A Prophetic Thunder

by Pam Clark  (pamclark@prophetic.net)

If we are not a Christian nation so much anymore, why do we think we will have a protective covering from our government and enemies if persecution comes here like it has other places?  In a situation like that, only God could be our covering.  Why would we be different from all these other countries where Christians are outnumbered?

I hate to be negative but these questions need to be asked.  We need to be lined up with the right life and the right church. So many warnings are coming out. It’s not just about your food and shelter, it’s about your soul too. The heathen will have no mercy if they feel pressed and desperate and inspired, so your strength in the Lord must be strong.

If your church is not teaching you to find your place in God, you need to find one that will!   And if you do know your gift, keep working to minister it.  Lives depend on you! Do you know that some people have never had anyone to pray for them?  Ever.

Don’t expect the weak to protect you from strong evil forces. Pray for God to make the Church strong. If you choose carnality over the power of the Spirit, you won’t be on the winning side. God says,” Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.”  Do you know His Spirit? Learn Him!

Too many churches try to spoon feed the flock because of a few babes. When the charismatic wave of the Spirit came through, I had to run to keep up and it was well worth it!  We have to quit catering to adult babies and find our resources.  They are IN the Body!!!

A little child will lead them applies to the safety of the times. That time is not now.  Adult babies throw fits and need diaper changes.  But if all they are being fed is pablum and they need to be babysat more than they are getting trained by the Lord for the times, or if they are just doing busywork and not changing lives, we are missing the benefits that we need.

“How beautiful is the Body of Christ”  was a song some years back, but if you ever really see it, you will get lost in praise to God for it. What you see are people willing to sacrifice for the good by His Spirit.  I love to see the devil whooped.

The Church really should have an attitude about it for its gifts and powers. But the attitude should be the strengths of Jesus. Too many are told to turn the other cheek so they can be mastered. But if you know Him, you discern it.  You feel depleted rather than inspired. Let me tell you how I learned to forgive others, and it works. I wish the person Jesus, the REAL Jesus. Because if they know Him, they won’t do or put up with mean and bad stuff.

God will come like a mighty One for His people.  The world mocks stupid. Even the people in the church mock stupid. If you really know God, you HAVE power!   Instead way too many are getting fleeced and it’s their fault! But some are fleeced and it’s our fault for letting it happen, and God will hold us accountable.

I am telling you, God is going to come defend His Flock and He will look at how it is being treated. He hears every cry and He will measure that by His Word of instructions. He will see who is trying to take advantage of whom to get advantages.  You can’t hide from Him.

Paul Cain recently shared some thoughts with me and said: ARE PEOPLE RAISING MONEY TO GO ON TV? OR, ARE PEOPLE ON TV TO RAISE MONEY??  Paul is a friend who imparted much to the Body of Christ.   See, the question is where is the ministry going? What is it really all about?

People think the kindness of God is soft. Humility will turn the cheek to many things. BUT humility does that because it KNOWS the power behind it!  God IS just and fair!  He is firm AND loving!

People force people to do things they don’t want to do, to forgive things unforgiveable but burying what is toxic never makes it go away if the toxic material is not dealt with. God WILL give people power to overcome, but to make a trend or fad without His power is denial.   This is why the TRUE Body of Christ is needed.

This attack on Christian families, like the Duggars, have not seen the last of God while the worldly flaunt their powers against them. The Body stood up for Duck Dynasty and now there is an upping the ante.

But if the Body does not connect with the TRUE God-approved power, they won’t have any power.  Why even preach grace and forgiveness if you aren’t going to live it?

The Body is judged by its love; the world is judged by its hate. HE holds the balances!

Some people look for “black and white” rules. Then they become legalists. But God is Spirit.   Some say, If you are a good Christian, you DO this and that. They have a long list of spoken and unspoken rules, often in cliques. They are coming apart when God shows up!  Our snares are often self made.

If you REALLY love, you will want to share the real Jesus you KNOW with others. And if you aren’t doing much, it’s because you really don’t know Him well, or you are in deep rebellion. If you have a puny Jesus, it’s because you have not been taught, or you have rejected Him.   And if you believe there is more, it is because there is MORE!

Seriously, when you leave church, are you leaving with life skills and power in the Spirit?   And more seriously, are you leaving with a Presence that will last you all week long?  Or is it a whole new world on Monday morning?   If we are not engaging with God, we are NOT walking in any power.

First, second and maybe third graders stand in lines for their sticky stars. They did something so well that they are thrilled to get their trinkets. Are we still in trinkets in the Church? And where will that get us?   How many sticky stars do you adults still have from your childhood days?

We get a pat on the head or a pat on the back in the good old boys clubs, but our hearts are not for the lost and hurting.  The Presence of God is not our driving force as it once was in this nation.   We don’t have a burden to SEE Jesus FOR others!   We instead blame others for not being “like us.”   And that is done with arrogance, because we think we have arrived.

This pride is subtle down in our hearts. It’s why Jesus MUST be First!   See, either people need to be lovingly confronted, and bridges built – or they need to be helped and it is WHY you see the burden. This “pity” thing is too often pride, even when it’s for the needy, if they are being looked down upon with our piety.

When Christians think money is enough – as the answer to all things – they have missed the Spirit and bought into mammon.   God can do great things with faith, and He will bring down big things over pride.

Many ministers are going without, while fleecers are prospering.   Jesus sees them as sheep without a Shepherd.   But He also says it is our fault!   We all know the story that Jesus went after the money changers in the Temple, but do we understand the spirit of what He was against?   He felt pretty passionately about it.

Do you have to take someone’s word for it, or can you discern it and figure it out?   See, if you know the real warfare, you will figure out why Jesus told a lot of people to be silent about their miracles. But the miracles do bring glory to God!  Only in true unity can the Church stand against the devil and his ways and attacks. News flash: it is required!

Some have asked me:  What do you do if there is no church with these teachings in your area? Seems like it is easier to stay home and hear the tv preachers.  We used to travel some distance to find a good spirit filled church but we are older now and just can’t do it. Hard to know what to do as I know the corporate worship is important.

I responded:  This is where we have to contend with God. This type situation is rampant, but God is holding us responsible. We want to “be nice” and get along with everyone, but we are compromising our faith.

Church is a SERVANT to the Body, it is a help. But the true Body is not bound and related to a “church service” as the temperature for our faith, even though it may express it. We ARE called to assemble ourselves together in the Lord but some assemblies have left His strength and power and presence.

That does not mean that we have to! We have to encourage ourselves in the Lord and BE a Spiritual force. When we are young we go to church to get fed and equipped, but later (and not a long time later) we need to go to church to help others.

When we have to be babied all the time and get hung up in rules and people orders and not see the power of God but more the “presence” of OTHER people, we are missing it.  We must prevail in prayers.   We must find and be believers who want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Not just be entertained or given busy work to do.   We need to find the life within once again.

We are very intellectual but are missing the Spirit. The spirit of the world is at emnity with the Spirit of God. (James 4:4)  If you aren’t in for the fight and good for it, you are not walking in the Spirit. It does not mean you are trying to find people to fight with, but you are contending for the Kingdom of God because you SEE it. You can’t stand to see things wrong and you work, because you WANT to work, to see it RIGHT.

People are going, “What happened to our nation?!!!” We lost the contending for the Kingdom of God.  Today we see self pleasures as the greater thing, not even comprehending that they are short lived.  We are not defending people but destroying them.

See, God is firm in His Place. Always has been, always will be. He is the Creator. We are the ones who need Him!   We were called by Him to do good, to do good works. But if we only get rewarded with a sticky star on a chart, we cease being so inspired. True preachers of God will inspire you and you must defend them as well!

If we just go to church to “say to our neighbor” this or that, or hear “give us your money” but we have no heart investment, we are invested in something else!   All these praise-athons where you are supposed to “give for a blessing in return,” never seem to focus much on where that money is going to.

It prospers at first because people innately know they are supposed to give and honor God.  But if their hearts do not connect with the work, the “formula” plays out. Then it becomes fleecing.

In the beginning it works because they are separating from themselves unto God. But then if they still go aimless with their own life and calling, then “the formula” no longer works. And if they are not taught and equipped, there is a great falling away and new enemies who are angry at the Church!  We have then aborted our own.

See, the churches (SELAH!) shut them down because they have a voice, a thought, a mind, a heart, a desire to do the will of God. But that might make them not controllable. Teaching them with the anointed ministry is work and trouble.

Some are just blind, some just want the prideful life. It’s not about who we are mad at, but who we can equip.   See, if we know even a little bit of the Bible, we can help equip someone else.   But if we settle for powerlessness, it is OUR FAULT!

America has no excuse.   How dumb do we want to be, or do we WANT the Mind of Christ???   The power of the SPIRIT saves, heals, delivers, does miracles (that we NEED, not just play with) and makes life have value.  How far does it have to go before we wake up that we are to be a part of the Great Solution?  How long do we say  lives and hearts do not matter?

How long do we turn a blind eye to others and fail to have a learning and teachable spirit toward the Lord?  We don’t make worldly conquests in the church unless the church is full of the world!  How much destruction do we have to see before the scales fall off of our eyes?



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