Politics and the Christian

Politics. Some say it’s a dirty word. Many want to avoid it, but it seems to be a necessary evil. When we hear of someone coming against another in the “negative ad campaigns”, most Christians’ hearts are grieved. Some really want to tune it out and I have been there! The forces are swift and hard. Thank goodness some are called to it as public servants but that doesn’t make the confrontations factor any easier, it’s just more graced, we hope.


But I want to share why it is important that we do embrace politics to some degree. From the Fall in the Garden, there is a devil that has been after our life. We are favored with God, and he no longer is, but is found with sin, and he chose that rebellion. So he attacks that which is in the image and likeness of God. We need to understand this.


There are school politics, community politics and even church politics; we just don’t always call them by those “names.” And certainly there are government politics. I think you know what I am talking about. He wants to control the world and is making a play for it!


The devil is tricky – the Bible speaks to that – and Jesus is shrewd. Like you, I wish we could ban the devil. It’s a worthy idea. But God is calling us to be overcomers whether we want to be or not! The key to this is learning wisdom.


Wisdom is really the fear of the Lord, learning the humility of submitting to God and being teachable – or a disciple. God says He is the Father of spirits and we ARE spirit, soul and body. The spirit has a huge part in this, but it’s often played down or ignored. We need our balance.


The devil has designed his strategies causing trouble where no trouble needs to be; his intent is to kill, steal and destroy. If he can aggravate us enough, he will then work to recruit us for his team. There is a lot that goes on in life that we need to be aware of. It’s called living and surviving, while we appreciate what we can! There is no eternal life apart from Jesus.


There is a survival spirit that goes on in life, whether a person is born again or not. There is a strong will to survive, to express one’s self, and enjoy life’s pleasures. The problem is that there is a way that seems right to a man but the end is death. We have to figure this stuff out!


When you see politics going wrong, start to pray. Your best advantage is to be in agreement with God to the best of your understanding. Like any child, you are expected to grow and mature and find your best function as an offering to the One who created you and who has a good eternal plan for you. We don’t need to spend time judging others, because all judgments comes under Him. We need grace for each other, and ourselves!


The difference in a real Christian believer’s life and everyone else’s is the born again experience. It’s not a label, but an encounter. And it is an encounter that is supposed to continue, on and on and on into that good Eternal Life.


Hope you are tracking well!


Love, Pam Clark



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