Christian Manhood Restored

by Pam Clark (

There is no question that a man (or a woman) gets much of their identity from their father.  This can be a real struggle if the father is not all he should be – and today, many are not to the disappointment of their children.  But that does not mean that God does not have an answer for the problem.

In some homes the father is absent by default.  He doesn’t mean to be, he may be away, lost in his business world, disabled, serving in a distant position, or just overwhelmed in ways that make him unable to truly express all his manhood.  In this evil world, many have even been manipulated out of their true will.  And many mothers today are abandoned, divorced, or widowed.

This causes a dysfunction, and there are many dysfunctions in this fallen world.  We need a Savior and we have one in Jesus the Messiah, but we must understand who He really is and what His purposes are.  (I John 3:8 “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”)

It doesn’t matter how or why there is an absent father, the problem it causes still remains.  When Jesus came to earth, He modeled God as a Father.  He called Him “Abba” – a term that translated to us would mean “Daddy.”  It implies genuine affection and bonding, and a reverence.  It was a new concept for the religious world.  Some of the religioius leaders of the day considered it heresy, because it implied an equality.

But their screams and protests did not cause Jesus to back down.  He knew His Father and He considered it His work to reveal Him.  He came to bring the Truth, not glorify man’s best efforts.  He came because like His Father, He loved fallen man and wished to see him restored.  He was willing to give His very life for it, and He did, and He rose again after that to show He can overcome even death.

God is Spirit and that Holy Spirit can manifest in many ways.  Because of the competition of men’s minds for authority, God gave us a canon of Scriptures to keep us on track, but He activated those words with a Presence, or an Anointing, that makes them come alive to the present day that He lives in.  With God, it is always today and He is always in charge.

In so many ways, Jesus manifested the Father’s good will towards His children, and I can only list a few here, but there is great joy in seeking Him out.  As a carpenter, He provided the practical means for living.  People need a home and furniture and finances and other tools for their work.  As a minister, He gave out the words of truth about life – how to perceive it and live it.  As a Healer, He demonstrated the Father’s love for man’s physical health. 

He fed the multitudes, even supernaturally, demonstrating with a sign and wonder (to get people’s attention) that God provides daily bread – it is His good will not to withhold their needs.  Scriptures say in Psalm 145:16 (NLT):  “When you open Your Hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.”  Jesus is the Word of God made alive and He wants us to learn that life in Him.

The difference between Jesus and ordinary inspired men is that He has a supernatural connection from Heaven to Earth that works for the benefit of mankind.  Many can do signs and wonders, but He is a God of Love, who cares for His own.  He is faithful and He will be with us until the end – and the good news is that “the end” is the end of evil, because of who He is!

We battle three main areas in this life – the world, the flesh and the devil.  The flesh is the self will of man that believes he can handle things on his own.  But once we come to realize the great provisions in God our Father, we then battle the things of the world that come to distract us and lead us into traps, some even to the taking of our life before its time.  And we all battle the devil who is an aggressive force against us.  The devil comes as Jesus said, to kill, steal and destroy, but He came that we might have life and that more abundantly.

Through the attitude and posture of prayer, we receive our salvation and our Spiritual life.   The humility of prayer is the gateway and the entrance for all divine revelation.  As we meditate upon Him, we will find an increasing inner communication that will keep on flowing as we tend it.  It is even how this article came to be written!

Man is God’s crowning creation.  Man was created in the image or the likeness of God.  That means that there is a supernatural divine communication that is above all other creatures.  God did not give man diety, but He shares His with man for that divine fellowship.  He said we were created for this fellowship and for good works.  It is a trust given to us.

We need to understand that there is faulty parenting in this world, and probably even more than we would like to see or admit to.  Some of it has been quite damaging, but God still cares and does not forsake those who call on Him.  Good mothers are just as important as good fathers, and we really do need the proper understanding of both, because there is revelation for our life in it that extends into eternity.

But God made men to lead the way and for women to be supportive.  A woman who is not all she can be cannot fully support a man for all that he can be.  And man is not the deciding factor, but God is.  When we see the God ordained roles, and our fullfilling of them, we will see the great Love Plan Design of God for us.

Men have an ability to communicate with God and represent Him in the things of life in ways that women have no ability to do.  This is not just physical but is also Spiritual.  Man is alone and lonely and unfufilled without the response of a woman who will affirm him and love him and care for his tender needs.  God even uses this love plan for the procreation of children to be raised up, also to have relationship with Him.  There is a balance of nature and mental health here.

While mothers care for sons, a man must relate to a man in a father role to complete or fulfill who he is.  He can miss a lot of life without women, but he will never find his place without a Father.  This is a generation where many, many are seeking the Fatherhood of God, because of the serious lack of parenting today.

The good news is that we have a God and Savior who will guide us into the proper life, even with the set backs that occur.  Where natural fathers fail us, the discovery of the will of God for our lives will save us and cause us not to just survive but to overcome.  Our faith in the goodness and love of God will cause this to be accomplished!

This does not mean that we have to fake it.  This is not about hype but faith.  Men need each other to affirm each other in the good cause.  In the place where men are in unbelief, we have wars, and some of those are very destructive and deadly.  Rebellion to God’s ways also causes great damage – to us and to those around us.

God calls men to care for the earth, to care for the people (society) and to care for their families, wives and children.  This does take work but the work can be a joy of accomplishment when they find the right fellowship and are willing to act and be trained and even aggressively apprehend the good will of God.

The manhood of society must be restored and it is and will be through Godly caring men who respect and honor each other, but even more so honor God.  Of course we may see some who appear to have it made or have it better, but the truth is, you don’t know what they are or will be going through.  You may not know the demands or responsibilities that have been put upon other people to make society and life work.  It is God who gives us these assignments.  As we affirm each other and live out our faith in God, doing good works that honor Him, we all will be blessed and fulfilled.

We may encounter wars, but God has given us supernatural Spiritual tools and understandings that can win us our victories.  When we know His will through His Word and ministry and find the activating Presence of God, we will be anointed (empowered) and blessed and will do exploits.  Hallelujah!



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