Seeking Him

A Poem by Pam Clark

I chose a harder life than most because I wanted more of Him
I chose to feel the heart He feels and fellowship with Him
I chose to walk a trail of tears where the lost and hurting are
And left the playland park of life where trouble seldom shows
Most of the people just walk by, or only stare to pity
They pass by many treasures there, out in the town and city
Others if they see a find, will exploit, or take advantage
And justify their actions there and call it understanding
They are content, their life is spent in seeking earthly treasures,
The praise of men, immoral whims, and personal understandings
I look for Him there and see Him not, my heart cries for His Presence
I’ll take the stripes and feel the pain even if I’m crying
I’ll find Him in the field of life, even if I’m dying
The treasures there, they can’t compare with all the earthly gain
I see His Blood, and feel it there, and am grateful for the stain.

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