The Dragon and the Sword

The Dragon and the Sword
by Pam Clark (


Plowing, plowing, plowing! It is hard to put your hand to the plow, especially when you don’t feel like it! Especially when you know something good is probably going on somewhere else and you would like to be a part of it, but if we don’t plow, some things don’t get done. Some harvests don’t come in, some food is not grown, and some lives will not be so pleasant at all because we did not put our hand to the plow…


I went to a wonderful “equipping the seers” conference and it was one of the best for me that I have been to in a long time. Now, I am an equipper but you can always learn more and it’s good to meet people and Spiritually connect and hear what the other prophets are saying to discern how your own gift is doing. None of us are islands unto ourselves. God made it so we would NEED each other.


And sometimes other people are in need – or it is YOU – and these connections can have a big payoff. When one link is weak, it can affect many other parts of the Body, even parts that affect you, so it pays off to have a good “Body” attitude.


Like I said, the conference was going great, the words and blessings of God were coming forth. This was a four day conference and I was ready for Saturday night. But I got to the meeting and for me, there was something over it (for me). It surprised me and disappointed me because I had just had this big download of Love and good words. So I am asking the Lord, “What is going on here? I really sense an enemy!”


We went into worship and I am trying to discern if this is an “inside” thing or an “outside” thing – from me or from something outside of this group. Now if anyone loves to worship, it is me, because that is where I feel and hear the Lord the most. My antennas go up and the radar is on. And I am discerning that some of this is from an outside source. I try to break through in my own worship and wonder if I am the only one feeling this. Usually I am not, but we all WANT to be in at attitude of praise and worship.


Sometimes the burden will be for someone else, or sometimes it is territorial and sometimes it can be personal but as you mature in the Lord, you figure out the blocks pretty quick for yourself and then carry others’ burdens too. It’s just the calling of a minister. You have to learn how to do it.


Then the worship leader asked, “What are you seeing or sensing right now, that is God talking to you.” Honestly that made me feel better and it was a confirmation that it wasn’t me blocking me. And so “I looked” and I saw a big dragon. I didn’t want to see it but I did. You know all these movies are coming out with dragon and demon pictures and this looked like a big dragon like some of the advertising you see. And so I said, “Lord, I see a BIG dragon!” And then I thought, “I want a dragon slayer ministry, but how many will understand that without thinking I am new age?”


The worship leader kept going on and on about how it was God speaking to us, and so in the Spirit I got out my sword and starting some chopping. When I did the first one, a bunch of people yelled and so I felt there really might be a territorial connection. I tried to posture myself in the Lord and let Him slay the dragon. When you take on big spirits, you want to be IN the Lord and not just in your soul. There is kick back when you are in just your soul.


I saw the dragon fall and as we were being exhorted to hear God, I was asking Him what this was and then I heard “it is a worship hinderer.” And then I realized that this was a big thing and it was affecting many in the Body! The Lord in me went for his neck and it was as if the Lord was wanting my cooperation and my decision to work with His. I am in the heat (anger) of my spirit because I see how this is hindering things and it is most unwanted, and all hindrances hurt the Body, including me!


So I am striking its neck with the Lord and the worship leader is going “lightning bolts, striking! striking! striking!” and so I am getting a kick out of that. I said to the Lord, I want to twist its neck off! I mean this is a big thing I am looking at. And so with some effort there was some twisting of it, and then the Lord reminded me that Leviathan is a twisting serpent, so that went together pretty good. I like confirmations. But for me, it was not the “big kill” I wanted to see. But I am still using my sword and was “striking, striking, striking” and the worship leader is saying that too and so I am smiling too, and it is causing some damage. The thing was disabled but I wanted it gone, like chopped liver in the fire.


Then the Lord reminded me that inside the devil there are pipes (air passages) that were once used for worship. Wind passes over the different wind instruments and bring sounds that make music, and Lucifer had this inside himself. So I am going for the chest of this dragon. It also takes wind to make words, speech, vocabulary and even song. Now believe it or not, I knew this dragon was not the devil himself but a principality. It was one like him and obviously on assignment, and one thing I noticed was that my sword was not as big as I wished it was. I wanted the big slice to take his whole head off, but we got the job done.


Now I can take that as a personal exhortation but I really think it applies to the Body as well. Our sword of the Spirit in the Body is not as big as it needs to be. One person can’t take all this on anyway, it must be the full Body with the Head to give the final blow, but we must do our parts to equip and enable our restorations. Because this doesn’t just affect us, but others as well, people we love and care about.


In the meeting, for me for sure, it broke, but I do feel like the Lord left me with the word that our sword right now is too small for what is coming against us. We can make do with His power but we also must get better equipped for the days to come. The group that was there at this particular meeting was hungry and eager and very receptive. They will get there with His help. But we all have people we want to see come in and do better, as does the Lord, and so we will need our full armor and weapons of warfare working because the enemy is coming with wrath and the days will be evil because he knows his time is short and the end of him is near! Yes! The Lord will come and become One with His Bride!





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