The Roller Coaster

I felt led this morning to share with a friend of mine about the roller coaster walk with God.  God bless you if your life is not that dramatic, but for many I know, including myself, it is somewhat – in good ways and in challenges.

A roller coaster is great starting out. You get in these little seats and strap in and it all seems so smooth. Underneath you, you feel the chains of power taking the little cart up the hill.

Higher and higher you go, the view is great and then suddenly there is a drop!  OMG, hold on. What is the worst thing you can do? Try to escape? No, hold on!

Finally it smoothes out a bit and you are on an easier climb but then suddenly there is a sharp turn to the left or right.  You feel jerked around.  Do you force yourself to keep going straight?  Well, at your peril, you might!

You’ve been up and now you are going down again, Wheeeeeee.

But among those mountains and valleys some fear can come.  Some love the adrenaline rush.  Especially the youth.  But some others of us also mellow over the years, LOL. We’ve been on the ride a while now.  There’s some wear and tear.  (That’s me!)

But in the Spirit world, I am not finding mellowing an option so much!

The message I am sensing is to let go of the controls if you have gotten on the cart to God.  You are on a journey!  After you have reached a low, wait for the chains underneath to start bringing you up again. It’s not your power, but His.

Sometimes we have to shift our focus, even suddenly.  Keep looking to Him.  Get to know Him in different circumstances.  He is still there!

After a bit, you may start to enjoy the ride and get used to the way He works.  You can learn some techniques that do make it easier.  You can learn it pays to listen to the more mature in some of these areas.

In the valleys I used to pour condemnation on myself, but have learned I don’t have to do that, I can wait, when attacked, for the Everlasting Arms to lift me up like those chains underneath.

He can lift me higher and higher until I get a greater vision, but even with a hard turn or two or a fast seeming “fall”, He is still there and so is that Vision. So don’t lose heart! He is in control. Your job is to just keep believing! Bless you!

2 comments on “The Roller Coaster

  1. Thanks for this post as I am definitely on the roller coaster. As the Father reveals more, adjustments in my thinking is needed, and it at times is a daunting task. Yesterday I was in the valley of the ride, but the chain has caught and I am on the ascent with new surrender!
    Thanks for making me feel like I am not alone! 🙂

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