track are havens of love and healings and full of good works. Churches that squabble over doctrine and see their way as “lord” over others lose the real Anointing.

The world has learned “to work” the church by putting them in a box, labeling them and telling them “how” Christians are supposed to be. Where do they get this stuff? From false teaching!  They are not our pastors!

If people are truly hungry, they will learn the right context for “turn the other cheek.” If they are not, they will want to justify themselves of their wrong behavior and make you suffer for their gain. The truth is grace, and the law was meant to benefit, not harm or cause setbacks.

We have really missed it when we think the world thinks like the church thinks. NO, they don’t!

When America was considered a strong Christian nation, our thoughts and ways in many ways prevailed, but we aren’t that anymore! So what are our goals?  To make everyone like us in a legalistic bondage – that they obviously reject?

Even much of the church is going to the world right now. Is that okay? Or can we recognize the false doctrine?

God’s ways WORK over the world’s. But you have to know the true Kingdom.   If we think we can get by in our own minds with our own reasonings and our own sense of justice, as if we were the God who decides it all, our “reign” will be short lived.

The misconception comes when hurt people think that God is against them and not for them.   And the real devil will take them down that path to hell.

God’s true justice will awaken things in you that you did not even know were there! Good things!  Someone who was handicapped will find a freedom and strength that they have to now learn what to do with in their healing.

Like I said, it’s a navigation thing. The Church needs to teach people how to navigate and not just point them to self.

People in sports have the concept of this on the physical level. “No pain no gain!” or they know to deny themselves and stretch themselves for greater performance. It’s much like that in the Spiritual, too! But we don’t abuse ourselves.

We haven’t had a revival because we haven’t qualified for one.  If we just want “another present for ME” it’s not going to come! Or if it does, it will bother you!  Because it will not cater to that.

God did not put the gifts in you for people to worship you!  But He will increase the gifts if we get the right understanding right and give the credits where the credit is due! Him!

We like superstars because they impress us. But God’s will is to not make us all superstars to the world. His will is for us to find Him as the Bright and Morning Star – the shining one who has glory that can touch our very soul for years and years to come!

He wants us to call on His Spiritual Glory – for the right reasons! He is good for it!

People want money and power because they want control. But what will they DO with that control?   When you get God’s Spirit right, you will bypass a lot of junk!

And if we have grace for the learning curves, we will be a better people. It is why we must learn to state the goals and give room for the work of the ministry – even if it is not just like yours!  It’s a Body work – every part is important in its function.

We are living and moving, not just standing still.  It’s a navigation thing.


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