Praying Like A Prophet

Praying Like a Prophet
by Pam Clark (

We need to pray for GOD’s good vision for us and not just our own. He can do what we cannot. When enough of us pull on Him for His vision, He will respond. If you want to know the real will of God…. pray for HIS Vision!

Praying for God’s will over ours is harder because you won’t get a lot of sensory things about you. And, you really will have to deny yourself. You will experience a shift in your ways of thinking and your goals will take a backseat to His.

The discernment and the warfare will increase, but so also will the insight and supernatural understandings also increase. Your friends will probably change. Many will wonder “who do you think you are?” And your awareness of “just who you are” is greater than before!

You will get a vision that is not your own. You will sense a greater Presence of God and will be looking for those who understand you. They are fewer than they were before. Not everyone really wants God, even though they give Him a lot of lip service and you have to figure out who is really sincere because of that, and it is a challenge.

Suddenly mainstream looks a lot easier than a salmon swimming upstream against the current. Chances are real good that you will be sold out by a few, sabotaged and lied about. But if you have ‘The Vision’, it will keep you pressing in.

You will battle discouragement, but you learn how to take the hits. And some of the hits will come hard if you are really sincere. But those glory spots that come of fellowship with Him are healing and invigorating. Those respites will give you even more vision. You’ve passed some tests.

You will cease becoming a person to many, but will be “a thing.” They just can’t relate to you like before and your thoughts and ideas are a curiosity to be challenged in every way. This is a transition into ministry where many bail out.

People will try to relate you to the prosperity scale and the fame scale. See, if you are weird enough or prosperous enough, that carries weight in the world. It gets their attention, and then that makes you “marketable.” And the world understands and is into “the market.” It pivots around money and attention for the sake of manipulation.

Oh, are you sure you want your eyes opened?

Ezekiel 3: 1 Moreover He said to me, “Son of man, eat what you find; eat this scroll, and go, speak to the house of Israel.” 2 So I opened my mouth, and He caused me to eat that scroll. 3 And He said to me, “Son of man, feed your belly, and fill your stomach with this scroll that I give you.” So I ate, and it was in my mouth like honey in sweetness…..
14 So the Spirit lifted me up and took me away, and I went in bitterness, in the heat of my spirit; but the hand of the Lord was strong upon me. 15 Then I came to the captives at Tel Abib, who dwelt by the River Chebar; and I sat where they sat, and remained there astonished among them seven days.

One day, Ezekiel was one way and then after opening up to God, he changed. One day he was a common man, then he became fervent. So, do you ~really~ want to be a prophet?

Really, if you are called, you don’t have a choice. Not if you want to see Heaven pleasing God. The old American “choose your life” concept kind of flies away to a great degree. I heard someone say that if you have a prophetic gift, you have a ministry; if you are called to be a prophet, then you are the gift!

And the price is the one that Jesus paid, and your life DEPENDS on impartations that you cannot control. When you have the calling, you become an intercessor – between God and man AND between man and God. You share God’s counsels but also His judgments. And they are not selective.

Have you ever heard of “the fellowship of His sufferings”? It challenges not only your mind but also your emotions. Jesus had sufferings, even before the Cross. Ready to sign up for that? You have, if you are a believer!

Are you ready to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood? See there comes a place where your natural understanding has to take a shift and you don’t get to go back and forth or play games with it anymore. It divides you from the world.

So if you see a flashy “prophet”, all dressed up with riches and boasts, you need to realize there is another side to this. And a real prophet hates exaltation. The world thinks that is what they want because THEY want that.

Prophets are human and humans do have needs. But being glorified is not what they want if they are representing God. They want to see Him glorified. They will take the attention to turn it to Him, but many will challenge that in their driven lusts.

You will learn that many presume upon the gift. Many! You offer Spirit, they want flesh. And even human prophets can’t see what all God can see about potentials. But they learn a lot! And they mature in stages, like everyone else who seeks Him does.

But if we pray for God’s Vision instead of just our own, we might get somewhere! We can believe to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. But it will come with submitting to Him.


WHAT IS THE STOREHOUSE? – A supernatural connection

WHAT IS THE STOREHOUSE? – A supernatural connection
by Pam Clark (

How many times have you heard the verse “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse” and wondered what in the world the storehouse was? Where is this place?

The meaning of the word storehouse from the Bible means basically, a store or storehouse, a treasury or an armory, a storage facility for service work. That makes it obvious that God wants His work serviced. This brings Him pleasure and He will then reward us, and re-store us!

Now, doesn’t this really relate to the Kingdom of God? Is this just about a house or a building location, or a certain group of people? Is it a place in Israel or our local church? How much activity for the Kingdom of God is going on there?

The question should be: Where is the manna (bread) of the Lord being given out for you (and others)? Honor that.

Is it the church house? Or the Bible people have labored and died to bring us? Is it a kind soul who went out of their way for you? Is it a ministry that changed or is changing your life? Where and/or how did you find God? Is the work able to continue?

The tithe is 10%, and that is for the basics of maintenance on the real work going on. Offerings come after that, to even further the Kingdom.

The Bible says to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. And obviously we need places to do that, especially for the holy convocations and solemn assemblies. They serve our holy days, the sabbaths and our other special occasions, such as weddings and funerals and other good causes. We must be practical as well as Spiritual!

But if the Lord is applying this to both Word and Spirit, how do we need to interpret this? We must think about the Kingdom of God and what that means to us today. Does it hold your treasure? Does it hold a treasure for others? Is the work of God being serviced?

The things that maintain our Godly and moral, peace keeping lifestyles should be our treasury! And also those things that keep pressing us forward into more of His Spirit in our lives and His blessing.

The Bible says where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. It needs to be practical. We put our treasures into the treasury or storehouse. God says, “Let there be meat in My House,” and then He will pour out a blessing, even to the overflow. That means there is the assumption that the work of God is going on and the Word of God is going forth and feeding others, not just the soft sweet things but the hard truths and ministry as well.

Now logically there is no overflow if you are giving stuff away. Logically it diminishes, unless it is to the other person receiving it, but God is talking about a supernatural principle. And if we do not connect to the supernatural concept, we will not see the supernatural overflow in the return. If you never get a return, nor does anyone else, are you giving in the right place? The true Kingdom will bring a supernatural joy in the giving, be it deep and lasting or an immediate relief.

We must determine what the Kingdom of God is all about and if we are really involved in it. What are His plans? What are His purposes? I am asking these questions to speak to your spirit in a response to Him. If you don’t know, then you need to give to understand. It pays richly. When we sow, we must sow into the real Kingdom of God for this return to work, because it does work.

The Kingdom is where the King is, and where we see His Dominion manifesting His authority. That means you must know about the Bible and what it says to discern it. If we are serving the King, then we are doing His work and making a difference. And to do His work it takes a substance and that really is our treasury. The more we can make a difference, the more blessed we are, and there is a cycle, but it starts with our heart.

In life, we learn to obey and follow before we learn how to lead. That means we need to have a place to give before others give to us if we are doing the works. It is honoring the foundations. And some have a natural gift to lead, but still any leader worth their salt has to identify with those they are leading – and God will work this into your life with your calling. Leaders grow and in truth, and we all lead and speak to someone.

When it comes to public leadership, this is why the Bible says not to lay hands on any man suddenly, because if the Spiritual foundations are not strong, then the person will resort to their past worldly ways (or worse) that got them by when the troubles come. People who have gone through trials and learned how to lean on God with the right Scriptures to apply with power are the ones who are really seasoned.

God gave us a Book that doesn’t change – the words don’t change around like men’s thoughts and whims and plans do. Even if we are great people, we don’t think the same way that we did ten years ago usually. We value things differently and this is all in the life experience. And while God can prove to be a constant for us, how we understand Him will take on changes too, as we mature. Adults usually look different than babies.

These seasoned people are the ones that we call “the elders” in the church; they are the more mature ones, not a political place in the Body. Because of their teachings, we can grow deeper and can stand longer and stronger in the adversities that come, as they come to all people. We can get a word and it will hold and make the difference.

Where do you see the Kingdom of God active and changing things? Where do you see people giving out? Where are you active in seeing that happen, translating what you receive into what you give? That is the storehouse. You aren’t giving to a building or an organization you are half removed from. The further your giving is from the real work, the longer it may take to get the reward. We have to learn how to agree with God.

If you want His active Presence, give where He is moving! Respect where He has been (that blessed you) or where He is going. Find the portals of Life. Yes, it takes thought and prayers, and the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you. But the efforts have a big pay off – for you and the rest of the world. When you find His Storehouse, things are happening! He will respect your stronghold in Him!


The Turn

by Pam Clark (

We have just made “a turn” on The Path in the Body of Christ right now. Things have changed and gone up a level. So many have preached that God is a lovely ~addition~ to your life and He can make you happy. And there are books and messages galore on “how” He can do just that! Say a little prayer, give a little money (or a lot), do this or that, and you have “the in.”

But here is the real truth – God can make you happy if you do it His way, not another! The reason I say we have gone up another level is because the Church has united and identified with Israel in a much stronger and public way now.

Those who have sown into Israel, which is God’s heart, are now beginning to reap the rewards, in spite of the warfare that will surround it. There is now a dividing line that can be seen on who is on the Lord’s side – and that does not make Prime Minister Netanyahu perfect by any means. He is the man God chose, but he is not the Messiah Jesus/Yeshua.

Most get that, but many in the world look for a rally point and will pick a man, or a date, a place, an event, or even a stone image to idolize. Many who believe they have chosen God now have to process the events and direction of what has just taken place with his speech to Congress.

The believers in America have chosen the God of Israel, not His nemesis. They understand there is a commitment, even when things are not popular. They know He is not a trinket or a book best seller or extra addition to their preplanned repertoire. Even Jesus when on earth, experienced His followers falling away.

But what I want to share is that we have made a turn on our path of life on the earth as a Body. We are in a greater unity with Israel. And because some are just following more than they are invested they will see this as a disturbance, but more are to come.

As this turn is made, many will miss the turn and spin out so to speak. (“We like Israel, we stand with the nation of Israel, but…”) This faith is not going like they thought! Many who have just observed will find a greater curiosity and look for the explanations of what is going on, and that means we have to give it to them, if we know (which is why I say pray for the Spirit of equipping!).

Even though the path is curvy and steep at times, it’s going somewhere – to the mountain and city of God, where He is the King who rules and reigns with justice and authority.

Even America does not get that claim. Literal Israel does not see it, but as inferred yesterday by the PM, it’s getting better – and that is because of the faith of the people. After a hundred generations, God is still there and willing to show Himself strong.

Yes, there has been a turn and distinctions before not seen are being seen – on both sides – and we get to choose Whom we will serve. Not just vote for, not just align with, not just something to add into in our mix, but whom will we SERVE?

We need to know Him, and we need to know His Voice because the other side is rattling with their disturbance and we need to know how and Whom to follow.


The Outpouring

by Pam Clark (

Someone shared with me that In 1939 Smith Wigglesworth prophesied to Lester Sumrall about the final wave of God’s glory:

“After that, after the third wave,” he started sobbing. “I see the last day revival that’s going to usher in the precious fruit of the earth. It will be the greatest revival this world has ever seen! It’s going to be a wave of the gifts of the Spirit. The ministry gifts will be flowing on this planet earth. I see hospitals being emptied out, and they will bring the sick to churches where they allow the Holy Ghost to move.”

I think many have thought they would be entertained by miracles in the last days revival, but when we get right with God, then we will want to show Love and then the ministry gifts will be released. It is not about seeking signs. God connects with our heart, and really this is required.

But we also have to know what is right and wrong in God’s eyes which means repentance must come first, with the desire to please Him. Then the real miracles will come in waves and they will be associated with holiness, which is not rules as much as it is a lifestyle of living with God.

This also means no gifts and miracles competition, which is a snare that has brought many down in the past. It means not trying to bring down another man’s work out of personal lusts (or desires), or trying to take down another man’s foundation or build upon that. It means finding the discipline of our own assignments and walking in that Love in the right ways.

You want to see God’s miraculous and His angelic works? Then we walk in that, studying to show ourselves approved unto God as workers approved by Him. Billions still have not been saved or healed and delivered, so there is plenty of work for everyone!

But holiness will characterize the next move, but not a legalistic one, it will be a desire to please Him, so worship enters into that, praising Him for who we really believe He is, knowing it by our faith through the revelation of His Word made alive by the Spirit.

Preceding prayers also enter in, as does respect for others. Oh, but when we get it right, the Wow of God will come and the older saints can tell you how amazing it was. We have just in many ways lost “our connect.”

We press through in the Kingdom of God. We are choosing our King from a wrong kingdom and going for the right one. We choose our benevolent King, who is awesome in wonders and might! And we do it, knowing there is also a show down.

There is a force wanting us to believe that it’s all useless, a waste of time, a joke, a mockery, our imagination, our crutch and on and on it goes in disbelief. But there is something that rises up inside that says, “Wait a minute here, I believe there is more good in the world than that, and there must be a God over that good,” and the good news is that there is.

Like Richard Roberts has said often, “You’ve come too late to tell me that God does not do miracles. We’ve seen them, we have had them! So we believe in them!” And many of us have.

God is responding to the people who have prayed to Him. This is important to understand because when His Presence comes and manifests, many will ask “why not me?” when something happens for someone else. But it can happen for everyone.

Sometimes we have to have patience and sometimes we have not really connected with God for ourselves; we have just been around other people who have. I want to share something to help you understand.

There are many people who have humbled themselves enough to get their prayer language of tongues, but not all of them have continued to walk in the Spirit of that gift. That is why you can see some “off” things by the tongues talkers. People who learn how to USE their language for the reason it was given, will prosper in it and find that gift very valuable.

Some people have faith for healing because they were taught for it and not against it, so they will receive their healings easier. Some want to make healing and other gifts a commodity like people do money, but it does not work that way. Even I can’t give you every reason why God does or does not do something, even though I am writing this. God knows who pleases Him, He knows who tries, even if others can’t see. And He will honor them for it, and it may be in a long term way of something.

The Bible talks about how some are fattened up for the kill. (James 5:5) That sounds harsh but the point is that your seeking God is a place where you CAN find His rewards, you just have to seek them out by reaching out to Him. If you are sincere with God, He is going to put you in that place where you can get the most out of it FOR YOU! God is unlimited, He will work with you to show you more of Him. Others who harden their hearts will miss it, and this is not just a game; it’s Life.

There are many times when I have thought some have had it better or more than me, only to discover that I would not trade my walk for theirs or someone else’s. If we learn this, we will be more fruitful and thus more blessed.
God IS moving right now and I believe He is going to be moving even more. I see posts all over Facebook from different people and meetings that share He is.

In the past, some have hyped their meetings too, and many want the hungry to pull on Him with them. But you can’t manufacture proven faith. People have to be raised up in the faith.

The strongest revivals will be where the Word is shared and lifted up. Jesus is the Living Word. When things really pick up, the world will clamor to get in on it, because it is getting attention and they like to market what’s trending, so those who think they see will flaunt what they think they understand, but in many cases it will be imitating and not the real thing.

We have to discern these things as believers. It’s a challenge because there ARE new things manifesting, but if we stick with the Scriptures and make room for God to move, then we will be in the best positions to receive.

Many did not speak in tongues in the early days of when I received it (the mid 70’s), but many at one time were starting to receive it then and they were from varied denominations. It had not been taught in our churches, but when people went to the Scriptures, they could plainly see it in there. And not only did people manifest their prayer language but God was doing a lot of other great profound things too, that only He could do.

There is a new generation that God is going to extend His Hand to, and I pray they will find the saints mature enough to offer their hands and hearts out to help them too. It will make a difference to the world. We choose our God, the God of Love, or the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. We choose!

The Layers of God

by Pam Clark (

The layers of God are an amazing thing. In just living life, you learn about them. There are multitudes of many kinds of layers. When we are babies we are in the layer of an immediate family, and then there is the extended family and their families and that is comprised of many different layers. (Think about it, we all go back to Noah, and Adam and Eve.)

We grow up some and we are in the layer of education, in a classroom among many classrooms, called a school in a school district, and then activities among many other activities. We have extracurricular activities in the mainstream and marketplace, and there are many layers there. Whether it be a sport type activity or even business or dealing with the physical realms for what ever reason, there are layers and layers in there.

There are governments of many kinds including our civil government and there are many layers there, especially as that moves out into international affairs, that go on and on and on in their interactions, both domestic and abroad, with supplies and services and current day progress and conflicts. We have neighborhood governments and layers.

And God, believe it or not, is in all the layers! Our mind, will and emotions develop in layers. Even the stratus of the earth and air on our planet (and on others) have layers. We grow, we mature, and we develop in layers. A tiny fertilized seed grows in layers and then differentiates to make a unique thing, and that includes each of us and it develops into its maturity in layers among layers.

Okay, you say, I get the point. And I hope you do! But because we are in a fallen world that needs healing, and through Jesus we are getting it, we need to allow God to work through the layers of our life and in the world around us. We are going to see flaws because we are in a growing and healing process. It is a global thing, local, national and international.

We look at our babies and we think they are born perfect, but time goes by and just as we discover we are not, neither is any of the humanity around us including our “perfect” kids. Should we mourn? Not if we know Jesus! Instead, we learn that we are not only made aware of our weaknesses and need a Savior, but so does all the world around us.

If we are wise, we learn that He does have “the whole world in His Hands” and a greater work IS being done. We are in this together while at the same time we are differentiating for the Eternal “fit” of His Perfect Work in which each of us has a significant part.

So why am I bringing this up? Because we have to learn what is going on in us and around us and cooperate and navigate. But we can’t cooperate with a thing if we don’t know the thing. And sometimes we think we know when we don’t know at all, which is why a good healthy global world view is important.

We learn in layers, we discover in layers, we act and those actions affect layers and those layers also respond and in turn affect us again. So how important is it that we learn the will of God? The job of one is not necessarily the job of another but each has its purpose. It’s important not to take offenses that are not ours to take, because that can affect the layers around us.

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is to know when to pull back, and when to press forward. Both can be a challenge to do in the many layers of my soul. I have to know and hear the call of God in my life, and respond with the desire and even find the desire to submit and serve Him.

Not always do other people even discern what my calling is, nor do I discern theirs. But once it becomes clear, I find I only need answer to Him with all due respect to what is around me. We just get glimpses and pieces sometimes, and then we learn it is one reason to honor the elders who have gone before and have had experiences and even tough times in learning this thing. And there are those called to certain tasks and are as responsible to do it as are we. We are all in it together. There is no free ride; it’s on us. And when we all willingly help, it is a great blessing and a great function, for we are all called to productivity in varying forms.

We’ve each been raised differently somewhat from others, we even have different impartations from God and we have to at least discern them or learn them to the degree that we can help, support, or at least not hinder what might be a different work of God in the layers that it is in. We can’t get so stuck in our realm that we can’t grow and contribute to the growth of others. It is required!

We are swimming in the River of the Life! And when we know this in the Lord, we see there is much in life and activity and even different creatures and life forms there. There is an ecosystem and a supply and when parts of it are broken, it can very much affect the other parts and their well being and even the length of our days. Our finite minds struggle to understand until we realize that we can’t, and that we have to give it to God.

We have to learn how to let go of offense and find the life core in each of us and the signal that is being sent out from the Father who is the Source of our redeemed life. God could have just let the defilement manifest, but instead He reached out and choose to redeem us, and bring glory to that which was created in His image with all the supporting world around it.

He is the water of life and it is like the blood in our blood stream that courses through our veins, bringing oxygen, cleansing, filtering, healing, supporting growth, restoration, warmth, proper pressure, and circulating until every task is done. He is our Heartbeat and it synchronizes with all the earth and heavens.

We are spirit, soul (which is our mind, will and emotions) and body; we are eternal life, by reason of the One who had us in His Mind and created our manifestation to join in the great song, with each one playing its lively part in all these layers.

Don’t let God or your part be small to you. So much is very significant, and what you might not know today might be incredible tomorrow because more is going on and the world is not small. You matter, you are cared about and you make a difference.

Honor your part, and live gloriously for the One who made you. He eagerly awaits in full preparedness to respond to you. Don’t act like you know what you don’t know. Communicate with Him and press through for the Prize.


A Prophetic Advance

by Pam Clark (

The warfare has definitely stepped up a level, and sadly I expected it to in a measure, because I am pressing in to some good things I can see in God and in the past when I didn’t expect it or didn’t believe for it, the warfare happened anyway! Today I understand it better. There IS a resistance.

The Body is COMING together, it is not fully assembled yet, so we are still running the devil off of things on the ground we’ve lost or need to take. The devil does not like to be displaced! Don’t tell me your cushy life is the norm for all, time will prove that out. I am old enough to know!

Until we get team work WORKING in the Body of Christ, we will continue to struggle. I have had the “mistake” of having good days, so I KNOW the difference in what is God and is not! I don’t just say, “Oh, that is just how life goes,” when I can identify the devil in the mix.

Some say I am too harsh but I see things. The more you press into the Lord, the more Light you get that will expose the things hiding in the darkness. You really have to choose your Light level, but if you want more, there is the price of the battles because you SEE how it COULD be better!

So you count the cost and learn how to take your hits and you trust God that the pain in your battles will be worth it, and they will (and have been) because of past revelations and obedience by you and others. Are we perfect? No… but we are being perfected (or matured), which is a process. It’s the navigation tools we need and some of those come from other members of the Body.

If life was better in the past, is there a reason? Of course! The devil is not lord over Jesus, give me a break! It has been explained to us in Scriptures what is going on, and I know what “the bite” feels like. It hurts or stings or wounds, until you discern how to fix it or deal with it. A friend of mine used to say, “You can do business with anyone, it’s all in how you do it.” I found that to be true!

Life requires wisdom! But while it’s very important as the principle thing, wisdom relies on the past, and Jesus is new every morning. I’m on the advance with the best of my ability and it’s about seeing the Kingdom and the King, not some mortal person, sorry, nothing personal anyone, if you think you and your thoughts should dominate my thoughts. I find Jesus’ thoughts more helpful!

Everyone is going to do what they think they should, or what they want to do, and so the real crust of the situation is showing people MORE revelation. And only the hungry really want that, because it’s going to knock off the hard shell covering we put up, so we can SEE more of Him and interact and then DO what He is asking us to do so that we CAN make PROGRESS!

God’s ways will spoil you! There are people in the world who CHOOSE the devil’s ways and they will NOT understand what you say because their ears are not tuned for truth. We can bait them like the good fishermen we are, but some still don’t hear after that and so we have to speak the devil’s language to the devil and tell him to GO! This is why the Bible says there is a time for war. We don’t want it, but it’s the only language that works. Prayer will help us do effective warfare so the least casualties will happen.

Sometimes we have to BIND the devil – it does work! But then we also have LOOSE the Spirit of God to come in and take over that area so 7 more worse won’t come in. This lack of this understanding today is hurting us, because some THINK they are wise, when they are just making more room for the devil by the things they say and preach and do. JESUS has to be The Authority in your heart!

These can bind with their words, they proclaim (like the Pharisees) but they are not really taking ground. It requires strength! (not extortion!). God is not employing babysitters in the Kingdom, but He is a nice taskmaster who will reason to some degree. But if we don’t know right from wrong and He thinks we should, then we have a sure battle on our hands.

Jesus is an overcomer and He expects us to be, too! It is for the purpose of Good. He doesn’t want us hiding in caves unless it’s because we are working to take ground for Him (and us in Him). King David wasn’t in caves because he was wrong, but because he was right, he was seeking God’s Kingdom! He was on the advance. The proof is that he DID take the ground!!!

But there were some serious battles and the ones who can’t SEE Jesus often just add to the burden. The little foxes can spoil the Vine and this is what we need to be on guard for, too. We have to learn how to patch up the holes in the fence or deal with the predators. We don’t want or need the devil picking us off.

It is a continual battle but the more progress we make, the less bad stuff happens. Those little things will help us learn the big things better. It’s why Jesus said “count the cost” for your battles. Think things through! There will be surprises in the advancing. We have to be prepared as much as possible. Just be on the offense and not the defense for the Kingdom!!

We are facing serious challenges today and IF the world holds your kingdom, you will be at its mercy and they are not looking that wise or kind to me. They will use you to their advantage. The complacent do not have a Cause, but true Christians do. We are working to restore a fallen world by making a path or a way for the true King to enter in. The prophets cry “Prepare the way of the Lord!” He will come to the places we prepare for Him, in our hearts and in our land.

Some good things happen BECAUSE someone else prayed. It’s not just because we are so great. In our adolescent years we think we are smarter than our parents BECAUSE they have covered us, only to find when we are on our own, they really weren’t so witless after all. They were working. And even some parents get overwhelmed, but either way the ANSWER is still JESUS and His Word.

We can have our pockets of success, but if we are really going to go global with this good Jesus thing (smile intended), then we need to prepare ourselves and others for the ADVANCE of the Kingdom of God! Of course the enemy wants to tell us we are nuts, but if we have the MIND of Christ to any degree, we know Whom we serve.

It is personal! It’s you, it’s me, it is those present and those to come, AND those who have gone on in the faith. We are all in this together. If you can’t do it for the past, then do it for the future, or vice versa! But get your vision of a better world from God and go about your Father’s business of seeing it happen.


The Commodity of Fear

by Pam Clark (

Fear is a real issue, especially for the last days Church and we need to discern it correctly. Fear can be such a power that some use it as a commodity. Some parents or other authorities have used it as a tool for manipulating situations, and even children telling other children “ghost stories” or “boogie man stories” use it for the adrenaline rush it produces. Most people like a good drama movie for the same reasons.

But there comes a place when we can get consumed with fear and dread, and lose the joys of living that we are supposed to find in the Christian life. Because of all the end time predictions, it’s challenging to know at times what is “imminent” and what is being just forewarned.

When fear overtakes a body, it produces a toxicity as a result. Our immune system is suppressed and our anxiety level skyrockets, producing more stress and negative hormones that affect the muscles and tissues and even the brain. It’s certainly not healthy in a prolonged state. Some stress is necessary for growth! There is a value in the resistance if it is not something so strong that it overwhelms a person with a force stronger than they are.

Some fears are demonic and some are just imposed by our self or other people. Demonic fears are when we take on a spirit of fear. We are Biblically warned that hard times are coming, but Jesus said, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (the world where it’s coming from). This is where our faith kicks in – for the overcoming. We can even get into the fear snare of “not having enough faith” when all the faith we need has already been given to us in a measure for us. Our job is to let that faith increase.

We need to know Scriptures and especially the ones about the abundant life we are promised. We go from this life into the next and it’s all meant to be. We just need to find our Home in Christ! We have to be careful when we hear different ministries to find the best balance of information.

If all that is offered is fear of the last days, with no reward for the present now, we might do better if we hear the other messages being offered out there. It is true that this current life pales in comparison of the one to come, but still we find ourselves today living here in the now and we need to be in the best place and condition for making that count, even for tomorrow and the life to come.

When Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven was “at hand”, He meant that it is even here “in the now.” We can find an ever increasing Presence of Him in our lives that will sustain us for even the last days of this fallen world.

Some will use fear to sell things and that is when it is being used as a commodity. Just as there is the lure of complacency with the “all is well, don’t ever worry or be concerned,” there is also the deceit of only impending doom and dread. No one can live healthy in that long term. Purposed ignorance can be foolishness. Many do give their lives for the benefit of others in many ways and that will be rewarded by our God as our gift to Him for the sake of others. But when it is coerced, then we are responding only to a fear. Our choices need to be real.

Some do feel inspired to buy “survival kits” and if they can afford that, it is all well and good, but you know it is for practical reasons. But if the fear is so strong that we have no hope at all for tomorrow’s bright day, then we are missing something. God has good will for His people. We do have an aging process and minds that can carry wisdom for it. All of life seems a gamble, but our sure thing is our faith in the Resurrected Lord. That is something other faiths don’t offer, leaving you with still a sense of yourself and the longevity too of eternal life too.

Jesus Christ gives a peace that passes all understanding in this, but we have to seek Him with our whole hearts. But the Prize is well worth the effort. If you died today, do you know for certain where you would be? Is Jesus real to you? If He is, then enjoy today! If you “think so” or “hope so” or “don’t know for sure,” go with what the Bible says in Romans 10: 9-10:

“If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” In that heartfelt confession of seeking, you will find your peace.

The Bible has a lot of other good things to say too. A good idea is to start reading the New Testament, and the Psalms for helpful prayers. What you can learn from all that can go on for years and bring you much delight, insight and comfort. Don’t be a victim of fear when God’s desire for you is a good life. Reject the wrong and choose the good! There will be a reward for you. Fears are something you can learn to navigate.