God’s Strategies

by Pam Clark  (pamclark@prophetic.net)

Keep pursuing God for divine strategies. He will give them to you!

God promises to have all our fullfillment in Him. The strategies will not be for us, but for our divine “fit” in His Kingdom.  Jesus said the Kingdom is “at hand” or right in front of you.  That means it has been made available to you; it’s just up to you to go after it.

The devil wants to give you this idea that you are on the outside looking in. No, no, no!  He is the one on the outside!  Misery loves company and he wants you to join him there.  Get free of that!  Change your thinking.  Know (believe) that God loves you and put you here for His purposes and they are good.

If you are born again, you have the opportunity of divine fellowship with God.  Don’t join the devil on the outside; get back inside and make him feel bad!

The warfare is real, as much as want that to not be so.  Most often people are resist that because they don’t know how to handle it.  But when we do, we can see great victories.  But also be sure to put yourself in a posture to be able to enjoy the victories!  You miss out and become imbalanced if you don’t.

Be about your Father’s business. He cares about people.  He cares about their spiritual lives. There is no reason for anyone to be unemployed in the Kingdom!  And there are many benefits!

God doesn’t want to just coddle you along.  That is for the seriously hurting or immature.  Sometimes He holds back some things so that you will have to press forward. He wants the righteous to be bold as lions and gentle as doves.

Many times we do not know our own strength.  God has to get that strength out of you so that you can put it under control. That is called meekness, or power under control.

He wants to Master His strength in you! How exciting is that?  When you catch on to some of the “why’s” for tribulations, you can overcome them more easily.  Walk with God!  He will walk and talk with you and explain things to you, but you do have to pursue Him.

He pursued you enough to get your attention, now it’s your turn!  What does it take to fix the world?  With His helps, listed in the Bible, you can do mighty things!

I think the biggest battle people have is overcoming the “doomed” feeling. The devil is doing his displays.  He struts them around like a peacock shows its feathers.   But God says “The world is Mine.”  And He has every intention of overcoming it all through His people.  So if you were God, how would you do it?

Remember, this world was created from the beginning for us to be a Team Thing!  And remember, it wasn’t God who was thrown out of the Garden.  He is in full charge. But there is an invitation for us to get back in.  Even the most lost person has the belief that there has to be something more, or at the least should be, and that is because it’s true.  We have the Good News that there is!

You can give me a list of ingredients, but if I don’t know what to do with them, they just sit there.  But if I have the instructions, something awesome can happen!  Get equipped for your ministry!

A baby needs to be spoon fed and is easy to manage. But toddlers and teens keep growing, and God can manage them too, as well as the adults.  We just now have a lot more input in the how.

What is asked of us is to discern correctly.  Until things are presented and seen, we are not sure.  Especially in the beginning, sometimes we learn more by what we don’t want, than what we do.  But once we get past the negative options, we start finding some positive ones. Because they are there.  Life has scary moments, but God gave us tools!

Once you catch on to that, the journey really begins!  Then it becomes about encounters with God.  Wa la!   We become skilled workmen.

2 Timothy 2:15 “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

We get good by presenting ourselves to Him.  He will respond.  The more we get into His plan, the more we will find that joy unspeakable and full of glory.   Then life is more about encounters with God than trials from the devil.

But people will still have battles.  It is just that they will be for the Kingdom strategies.  The enemy does not want to give up his ground.  But God has every intention of winning it over through His people.  Pursue Him and get His helps and strategies.   Through Jesus in us we will overcome the world, the flesh and the devil.  Give Him space and opportunity.  We don’t know everything.  He does.  And life will be good again.

Don’t believe it is a lost cause.  Jesus started with twelve.  And there are millions and millions that have followed since.  It’s not just about good works, and we do those.  But it’s about finding Kingdom life  that can overcome even death through encounters with Him.  We only lose if we opt out.

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