The Layers of God

by Pam Clark (

The layers of God are an amazing thing. In just living life, you learn about them. There are multitudes of many kinds of layers. When we are babies we are in the layer of an immediate family, and then there is the extended family and their families and that is comprised of many different layers. (Think about it, we all go back to Noah, and Adam and Eve.)

We grow up some and we are in the layer of education, in a classroom among many classrooms, called a school in a school district, and then activities among many other activities. We have extracurricular activities in the mainstream and marketplace, and there are many layers there. Whether it be a sport type activity or even business or dealing with the physical realms for what ever reason, there are layers and layers in there.

There are governments of many kinds including our civil government and there are many layers there, especially as that moves out into international affairs, that go on and on and on in their interactions, both domestic and abroad, with supplies and services and current day progress and conflicts. We have neighborhood governments and layers.

And God, believe it or not, is in all the layers! Our mind, will and emotions develop in layers. Even the stratus of the earth and air on our planet (and on others) have layers. We grow, we mature, and we develop in layers. A tiny fertilized seed grows in layers and then differentiates to make a unique thing, and that includes each of us and it develops into its maturity in layers among layers.

Okay, you say, I get the point. And I hope you do! But because we are in a fallen world that needs healing, and through Jesus we are getting it, we need to allow God to work through the layers of our life and in the world around us. We are going to see flaws because we are in a growing and healing process. It is a global thing, local, national and international.

We look at our babies and we think they are born perfect, but time goes by and just as we discover we are not, neither is any of the humanity around us including our “perfect” kids. Should we mourn? Not if we know Jesus! Instead, we learn that we are not only made aware of our weaknesses and need a Savior, but so does all the world around us.

If we are wise, we learn that He does have “the whole world in His Hands” and a greater work IS being done. We are in this together while at the same time we are differentiating for the Eternal “fit” of His Perfect Work in which each of us has a significant part.

So why am I bringing this up? Because we have to learn what is going on in us and around us and cooperate and navigate. But we can’t cooperate with a thing if we don’t know the thing. And sometimes we think we know when we don’t know at all, which is why a good healthy global world view is important.

We learn in layers, we discover in layers, we act and those actions affect layers and those layers also respond and in turn affect us again. So how important is it that we learn the will of God? The job of one is not necessarily the job of another but each has its purpose. It’s important not to take offenses that are not ours to take, because that can affect the layers around us.

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is to know when to pull back, and when to press forward. Both can be a challenge to do in the many layers of my soul. I have to know and hear the call of God in my life, and respond with the desire and even find the desire to submit and serve Him.

Not always do other people even discern what my calling is, nor do I discern theirs. But once it becomes clear, I find I only need answer to Him with all due respect to what is around me. We just get glimpses and pieces sometimes, and then we learn it is one reason to honor the elders who have gone before and have had experiences and even tough times in learning this thing. And there are those called to certain tasks and are as responsible to do it as are we. We are all in it together. There is no free ride; it’s on us. And when we all willingly help, it is a great blessing and a great function, for we are all called to productivity in varying forms.

We’ve each been raised differently somewhat from others, we even have different impartations from God and we have to at least discern them or learn them to the degree that we can help, support, or at least not hinder what might be a different work of God in the layers that it is in. We can’t get so stuck in our realm that we can’t grow and contribute to the growth of others. It is required!

We are swimming in the River of the Life! And when we know this in the Lord, we see there is much in life and activity and even different creatures and life forms there. There is an ecosystem and a supply and when parts of it are broken, it can very much affect the other parts and their well being and even the length of our days. Our finite minds struggle to understand until we realize that we can’t, and that we have to give it to God.

We have to learn how to let go of offense and find the life core in each of us and the signal that is being sent out from the Father who is the Source of our redeemed life. God could have just let the defilement manifest, but instead He reached out and choose to redeem us, and bring glory to that which was created in His image with all the supporting world around it.

He is the water of life and it is like the blood in our blood stream that courses through our veins, bringing oxygen, cleansing, filtering, healing, supporting growth, restoration, warmth, proper pressure, and circulating until every task is done. He is our Heartbeat and it synchronizes with all the earth and heavens.

We are spirit, soul (which is our mind, will and emotions) and body; we are eternal life, by reason of the One who had us in His Mind and created our manifestation to join in the great song, with each one playing its lively part in all these layers.

Don’t let God or your part be small to you. So much is very significant, and what you might not know today might be incredible tomorrow because more is going on and the world is not small. You matter, you are cared about and you make a difference.

Honor your part, and live gloriously for the One who made you. He eagerly awaits in full preparedness to respond to you. Don’t act like you know what you don’t know. Communicate with Him and press through for the Prize.


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