WHAT IS THE STOREHOUSE? – A supernatural connection

WHAT IS THE STOREHOUSE? – A supernatural connection
by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

How many times have you heard the verse “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse” and wondered what in the world the storehouse was? Where is this place?

The meaning of the word storehouse from the Bible means basically, a store or storehouse, a treasury or an armory, a storage facility for service work. That makes it obvious that God wants His work serviced. This brings Him pleasure and He will then reward us, and re-store us!

Now, doesn’t this really relate to the Kingdom of God? Is this just about a house or a building location, or a certain group of people? Is it a place in Israel or our local church? How much activity for the Kingdom of God is going on there?

The question should be: Where is the manna (bread) of the Lord being given out for you (and others)? Honor that.

Is it the church house? Or the Bible people have labored and died to bring us? Is it a kind soul who went out of their way for you? Is it a ministry that changed or is changing your life? Where and/or how did you find God? Is the work able to continue?

The tithe is 10%, and that is for the basics of maintenance on the real work going on. Offerings come after that, to even further the Kingdom.

The Bible says to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. And obviously we need places to do that, especially for the holy convocations and solemn assemblies. They serve our holy days, the sabbaths and our other special occasions, such as weddings and funerals and other good causes. We must be practical as well as Spiritual!

But if the Lord is applying this to both Word and Spirit, how do we need to interpret this? We must think about the Kingdom of God and what that means to us today. Does it hold your treasure? Does it hold a treasure for others? Is the work of God being serviced?

The things that maintain our Godly and moral, peace keeping lifestyles should be our treasury! And also those things that keep pressing us forward into more of His Spirit in our lives and His blessing.

The Bible says where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. It needs to be practical. We put our treasures into the treasury or storehouse. God says, “Let there be meat in My House,” and then He will pour out a blessing, even to the overflow. That means there is the assumption that the work of God is going on and the Word of God is going forth and feeding others, not just the soft sweet things but the hard truths and ministry as well.

Now logically there is no overflow if you are giving stuff away. Logically it diminishes, unless it is to the other person receiving it, but God is talking about a supernatural principle. And if we do not connect to the supernatural concept, we will not see the supernatural overflow in the return. If you never get a return, nor does anyone else, are you giving in the right place? The true Kingdom will bring a supernatural joy in the giving, be it deep and lasting or an immediate relief.

We must determine what the Kingdom of God is all about and if we are really involved in it. What are His plans? What are His purposes? I am asking these questions to speak to your spirit in a response to Him. If you don’t know, then you need to give to understand. It pays richly. When we sow, we must sow into the real Kingdom of God for this return to work, because it does work.

The Kingdom is where the King is, and where we see His Dominion manifesting His authority. That means you must know about the Bible and what it says to discern it. If we are serving the King, then we are doing His work and making a difference. And to do His work it takes a substance and that really is our treasury. The more we can make a difference, the more blessed we are, and there is a cycle, but it starts with our heart.

In life, we learn to obey and follow before we learn how to lead. That means we need to have a place to give before others give to us if we are doing the works. It is honoring the foundations. And some have a natural gift to lead, but still any leader worth their salt has to identify with those they are leading – and God will work this into your life with your calling. Leaders grow and in truth, and we all lead and speak to someone.

When it comes to public leadership, this is why the Bible says not to lay hands on any man suddenly, because if the Spiritual foundations are not strong, then the person will resort to their past worldly ways (or worse) that got them by when the troubles come. People who have gone through trials and learned how to lean on God with the right Scriptures to apply with power are the ones who are really seasoned.

God gave us a Book that doesn’t change – the words don’t change around like men’s thoughts and whims and plans do. Even if we are great people, we don’t think the same way that we did ten years ago usually. We value things differently and this is all in the life experience. And while God can prove to be a constant for us, how we understand Him will take on changes too, as we mature. Adults usually look different than babies.

These seasoned people are the ones that we call “the elders” in the church; they are the more mature ones, not a political place in the Body. Because of their teachings, we can grow deeper and can stand longer and stronger in the adversities that come, as they come to all people. We can get a word and it will hold and make the difference.

Where do you see the Kingdom of God active and changing things? Where do you see people giving out? Where are you active in seeing that happen, translating what you receive into what you give? That is the storehouse. You aren’t giving to a building or an organization you are half removed from. The further your giving is from the real work, the longer it may take to get the reward. We have to learn how to agree with God.

If you want His active Presence, give where He is moving! Respect where He has been (that blessed you) or where He is going. Find the portals of Life. Yes, it takes thought and prayers, and the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you. But the efforts have a big pay off – for you and the rest of the world. When you find His Storehouse, things are happening! He will respect your stronghold in Him!


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