Praying Like A Prophet

Praying Like a Prophet
by Pam Clark (

We need to pray for GOD’s good vision for us and not just our own. He can do what we cannot. When enough of us pull on Him for His vision, He will respond. If you want to know the real will of God…. pray for HIS Vision!

Praying for God’s will over ours is harder because you won’t get a lot of sensory things about you. And, you really will have to deny yourself. You will experience a shift in your ways of thinking and your goals will take a backseat to His.

The discernment and the warfare will increase, but so also will the insight and supernatural understandings also increase. Your friends will probably change. Many will wonder “who do you think you are?” And your awareness of “just who you are” is greater than before!

You will get a vision that is not your own. You will sense a greater Presence of God and will be looking for those who understand you. They are fewer than they were before. Not everyone really wants God, even though they give Him a lot of lip service and you have to figure out who is really sincere because of that, and it is a challenge.

Suddenly mainstream looks a lot easier than a salmon swimming upstream against the current. Chances are real good that you will be sold out by a few, sabotaged and lied about. But if you have ‘The Vision’, it will keep you pressing in.

You will battle discouragement, but you learn how to take the hits. And some of the hits will come hard if you are really sincere. But those glory spots that come of fellowship with Him are healing and invigorating. Those respites will give you even more vision. You’ve passed some tests.

You will cease becoming a person to many, but will be “a thing.” They just can’t relate to you like before and your thoughts and ideas are a curiosity to be challenged in every way. This is a transition into ministry where many bail out.

People will try to relate you to the prosperity scale and the fame scale. See, if you are weird enough or prosperous enough, that carries weight in the world. It gets their attention, and then that makes you “marketable.” And the world understands and is into “the market.” It pivots around money and attention for the sake of manipulation.

Oh, are you sure you want your eyes opened?

Ezekiel 3: 1 Moreover He said to me, “Son of man, eat what you find; eat this scroll, and go, speak to the house of Israel.” 2 So I opened my mouth, and He caused me to eat that scroll. 3 And He said to me, “Son of man, feed your belly, and fill your stomach with this scroll that I give you.” So I ate, and it was in my mouth like honey in sweetness…..
14 So the Spirit lifted me up and took me away, and I went in bitterness, in the heat of my spirit; but the hand of the Lord was strong upon me. 15 Then I came to the captives at Tel Abib, who dwelt by the River Chebar; and I sat where they sat, and remained there astonished among them seven days.

One day, Ezekiel was one way and then after opening up to God, he changed. One day he was a common man, then he became fervent. So, do you ~really~ want to be a prophet?

Really, if you are called, you don’t have a choice. Not if you want to see Heaven pleasing God. The old American “choose your life” concept kind of flies away to a great degree. I heard someone say that if you have a prophetic gift, you have a ministry; if you are called to be a prophet, then you are the gift!

And the price is the one that Jesus paid, and your life DEPENDS on impartations that you cannot control. When you have the calling, you become an intercessor – between God and man AND between man and God. You share God’s counsels but also His judgments. And they are not selective.

Have you ever heard of “the fellowship of His sufferings”? It challenges not only your mind but also your emotions. Jesus had sufferings, even before the Cross. Ready to sign up for that? You have, if you are a believer!

Are you ready to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood? See there comes a place where your natural understanding has to take a shift and you don’t get to go back and forth or play games with it anymore. It divides you from the world.

So if you see a flashy “prophet”, all dressed up with riches and boasts, you need to realize there is another side to this. And a real prophet hates exaltation. The world thinks that is what they want because THEY want that.

Prophets are human and humans do have needs. But being glorified is not what they want if they are representing God. They want to see Him glorified. They will take the attention to turn it to Him, but many will challenge that in their driven lusts.

You will learn that many presume upon the gift. Many! You offer Spirit, they want flesh. And even human prophets can’t see what all God can see about potentials. But they learn a lot! And they mature in stages, like everyone else who seeks Him does.

But if we pray for God’s Vision instead of just our own, we might get somewhere! We can believe to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. But it will come with submitting to Him.


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