Bullying and the Church

by Pam Clark  (pamclark@prophetic.net)


People pick on me for it sometimes, but I watch a lot of different news stations – you can’t win the world if you don’t know how they think. You also aren’t wise to the junk in the Church if you don’t know what’s going on.  I’ve been accused over that, but it’s still true.


This is why young Christians see through so much of the hypocrisies today.  They hear about a high and mighty lifestyle but are streetwise enough to see through the lies and misrepresentations of it today. It’s not rocket science.  If we want to deal with the hemorrhaging of the falling away of the Church, we have to deal with these concepts.


If you can’t logically reason with people, in many ways you can’t win them. God really has no problem reaching people (in getting their attention), but the Church often does!  Because people can’t (or don’t) reason their differences today, they go to bullying and many turn away.  If you think the best bully wins, you miss God.


Sports – with rules – is a fun and even healthful thing if not idolized, but when the rules are broken and anything goes or “might makes right,” then it misses God. God is All Powerful and He can prove that easily, but might alone does not make for the relationship that God wants with His Creation.


And really He doesn’t just want it, He demands it, for He has considered man His crowning glory.  You know in many ways our American leaders are the “rulers” of the world, because of our power and wisdom from the days when we feared God. But when we lose that, and we go into “might makes right” mode, we lose the God factor.


Think about it – when missionaries go to a foreign field, they have to learn their ways pretty much in order to win them. And I am not just talking about intellect. (Otherwise we could just throw books at them and leave.)  They have to learn the nature of the people and discern how to appeal to them and then win them over to higher ways of thinking and believing and living. We have respected and honored them over the years because it is a large work!


Today the world is getting smaller (socially) and so the strongholds of evil are becoming more obvious. There is some evil we will never win over because it is inspired by the devil himself, but if you can reach the people, then it’s good!


People have to realize what God is after, and that is relationship. He is developing a choir with an orchestra so to speak – it’s great when they are all skilled and obedient – then the most amazing music and sounds can happen that blesses everyone.


Some work on instruments, some play on instruments, some build the stage and the chairs, but it’s all for a common purpose and common good.  God is so nice that He will even let people take turns conducting – but will deal with them if they hijack His Plan.


People who ignore the Plan, don’t know how to play or cooperate. God is no fool and He is not weak on intelligence or lame on inspiration. But Jesus said to worship Him, you must do so in Spirit and in Truth.  And that is whom He seeks!


So, we say we are concerned about judgment, but when churches don’t even teach truth, how valuable are they?  When people don’t do their Spiritual gifts, how valuable are they?  God has good will toward men, even peace, but He wants a little respect, ya know?


Many like the fight of might makes right, but it does not win the world or a mind; it can only consume him.  The fear of man is a snare; the fear of God is an awesome thing. It teaches you to Love.  And God’s Word says that He is Love.  Man’s love is selfish but God’s Love is giving, enabling and energizing.  When people go into “might makes right” mode, they are missing God, even if they claim it is Him.  It’s not.  We cease to be a civilized people.


When we see bullying in our leadership, whether it is our government, businesses or churches, that attitude and spirit is going to trickle down. You will see it in the schoolyards. And when it foments on more mature levels, it causes uprisings and anarchies that usually only end up destroying people and the things around them.  When people do not even feel a consciousness or sensitivity about it, they are not walking in the Spirit.


Are people enamored with “end times” stories because they fear God, or because they believe more in “might makes right”?  If you aren’t aware of God’s Plan (or are ignoring it by a free will choice), then the answer to that seems obvious.  If you think God has little intelligence, and doesn’t relate to man, you are lost!


God will relate to man and show him great and mighty things, but He has a format for it, and we have to learn it.  Jesus is His Son and He came and died, suffering for our sins, and then rose again conquering death with Life.   We don’t just have to learn Him, we get to, and it can lead to an amazing life.  Bad days can turn into good ones as we seek His will for our lives.  And His joy, no man can take away.  Seek Him while He may be found.




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