Apostolic Breakthrough – a prophetic word

Apostolic Breakthrough – a prophetic word
by Pam Clark  (pamclark@prophetic.net)

I have wondered what a lot of my warfare was about lately, and it’s been strong, but I feel like I got a breakthrough today in understanding and that is that we ARE about to come into the apostolic season.

Now some, like the apostles, have been seeing it in their hearts but know that the full release of it is not here. It will be an amazing season, but there is going to be some strong correction that will go along with it.   We are going to see miracles, but miracles with a purpose! Not just for stress relief, not just because we want a thrill or an adventure or glorification of self, but miracles truly done in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

If your definition of God is “only pleasant” to you, you are missing some of it. A big part of it is embracing your pain to know and encounter Him more. There are a lot of strongholds in the Church that have to be broken to go into the next season. And a lot of Jezebel too, but the prophets (of God) will prevail and the authority of the apostles (over the devil and his angels) will prevail.

We will go into more supernatural realms and the world is ready for it, but the Church I am not so sure about. But people will get to get ready or catch up or be left behind on some things. God will allow you your comfort zones if you are already satisfied (just be sure you know how to stay in Him!) but if you want to know more and experience more – in other words, if you are HUNGRY – then more is about to come.

This sleezy PR and slick tongued agree-ers and people praisers (flatterers) who work the channels so things go their way will find some can resist them! Jezebel always tries to stop the prophets! The prophets have the rhema word by reason of their definition, and the apostles and prophets work together but good prophets will honor true apostles and not get in their way.

The apostles have been talking a lot on this, but soon we all will be seeing this on a grander scale. There is going to be a higher level of accountability in the Spirit – not just to control you but testing – by the Spirit – to see if your heart REALLY is for JESUS and greater disciplines by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God does have a checks and balances system and His is not 3 but five fold for the Church. Many apostles today are pastors but not all pastors are apostles. Be satisfied with your calling, God can always and will bless it. The apostles will be breaking forth the other gifts in a greater ways. They will have studied to show themselves approved and will discern much that needs to be done.

This will definitely cause some shifting and shakings but God knows what He is doing. Embrace your pain and fears and apply it to the Cross in Jesus. Some major deliverances are coming forth and the world (and the world in the church) will be ready to challenge them. In fact, the world has been preparing for quite a while, but THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST is coming forward.

In the past many have told people that they can do any thing and in SOME respects that is true. The fullness of Jesus within us can do anything Jesus can do. BUT, HE has designated the calls, and what they are to do and that FUNCTION is what will make the difference in the future of the Church.

People in their wrong callings – doing something else while not doing what they have been assigned first in the lust of their desires – will be dealt with. The lack of compassion for the weak, wounded and hurting will carry a judgment and repentance for it is and will be required. Not doing all you are supposed to do will carry a penalty, especially in your prayer and devotional life. A higher level of holiness is coming forth and it’s relational, not legalistic.

Foundational issues WILL BE a big thing! How you structure your life and how you build on it will have an accounting. I remember a vision, and it was a house built half on the rock and half was not. It was a great and beautiful house, but when the shaking came, the house was torn apart because only part of it was on the rock and the other part was on the sand.

Foundational issues will be addressed! Let God do it!   It will be torn apart anyway and if you are walking in the Spirit, the fix will be easier than rebelling.  Quit trying to rebuild the Church! Instead, present Truth and people will choose accordingly. We don’t need anymore gimmicks or slick advertising campaigns. Some of that, or a lot of that, is political anyway.

You have to realize that other nations are coming into this. There will be a melting pot of the nations and there will be a swirl around Israel. When God’s Hand moves, who can stop it???   God is setting up His House on His Hill! It’s written about, it’s written and it’s ordained.

The trumpet sounds going out will soon be more harmonious than ever before because the gifts are coming into alignment.   The hungry, lost, starving world will hear the Spiritual sound and begin to respond and by droves they will be coming to the churches looking for their Messiah.

Some will end up at the wrong places and God wants His Team ready to address that and help them.   We need His skills but it comes through anointed teachers that He has put in place and they will activate many of the gifts.

God doesn’t want huddles and crowds – that is what the world has and it is NOT working! God wants equippers and helpers and lovers and healers and strong ones who understand order. We are not just adopting and supplying but bringing in FAMILY and providing. “YOU feed them!,” Jesus said.

Those who place stumbling blocks in front of this for others to fall and fail, He will deal with.   But for those who seek His Face and work to get it right, there will be an abundance of blessing – and Spiritual power – to see things you have never seen before and miracles to meet the needs.

The bones are coming together and sinews and flesh will attach quickly.   And when the breath comes and breathes out across the lands, we will know who has the Kingdoms of this world.

The sex slaves will be set free!

The mothers who want their children to be loved will find it!

The broken men will be helped up by their brothers.

And the fathers will call out and reach out to teach the ministry of love to their sons.


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