The Divine Connection

by Pam Clark (

The Bible says we can be weighed in the balances and found wanting.

I believe it is very important to know what God wants from us.  Yesterday at our church Don Potter taught that we can sacrifice to the visions of men and not God.  He said that false teachers are those that give teachings for personal gain that can cause you to lose your eternal salvation.  (You can listen to it online at when it’s up.)

Our will and our “want to” is very important to God and we need to be careful of the religious spirit because it will program us into the will of man and not the will of God.

If God came to give us life and that more abundantly, what all does that mean?  How can we sacrifice a self we do not know?  If we sacrifice to other people’s visions without hearing from God, we can get snared.  If we totally deny ourselves for something we cannot really “see”, have we been deceived?

I think all of us have signed up for some things that we later regreted.  It seemed right at the time, but later we found that the payoff wasn’t there.  This is exactly WHY we need a Savior and if we can’t own up to that, we are at best destined to repeat the fall in the Garden of Eden all over again.

Many people are more okay than they realize!  The screaming wants that are in us as a child really never still.  We just have to learn how to master them and take control and authority over them.

Fear is a master manipulator and so is lust.  We are taught that the three greatest (core) sins are the lust of the eyes (I want what I see), the lust of the flesh (I want what I feel) and the pride of life.  The other is the fear of death,  and that will begin with the fear of loss, which can include the fear of rejection.  All these can be buggar things to deal with internally but that is why we need Jesus the Savior who sent us the Holy Spirit.

Death has a sting and we need to learn how to get the stinger out so that we do not fear.  It can ONLY be done through Jesus and believing in the work that He did.  If you know it, you will testify of it, because the even the testimony gives power over it.

But what I want to address is what can be assumed that is not really there, and that is the discovery and knowledge of our personal significance, what that means and where that is going.

Now I know there are the few in the generations of men who have had great stable backgrounds, and they often are the leaders because of it.  But while they can give good advice if they are so willing, if they have not been through the challenges of personal struggle and are willing to talk about it, you can get just as fooled as they can.  And both can fall in the ditch.

This is why it is important to talk about the eternal self of man without being “selfish.”  Selfishness implies the worship of self over the worship of God.  It puts the will of man over the will of God in ways that hurt the life and good of God expressed.  And while this involves activities, it really involves the spirit more, and primarily, because where the spirit goes, the mind and soul and body follows.

It really helped me one time when I learned that feelings follow thoughts.  Feelings can be so expressive and “felt” that you would think at times that thoughts follow feelings, but it really is the other way around.  When you learn how to manage your thoughts, then you can order your feelings to act appropriately.

But there are feelings and emotions that we have never felt because they are veiled to us until we find them out.  Really, they are spiritual experiences, and while many claim they are of God, we really need to discern in our own beings if they really are.

The spirit world is vast and powerful and we really cannot navigate it without the proper tools.  What we do and what we follow has big effects to us and to others.  We have to come to terms with the power force and sources that we submit to.  When we realize that we need to submit to a power greater than ourselves that is benevolent, we are on our way to finding a personal relationship with the God of the Universe.

But that discovery alone is not enough, it is only the beginning.  It is a wonderful and necessary beginning, and when we realize that good CAN and DOES and WILL overcome evil, then we realize that we need to learn how to align with that force, with the knowledge that not everyone else will, even though it seems logical that they should!  But that is the freedom – to be able to choose!

Adam and Eve thought they had it “going on” in the Garden but God had to show them that their life discoveries depended on Him.  Their very lives depended upon Him.  That can be sobering but once discovered, it is so liberating too!  We find our borders and they are safe.

When our lives are found precious in Him, it becomes even more precious to us, and what we do with it really matters.  Because we are not all knowing but are connected to the All Knowing, we will make some mistakes along the way but with the understanding through faith that He will save us.  Some mock, but the truth is so strong, it can see you through that.

It is through this divine connection that we realize we are God’s prized creation and that we are a process in the eternal making.  It is fascinating.  God is not insecure, even though we can be at times.

The more I live, the more I find that God really does have it all under control and learning how to rest in Him is a wonderful thing.  It is a luxury that comes through learning how to submit to Him.  It is a series of revelational encounters that confronts my being and gives it choices and my discoveries of who I am come through my choosings.

In this process I grow.  And in coming to understand all this, I realize that my eternal soul is indeed very precious and whom I give it to and whom I submit it to, is very important.  It has a value, and it is a value to be cherished and honored and not diminished!  And when I do offer sacrifices, those sacrifices have significance, even eternal ones.

This makes me somebody.  This makes me unique.  This makes me real and this makes me significant.  And honestly, we are all looking for that.

Being a 1960’s “flower child”, the big questions-  as so many of the men were facing a war it seemed we could not win in Viet Nam that was destroying us – were:  Who am I?  What am I doing here?  Where am I going?

And without the Spiritual revelation, people either “tuned out, faded out and dropped out,” or they realized they needed to seek power and usually found that through finances, or they found God.  But once they found God, they needed to learn how to navigate and we are still on the journey.  And if none of the above seemed to work, then there was the mad pursuit of distracting entertainment that is still going on strongly and madly today.

All these things can take us to great places (or not) but if we are not anchored in eternal ways in our souls, we are just wandering.  But when we realize we can take this journey with a personal connection to the Everlasting God, we will realize that the value of our soul is quite significant in this big old world, and we will not trade it off, sell it off or give it away to just any fool that says they know more than we do.  We will test it out.  We will pray and we will submit it to a God who cares and who is indeed all powerful and the One who can raise the dead, even to eternal life.  Jesus IS the Way.


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