Personal update follow up

My trip to DC was awesome – it went so well, thank you for your prayers!

God was there every step of the way.  Will be posting more on this post soon.  Check back.

Here it is:  (Also posted on my Facebook 9-11-14 with some pictures –

Good morning! I’m still resting and catching up but I can give a report about the trip. Everything went so great. I have a friend who needed to see a specialist about something and she is also a Messianic prophetess (I mention that because I think we had the “two joined sticks” prayer of Jew and Gentile) and she wanted someone to come along and invited me.

I really felt when I was asked to go that God said there would be a new level of intercession and understanding. And since I had never been there before, I was open for all of that. We had a great trip up and my friend’s strength was up enough that we could do some of the tours – on the bus and on the Potomac River boat. Our steps really did seem ordained of the Lord. I had no idea that so many “federal buildings” of so many different things were so close together. The vibrancy in the air was great and from what some other people had shared, I really expected to feel an oppression but I didn’t!

As we entered the city, I really felt a righteous authority inside rise up but it wasn’t met with much resistance, I felt like the Lord was saying “Just declare” and it will do things.

The part of the city we were in and traveled in was very clean. Honestly all I saw and observed made me love my country so much more. So many foreigners, as it was obvious, were also visitors and they were very respectful. I just did not encounter a bad spirit! You felt like the people there all knew what they were about, whatever that was, and they were friendly if you needed to ask something and seemed to really welcome the visitors.

We didn’t have near enough time to do all the things we would have liked to do, you can be active there for weeks, just sightseeing! After traveling around pretty good that one day, we came back to our hotel to rest and went into lengthy praying were the anointing on the prayers was tangible.

Bottom line, I really think what we pray right now is really being heard by the Lord, it is a time of favor for it, and if we don’t, it’s our own loss, so I really encourage you to pray for our nation right now. The scepter to us is extended!

Everything seemed to go quite smoothly, we didn’t have any kind of “problems” really, and I was wishing that I could afford to live there for a while! Even the guards were real nice. There was one guy who acted like he was a WH gardener but I could just tell he was more than that and I said, “You are more than just a gardener, you are also a guard, and his steely eyed look broke into the biggest grin, and he nodded. I could tell he knew what he was doing while playing a role, but there was kindness everywhere I went. I just felt love all around our nation’s capitol!

So please, this is a time of favor and our prayers really will and ~are~ making a difference. I really believe God is giving us a grace time for prayer and sincerity will be heard by Him. Trouble will be coming, but right now we can make a difference!

We asked for Scriptures from the Lord for each day and one day mine was, Isaiah 40:29 – “He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.” I just really want to encourage you to believe God for the good and right.

I just felt an open heaven for that, and we need to pray for our Christian communication lines. God will raise up His people if we allow Him to raise us up! The only time I felt any resistance in the praying is when we were praying about the ISIS situation and I prayed about the desecration of our holy sites and I saw a demon over that. (Joseph’s tomb and Jonah’s have suffered abuse in their respective countries.) But I strongly felt that God wanted to give favor to His people if they will just come to Him and believe.

Again, thanks for the prayers, it was a wonderful trip. I came home full of joy and remember, the joy of the Lord is OUR STRENGTH! Don’t assume someone else has prayed, do say your own prayers. We can win in our Lord!


On Sept. 14, I got a new friend on Facebook named Robin Rowan  who also went to W-DC (unknown to me) and she said on her page:

There is a significant change in the atmosphere in DC. I feel ‘the shift’ of our nation in the right direction has begun. Before there was a thick cloud of deception over the city…it feels lifted. We have been praying reveal all that is hidden and we have seen much come forth. Today I pray at the doors of the Supreme Court. We have had many victories here this year, most unreported by the media but significant none the less. Praying at the doors that they would be infiltrated by righteous laws coming from the States.


I thank God for this confirmation!  The authoritative Love of God that this nation was founded on is still there.  We may have to contend for it, but His Spirit is still there and it is His desire to bless us, if we want that!  Prayers are paying off.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.


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