On a Silver Platter…

On A Silver Platter

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)


As I am sure it is with many of you, the first thing on my mind before I get out of bed is connecting with the Lord.  It is that time for me after dreams and messages and meditations in that still place where I seek His guidance by listening to hear what the Spirit is saying.  There are revelations and even foretellings in that place.  The Lord will reveal agendas there.

Once you know the Spirit of the Lord, you can discern more correctly what you are hearing, because sometimes you are not just alone with the Lord.  Some days the enemy will make his presentations, seeking to entice you into wrong decisions.

One of the weapons or tools that the enemy uses particularly in the end times, as told to us in Scriptures in the book of Daniel, is flattery.

Daniel 11:32
Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

 It is a powerful weapon of the enemy because of its effective damage.  The wise man Job speaks of it.

 Job 17:5
He who speaks flattery to his friends, Even the eyes of his children will fail.

 Truth will locate a matter and when children or people feel they cannot trust, they will not have the correct framework to see life clearly.

Truth can be hard to take, but lies can fully destroy as surely as a physical weapon can.  We know that lying is the character of Satan.  He is the father of all lies.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  The thief [devil] comes but for to kill and steal and destroy, Jesus said, but Jesus came that we might have life and He has overcome him by His Spirit.

We must listen to those inner thoughts and discern them.  The Lord is most willing to help us.  I find the process to be a continuing one almost daily to hear and discern, but the dividends are great.  In the last days we need the discerning of spirits and as Christians, we can pray for it!

We see flattery and deceit every day in advertising.  There are exaggerations and “statuses” given that seek to impress us into buying a product or a concept.  If we buy “the concept” often all that goes with it comes along.  Some things are cute and funny but some truly do have agendas that are not birthed from Heaven.  They will say “If you have this or are that, then you need this too, and need to join with that.”  (Fill in the blanks!)

Life can be hard and it can take pot shots at you.  Now there may be some who have arrived and are so super Spiritual that this never happens to them, but my experience makes me question that.  I have learned that Truth really comes with the peace and good will of God in your heart – even if you are misunderstood for it.  You can and will take licking, but you will keep on ticking (living).

This morning the enemy approached me with flattery.  We all want to be significant (unto God) and after a trial, we often reach out to find or reaffirm that.  Because the enemy wants to make you question your reality with God and His goodness towards you, he looks for those “opportune” times of vulnerability to approach you.

After a big blessing, he may tell you that you need to be humble so that you won’t receive the blessing, or at least not all of it.  After struggling for a stand of righteousness and feeling the pleasure of the Lord that gives you more confidence in Him, he will argue with your sense of self worth.  Now I know that some have more confidence than others by reason of their upbringings, but confidence in and with the Lord is something we all can grow in.  It is a right we have as a child of God!

While we don’t need pride, it is a lie to say that we have no rights.  When people harp on things like that, I look for the source of that spirit of control!

If we are tuned in at all, we know when the Lord has revealed new things to us.  We know it is supernatural because it wasn’t there before and it did not come from our work to find or attain it.  In your journey with God, He will show you more ways to walk and talk with Him – because He really does desire your fellowship – and when that happens, your joy will increase.  And since the joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH, the enemy notices that and he will make efforts to destabilize your belief and confidence.

And one of the ways he works is through that weapon of flattery.  I am hungry for the Lord so I continually seek Him.  There is my part in that process of finding Him and His part.  Both must work together for it to manifest.  After what we sometimes call “a download” of Spiritual truth or impartation, the joy will come and then on its heels, will come what we sometimes call “the backlash” or challenge to that.  We need to learn how to assimilate the truth.

This morning I received a challenge.  Some challenges are quite overt but some are more subtle and strategized.  The Lord helped me overcome today, but I want to share with you how it happened.  As I was laying there in my wake up moments, needing to feel that affirmation to go forward with some new truth (because truth carries a weight), the enemy came so softly and seemingly kindly to say, “Oh yes, you are important.”  (Flag!)  But things of the Kingdom of God are important, so I was listening.  It was as if on a silver platter the devil was offering me a chance to be humble and important and receive attention by being sick or disabled in some way.

On the tails of that (because I really wasn’t going for the sickness thing), he came in with the spirit of guilt as if repentance from past things (or even the spirit of willing repentance – called a teachable spirit) had disqualified me to more and better things.  Sometimes we buy into the lie and in the past, I had fallen for this!  I would think, “Oh I am not worthy, I am not good enough, I am not qualified” and the enemy will really work on those who are willing and are desiring for God to use them.

I have learned that after times of ministry to others, spirits will stirred up because they are being displaced with the Spirit of the better Kingdom.  If we do not hold our positions, the enemy makes that truth not believable.  We need to know how to have our armor up and on and “having done all, to stand.”  (Ephesians 6)

I think most of us believe that if we could change the world in one day we would.  Jesus did change the world in a day but to the Lord, a day can be as a thousand years or a thousands years as if a day.  The real day of the Lord is His Presence for He is always in the Now.

The enemy had come with “a silver platter” to give me a new “identity.”  He wanted me to feel important and qualified and worthy and he used flattery but his gift was evil.  I live by grace.  I am not worthy of God’s grace but I willingly receive it because He has offered it.  But it does not come from me or another source; it comes from God.  God’s sheep know His Voice!  If the devil could hijack me, even temporarily, he could disable me in my walk and life and ministry.

It took the gift of discerning of spirits to discern that today, and God has been training me in it.  I haven’t arrived but I am on the path!  You learn to discern the false by learning the real.  You have to realize who the challenger is.  God is at rest and is confident forever on His Throne.

God is not coming to challenge us (as in begging us) to believe in Him.  He is not crying in fits of desperate emotion that we are not doing it His way.  He is not changing for us, but He does grieve when we are blinded to the things that bless us and we often describe that in the terms of our human emotions.  But we need to understand in the hearts of our mind that we are created in the image of God; God is not created (nor is He being created) into our image.

The world and dimensions of God are fascinating and wonderful.  But for true fellowship to happen, there must be choices.  Realize that the enemy wants to corral you and control you and limit you.

With God there is discipline and order, but also expanding dimensions of awesome supernatural encounter.  What God does is good.  Beware the invitations that do not have the character of the Lord.





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