Be Filled with the Holy Spirit!

I believe the Lord wants to baptize somebody with His Holy Spirit right now!

Make sure you are saved – pray: “Lord Jesus, I believe You lived on the earth, suffered and died for me on the cross to forgive my sins, but then rose again from the dead in resurrection power and went and sat on high with the Father where you ever live to make intercession for us. You then sent Your Holy Spirit to the earth to energize and equip us for the work of the ministry and for living in You. I praise You for who You are and for Your love for me!”

Now begin to praise Him until your heavenly language comes forth! They don’t have to be English words or from your native language. Talk to Him in words from the depths of your heart! He will fill you and keep on filling you all the days of your life!

The Bible will come alive to you and you will have power in your prayers.  You will feel His Presence in a stronger way and it’s something that can keep on growing!

It lasts! I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1976 and it’s still working!

Don’t be denied your blessings!

Be filled and blessed!

Love, Pam

One comment on “Be Filled with the Holy Spirit!

  1. Jack Gerow says:

    The way things are nowadays, you have to be always full of the Holy Spirit.

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