The Year of the Horses – by Pam Clark

The “Year” of the Horses
by Pam Clark


The word “year” there can really mean “a season,” but what a glorious season it will be!

The Lord gave me a message this morning that He is kindling the fire of the prophets. Prophets are strange creatures anyway because while they are like everyone else, they are also not like everyone else in that another force is active in their lives, an unseen force, and it is one they have to deal with and it gives them an extra “sense” as some call it.

Not all know what to do with this, but it has to be trained to come under the leading of the Spirit. Otherwise they are just “weird” people. What affects prophets is that God is wanting to deal with not just them but others and they have to learn the right way to go about it.

Some get very ego centric – wanting it to be all about them or to revolve all around them – but servants will be glad for the breaks they get that allows them to regroup and refresh so they can go at it and work once again with more clarity. There is a cycle, like a wave. These waves can come at different times as God develops His ministry people, but coming soon is a “common wave” where as a group, the prophets are stirred up together.


From this “wave” will be a voice/Voice that will send forth a strong message and people will have to deal with it. Those who want to resist God will resist Him still, but those who want to go forward in Him will work to hear this for themselves in a way that will benefit the common cause of Christianity which is knowing Him more. This revelation will activate the Spiritual gifts and people will go forward in those, and God will be pleased, and then later offer “course corrections” as needed.

The extra “sense” is an extra sensitivity, not always wanted, but once assimilated properly is seen as a gift. Just because someone can paint well or sculpt well or do some other skill well, makes them remarkable, but not different than other people. They are still human but have something that they can offer other people.

And it can be packaged in different ways and be a blessing to other people, but the true gifts point to Jesus Christ. For those who are hungry in heart, the truth will not be denied them, no matter what their circumstances are. For all, some must strive harder than others for certain things but other things will come easy. God is just and fair.

When the Spirit of God moves across the land (the people), there will be a response and a stirring. Some will want to make it “about them,” but those who are truly “in Him” will know their servant hearts. They will learn to be wise, yet gifted.
The “giftedness” is really the anointing. And there is an anointing to make all things work and function. But there are times that God will call an alert, or a focus, of something/s He wants to say.

In the Ark of the Covenant, there was wood overlaid with gold. This is symbolic of how the anointing works. There is a covering that makes it glorious. If you strip it of its glory, it is just wood.

We learn how to handle the things of God, and when we do, the fear of the Lord can come into the land or return to it. A prophet is an intercessor between God and man, sometimes pleading to the people for God, and sometimes pleading to God for the people! That is why it is said that not all intercessors are prophets, but all prophets are intercessors.

What I am going to say next will bother some people, but I know its truth. Some people are prophetic, but are not prophets. Those who are prophetic will like the prophetic, will have a sense for it and even understand a lot of it. They will love to serve it and bless it and they will be blessed by it. But an office called prophet has an assignment – and it’s not something they always wish they had as it is often challenging and difficult, but it has a purpose in the Kingdom. And they are just servants, not to be idolized or worshipped. So there is a challenge because of that.

Some people who are prophets are not necessarily in with the “in crowd.” They live a life of their own because of what is working on them, yet they will be given enough freedom in the spirit to still be human as who they are. We really can take this to all the gift ministries, but God will do the unusual at times through His prophets.

Mostly because He wants to get peoples’ attention. But they can’t start taking over for God. I harp on this because it’s so important to learn. Prophets are not God’s “side buddies.” They are His friends, but do not have a special ranking over other ministries or people. But “friends” is a pretty great place to be, and you can be one of His, no matter your calling.
You can go from servant to friend, but you must start humble, like a servant. That is a teachable spirit, and one who can deny self to please another. But when God sees a kindred spirit, He will lift them up. But then the process starts all over again in the new realm.

But back to what the Lord was showing me, He is kindling a fire, and when the prophets get stirred up together, a move of God is coming on! God showed me a vision of a baby prophet this morning. (It was a dream.) She was a young girl and she was discerning something that others didn’t see. When you are a kid like that, you think everyone sees the same things you do. She was kind of shy, but that is often the kind that God kindles a fire or a force in. Because when they do speak, it comes across as different or unusual and it will get people’s attention.

Sometimes they get rebuked. That’s no fun, it’s spiritual warfare. The “other side” does not like it. But they are learning in God. He has to teach us how to respond. I think many prophets go through that.

But the bells on the horses say “Holiness to the Lord!” You can discern that!

It’s sometimes easier to stay alone close to God, but you also have to get along with people. You have to be challenged for character development.

I don’t know everything on this, but I do know that office gifts hold function. They are like the priests in the Temple, they do service. Someone can be more active in Spiritual life and not hold an office but be closer in with the Lord. The offices can perform duties – like performing marriages or administering rites. It’s part of the government of Heaven, just like we have a government on earth. Not all government is operating well, but it’s still the government. It’s there for our good.

But some are impostors. God confirms His Word with signs and wonders following. But you have to know the Word. It is the Word that the Holy Spirit will bring to mind to show you about a matter.

I had a dream, but I do not hold that dream above the Word of God. People can have great dreams but we are not subject to dreams – that we have or that others have about us. They are helps, and tools, and God will give revelation through them but it all must balance with His Word. The Spirit will endorse His Word.

That is teaching mode I went into there, but I am hearing the thundering hoofbeats of horses! A mighty army is coming, it is the Army of the Lord! Peace, Shalom. When you are where you are supposed to be, you will be okay. If you resist, it will pass you by. If you rebel, you will be lost. If you are indifferent, you will be ignored.

But if you ride, you will go with the Lord! We had the year of the camels, I am prophesying the year of the horses! That means we run with the Lord. Remember what God say to Jeremiah?

Jeremiah 12:5 “If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, Then how can you contend with horses? And if in the land of peace, In which you trusted, they wearied you, Then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?”
The horsemen (and women) are coming! It means strong prophetic declarations are coming. Group declarations. It will change things. The true word will be endorsed by the Lord.

Because of the apostasy, the backslidings, many may not understand what you say because they have not been taught. Always be patient because once they learn, they may want to ride with you! God is calling forth a people and a nation, and they will ride and  reign with Him!



One comment on “The Year of the Horses – by Pam Clark

  1. Pura H.Macias says:

    I appreciate this word you’ve been leading to share. I’m one of those you speak of and see myself on things written here.
    Thanks for sharing

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