Working with God

by Pam Clark (

How many of us would like to go in there and fix all the problems – in Israel, in our government, in our churches, in our workplaces?  But while we may even be gifted, we can’t really fix them all, even if we have clues as to what should be done.  We have to wait on God and work WITH Him.

A person who is really gifted is not believing at the time that they are.  A person who is gifted in God is pulling on Him to find the solution.  And the ones who are wise will realize who is the Source and learn how to call upon Him again and again.  The Holy Spirit is our Helper.

If “we” focus on “our having” the gifts of the Spirit in a public way, and all our attention is focused on “us” “having” the gifts, probably we are going to miss some things because we are doing it to please the crowd.  Many want solutions to fix this or that but find that even with the right ideas, it doesn’t always work.

Something more is needed, and it is relationship WITH God.  There comes a place in our lives where we have to abandon ourselves from our world and go into His.  Some call this the divine exchange, where we give up our thinking to have His.  We give up our thoughts and control and let His reign.  And until there is a track record established, it can be pretty challenging!

But those growing pains are really worth it.  At first we have a hard time giving up our ideas, and then we have to learn how to deal with other people’s!  Peer pressure can be a strong force.  It’s why we must seek out the Godly for their prayers and influence on us.

Now God did not leave us in the dark.  In the past, He raised up Godly voices, and while He still does that, He also left us with a Book, that declares much that is His will and insight into this life we are in.  We cheat ourselves if we don’t read it and study it.  And even then, we need anointed people who can explain a lot of it to us, until we get on our own two feet, for the Scriptures have to be Spiritually discerned and even though it is “an open Book test,” we don’t always get it without really seeking for His will on things that apply to our lives.  Jesus is the Door to Life in God.

After a while, we will get that hearing His Voice, His impressions, His sense of guiding us, is the most important thing that we could have, but there is a process.  First we must submit to who He is and meditate on that a bit and then we go before Him with our questions and petitions.  He is not our bellhop, we can’t pay Him enough to respond;  He is our Lord and He is willing to share if we will show the proper honor and respect.

We learn that He is not condemning us, if we are seeking Him, but there is a evil set in motion by the Fall that we have to overcome.  And we are doing it!  We are learning more every day!
Many people in the Church are fascinated by the gift of the word of knowledge and some mistakenly believe that if they could get the inside track on that, they would really have something.  We are carnal, the thought crosses our minds.  But when we yield to the Life at work within us, if we are born again and walking by the Spirit, then we see that the treasures in us as individuals really do only come through Him.

Someone else could be gifted all day long but if our hearts are not set on receiving from Him, we will only get a partial benefit.   Again, Jesus is the Door, and the entrance of His Words brings life.  After we realize how wonderful His ministry is to us, we will begin to see that ministering to others is a bigger blessing too!   We will find that we can have a “double portion” by ministering the Truth to others.

But when we advance to that next level, we have to realize that it comes by doing it His way.  There are many who stall out because they set it up in a way that looks pleasing to man, and while the Lord is not opposed to man having a blessing, He is the Gate Keeper and He knows the Divine Order for the maximum benefits for everyone.  It is here where so many get snared.

But once we see the snare, we can overcome it.  The best way we can get over any snare is to minister TO the Lord.  When we bless Him and love on Him and worship Him and extol Him, our mind gets off of our ways and on to His and who He is.  When that happens, the anointing comes and it has a power and a blessing with it.  But it is the mature ones who lead in it.

All people make mistakes in the Kingdom.  That is why God sent Jesus to show us that man can access the divine powers and still live!   This is a big deal because when it’s handled wrong, there are consequences.  This is why learning humility is important.  Then we will have a teachable spirit.

God is not just looking for a few, He is looking for a large group of people and He calls them His Body and His City.  He wants a community that can walk in divine powers and overcome the enemy and thrive in Godly living.  He is not just about the natural, but also the supernatural, and we get to learn this.  It can be sobering as well as a whole lot of fun!  And often, it is literally life saving.

It’s not enough to know what the gifts are, but we also need to know how they work and how they work with each other.  That means that people have to learn how to get along and work with each other and recognize the gifts in each other.  Then when we get in that divine presence and our gifts rise to the surface, we will learn how to not only recognize them, and see them, but also learn how to flow in them together.  We have to cultivate them in the Spirit.  The power of God goes beyond the natural.

The most challenging part is to learn patience.  It’s so easy to be excited and some will go too fast and some will hold back – both of which can equally hinder.  This is why if we practice our gifts in the world and see how people respond, then when we get among the holy, we will have a better handle on them.  People will be real in the world.  Too often we get snared in the church.  We have to see this through God’s eyes and not man’s.

The gifts are the same in the Church and out of the church atmosphere, we just find a blessing when we get in the corporate faith anointing, but sometimes God will hold back so we will go out and reach the world as He has commissioned us to do.  When we do outreach and bring people in, it gives all the ministry giftings opportunity to be activated – those who are called to help (which is all of us) and those who need to receive.  When we hold back and willingly work to limit the anointing of God, we incur His displeasure and we will see that eventually manifest.

There will be many unhappy and heartbroken people, but the remedy is to seek Him and serve Him.  Man has no problems that God cannot fix.  Life is an unfolding Story, so we will always be learning and accommodating His Plans.  If we don’t, our lives will be shallow and dry and we will be tossed to and fro with every wind and wave of doctrine.

God wants to activate us if we will learn how to reverence Him and see Him in others.  Too many still look for an “organization” to pull this off, and there are some great organizations doing great things, but none of them can sustain a move of God without God leading it.

We want to be careful of following people over God.  And even the supernatural has the bone structure of the natural built into it.  If we try to go beyond where we live in a way that does not bless others, we will go off track.  It may have a temporary high, but it will not have good fruit that remains.

When people drive you “crazy”, God will be there for you.  The deeper you go into God, the more prophetic you will become and that carries a burden, for the prophet is an intercessor between God and man and at the same time an intercessor between man and God.  It’s a difficult role, because we don’t enter His courts lightly, and people can also be hard to get along with or unappreciative.

Intercessors have “to get over” a lot of things but all ministers know it can be a thankless job at times.  However, your reward is with God and He will not allow abuse forever;  He will deal with it.  This is why we must get skilled in our intercessions!  The goal is much fruit!  And that calls for laying down our lives and serving Him and seeing Him more than we see ourselves.

God knits us and joins us in love!  If we fail to love, we won’t have a lot to show to God or to others.  Most parents know what it is like to be long suffering with their children, or you know if you have less than perfect family members (which may include you).  The Kingdom of God is built with shouts of “Grace!  Grace!” to it.  When the tension is released, we want to find the love, because we do have an enemy that would love to devour us, but our God is there to help and to save, as we seek Him.

And He will save to the uttermost, those hearts who cry fully unto Him.  Whether in this life or in the world to come, there is an Answer in Him.  When we learn how to do this on the earth, we will see a great wave of Revival because His ministry will be able to go forth with much understanding and discipline and effectiveness and it will be quite a joyous thing.  For as the Body comes into alignment and agreement for the King of Kings, we will see the majesty of it unfold to us.  And as long as we stay disciplined in it, we can enjoy it.

Don’t settle for the small stuff when you can have the big.  If you have been crying out to God, pay attention to the things He has been showing you and work with it, to get the application of it right.  Be willing to learn more and love more and keep your prayer life active.  Because only through the humility of prayer will anything be manifest in the Lord, unless it is rebuke.

Some things take a long time because of the need for real agreement in the Holy Spirit.  That agreement with faith, though, can do mighty things when it is released!  So work and labor to enter into His Rest and prepare the Way before Him, for He surely is coming!  And no one gets shortchanged.



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