Reject Rejection!

 In the Garden, Adam and Eve were blessed;  they felt loved and accepted and covered and provided for.  It’s our “Heaven” place.

 But THEN the “spirit of rejection” came in. 

 That spirit boasted of its power and understanding.  It challenged God.

 Adam and Eve doubted, and they fell. 

 If we can identify in our minds and hearts, what this spirit is –  and it is pride and anti-Christ (which means anti-Anointing) –  and if we can work NOT to  identify with it, we will get set free. 

 This spirit wants us to identify with it.  Then it will hold contests.  It will say “I will reject you before you reject me!  That makes me greater!” 

 It will boast of great power.  It will boast status.   But it’s the devil. 

 It’s a lie, because God is NOT rejecting us. 

 God sent Jesus to show us He cares, and He honors us to give us the right and privilege of choosing Him.  He gives us free will. 

 We can and must choose Him if we want His benefits eternally.

 So reject rejection! 

 When bad things happen, this evil spirit will come and present its offering. 

 It will act like it is God. But IT IS NOT.

 Receive the Love of God.


You are free to share this, as is, with credits attached like you would anyone else’s.

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