Who Gets The Glory?

God has set an order for man that we are still struggling to get right, even from the Fall of Man. In all honesty, we must realize that we cannot do or be anything within ourselves alone. We are created beings, as are all the cosmos, by a Divine Hand and Spirit greater than we ourselves are.

When Jesus came, He not only brought a Divine Example for us, He also revealed the incredible Grace of God by laying down His Life for us, paying the price that we might know our sins can be forgiven through faith in Him. Many signs and wonders accompanied this revelation to us.

Not only was Love revealed through His Life but Power also was. Not only was the portal of Compassion brought to us through what Jesus did, but what He did also made the way for the working of the Gifts of Potency and Enablement in our lives in many forms, through the Holy Spirit. No longer were we waiting for a Messiah to come and rescue us, we were brought into a greater relationship of Family co-laboring in a Work together with Him. This is a high honor!

No longer was it just “the few” who had the words of Life, but now through Him, we all could be the kings and priests that related to Him in many levels. Just as a child must be nurtured to a place where it can stand on its own, so must we be raised up to walking and even running in our strengths in God.

The Divine Nature of the God Personality interacting with the human one is indeed an incredible mystery and phenomenon. It has many layers and dimensions. There is no question that God is Sovereign. One can look at Nature and determine that our reasoning alone is not what rules the planet, but yet we co-labor.

Even more obvious is that we make many mistakes, therefore the Divine Corrector is greatly needed! In our child-like mentality, we need to be teachable. But we must go beyond “knowing” into “living and doing.” One might call that a “living understanding.” A true Living Understanding understands the goals of Life and its Proper Order.

The Goals of Life are Divine Relationship in Unity and Purity. A river may flow in one direction toward the sea but some create tributaries that branch off and never reach it. So much of our rain depends on the water evaporation at the sea, that is then filtered through the clouds and directed by the winds to their appropriate places. While we may find interest in exceptions to the order, in truth, there is really an order in that.

Even as Scriptures say, some things were done “out” of order that we might notice and observe and learn from that. When Moses saw a bush that caught fire and was not consumed, he noticed something “out of order” with that. But in that was a revelation from a greater God than nature. Thus began an entreaty for God to work with Mankind as a group.

When God speaks or acts, He really wants us to give Him the Glory for it. There are many obvious reasons for this! And the biggest one is the human limitations that we humans have. While different abilities, acquired legitimately or illegitimately, can impress other people, when the focus is on Something or Some One greater than we are, we are still able to maintain a teachable spirit and release (let go of) the destructive warrior one.

While God knows how to enforce His Order and Will, and will even call on us to do likewise in certain situations, He really did not design us solely for war and self anihilation. War is only truly meant meant for Order!

With the foundation of compassion and humility, God invites us into power. With that He gives us the Spiritual gifts, and some are pretty impressive! So often we rally around these demonstrations and stories of the Spiritual Gifts because we want to learn and grow from them. But the day we start giving man the glory instead of giving God the glory, we begin a descent of firm correction to Divine Order.

Simon the Magician had learned how to use “natural” powers to impress the people. But when he encountered the demonstrative revelations of the Holy Spirit, his spirit quickly submitted. He saw the disciples laying hands on people and then wrongly discerned a different power at work and he wanted to purchase that technique. He was strongly rebuked for it and learned that his very salvation was threatened by his wrong discernment.

Simon had wanted the glory. He knew if he could “impress” others with his “powers” and “abilities” that he could sway people’s minds and hearts towards his will. But, a Greater Power was present that day, and it firmly corrected him!

Today we have many gatherings around the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Some are “to learn” and some are “to see” and some are “to experience,” but in too many of them we have the human honored more than the Lord. When that happens, we incur a Divine Wrath, that in all reality we probably would prefer to avoid.

Even if man’s ways seem to be presented, if they are really God’s ways, we have stolen “the glory.” When our spiritual direction becomes “led” by men and not from God, both man and leader could be set up for trouble. When men (or women) become “the way,” they can be cut off from the promised blessing as Moses was when he struck the rock rather than speaking to it, and said “Hear now, you rebels! Must we bring water for you out of this rock?” (Numbers 20:10) In this Moses stole the glory.

Moses had nothing to do with the water coming from the rock. God wanted to use Moses to reveal Himself. When Moses in his flesh altered the revelation of God, it cost him. God still provided for the people but there was a setback that went down in history and could have cost much time. It is very important to our spiritual walk that we repent for these things!

You can be sure that the Body is going no further than its pride. The flesh of man is often tempted to do it wrong and “own” the power, but the mature ones lead by example. If we are “demonstration” only, we can miss the vital communications that come offering greater life. But if we persist in having or stealing the glory for ourselves, we set ourselves at war with God and we will surely lose, and probably also damage those around us.

We have many wonderful leaders today and some that bring controversy. Some controversy is meant so that attention will be brought to the lesson or revelation God is trying to impart to us. But we obviously want to grow in grace on these things rather than setting ourselves at odds with God.

Just because we don’t “see” Him does not mean that His Spirit is not at work in our midst. He very much wants to show us the greater things and we do learn from the past, but we must honor Him over man and man’s words and ways. This is a healthy “fear of the Lord” that is more about respect than “the spirit of fear.” Cowardice is condemned, but so also is presumption. No wonder His grief over the idols of men, especially when they had no breath!


Lord, we ask for your grace and mercy and for a teachable spirit that can learn how to impart your signs and wonders for our growth and for Your Name’s Sake, and for the love and compassions to give to others that so need it. Help us to come into Your Divine Order that we may not only represent You well and properly, but that we might also live in your awesome holy life too. Forgive us for where we have missed it and help us to hear clearly and correctly in Your Spirit. Give us the ability to repent properly and glorify Your Name. For this we thank You. Amen.


Show Me The Glory

The other day when I was contending for some things in my own life, I heard myself say, much like in the movie Jerry McGuire’s client did, “SHOW ME THE GLORY!”

 In the movie Jerry McGuire was an agent and his client was a struggling football player who was not going to take less than a lot.  Really, I thought I was going to say it like the movie does, “Show me the money!”, but instead what came out was, “Show me the Glory!”   I knew that was a “God message thing.”  Smile….

 God is going to deal with the hearts of His Beloved People on money this year.  We have seen a lot of excesses and we have seen a lot done wrong and some are just working to “make it work.”  But we need to learn it and do it God’s way.  He has a Plan and He is well able;  we just need to learn how He wants it done.

I have a word for all my good minister friends and for all those who love God enough to give towards His Work.  Don’t take up offerings to “pay expenses.”  It sounds like YOU are supporting God!  We have come into a place of presumption that we have not even realized needs to be corrected.

Instead, take up offerings to push back the kingdom of darkness and bring forth the Light.  Put yourself in agreement with HIM!  Not with men and their works.  When you sow your faith like that, you please God.   Get your excitement up in the real thing!  Then the expenses will be met.  Then EVERYONE will feel and share in the investment into the Kingdom of GOD!  Not only that, a divine power comes upon that giving that makes it holy and anointed and God will deal with those who touch it.

True ministers need to learn how to channel this Godly energy. (Selah!)  This means it will require a lot of prayer and humility.  You learn it from God and not from business school, although there are good helps in business school.  The two should join righteously.  But the ministry of the anointing is different.  This will bring forth the “Divine Push” that WE Christians really need.

 God is fine, and will be fine and has been fine. He is not in crisis.  We are the ones who need the Life connect.  Join to gain it!  This is a very serious concept.  Remember Uzzah who tried to “help” God?  He died.  But when we get in proper order and protocol, and everyone in their place of effectiveness and service (with grace and hopes for more!), we get it right and move forward into the Blessing.

When you give, give to what you WANT to SEE, what you KNOW and discern is real Kingdom.   Many have lost heart because of what they have not wanted to see, so they quit giving because it seemed so in vain!  The “promises” and the “giving and sowing” seemed so far apart and growing farther still!  The Church felt and seemed less and less potent, but those who know the God of the past just knew He had not changed.

Even I had to be corrected on this.  I just got sad and unhappy with a lot of things.  It seemed so de-personalized from me and I felt I was worshipping men and programs in the name of God.  It didn’t “feel” right!

But God is asking, “Will you join ME in seeing the Kingdom come?”   I mean, I had been praying “Thy Kingdom come.”  He asked me what kind of world/kingdom did I want to SEE.  And He said “Give to THAT.”

 I felt so strongly that many of the churches and movements were missing it in critical ways because of the world’s mocking and the feeling of indifference to so many real needs.  So many were falling away.  I had even prophesied that God was tearing down this old church order because it was just not working like it should.

But we ARE commanded to assemble ourselves together and for many it was becoming the “house to house” church again.  God is not opposed to “assembly”,  but He is opposed to wrong assembly.  He is opposed to fleecing the flock and double standards.  The leaven of the lust for so many things is pervasive and the lines have become unclear – in the Church.  We are due for this correction!

 When I just felt like I didn’t want to give and that I could decide best for myself, I really felt bad about it.  I thought I was a “bad person” for feeling like that and it was a struggle to submit to the teaching I knew.  But I just did not feel that I could trust the precious thing in my soul to others.  I know a lot of people feel that way and I know that it is more than just a bad economy that has people not giving.

If you give nothing, you stop the Kingdom of God.  You give the devil room to advance.  Think about WHY you give and WHAT you give to.  God honors FAITH.  Faith means you BELIEVE in Him.  I knew I could not lose that, but I was feeling like I “wanted” to.  I was mature enough to catch on to it.

God wants the heart-connect.  He doesn’t want our faith in other people or preachers or programs, He wants OUR faith in us IN Him!  Then that will manifest in true life expression.  THAT is what He wants.

 So if you believe in HIM, then give to HIM in the ways you believe in.  When you sow, you connect to it.  There needs to be a drive behind your finances and incomes.  Dueteronomy 8:18 says, “God gives US the power to create wealth to establish His Covenant.”   We need to get a clear understanding of that.  It’s not “Let’s make a deal with God!”  God is not dealing like that, even if we get a right principle here and there and seem affirmed.

 The power is in you to win with God.  Your  ~VISION~   MUST CONNECT with your giving!  The Covenant He has is WITH YOU!!!

 If you just haphazardly throw money in certain directions, it is going to come haphazardly back to you and it may be intercepted.  If the devil has his way, then it will be.  There is going to be warfare, but that’s okay.

You just have to press through until you make it a stronghold.  It so can happen!  Then when we get our personal stronghold and then get collective with that, we have a power source and a power force to overcome the kingdom of darkness.  Every connected part is significant.

Get the right SPIRIT.  God is the Father of our spirits.  He is not training our personna’s first, He is training our spirits and He will correct us!  We walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh.  He says we are to love Him: heart, mind, soul and strength.  There is a lot to that but notice that the heart comes first and that this is the first Commandment.

When we say something do we really mean it?  Jesus said we will not be heard by Him with our rote words.  He is looking into our hearts.  I love what I heard musician Misty Edwards share recently about the “the sacred space” that we all have.  It is a place that God has designed for Him alone.  No one else can share it.  He made it that way.  And it’s inside every single person, not just a few.  Just close your eyes and you can see what might be cluttering it but you know the space is without question His.  He can make this known!  It’s the place of our prayers and it’s the place where He will even talk back to us, if we prepare the place for that.

Now take that “sacred space” and connect with God.  Join Him.  Don’t support Him, He does not need supporting.  JOIN Him in the work HE is doing and support that.  GIVE to push back the forces of darkness and to advance the Kingdom of Light.  It causes you to find your place in Him and when you do, you will find joy in that, and the joy is also your strength (Selah!).

You are to grow and mature in Him, so you are not stuck in one place.  You just are where you are at the moment and what you do can make that change for the better and greater!  So give with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and then He will SHOW YOU THE GLORY!

Praise the Lord.

Exodus 33:

17  So the LORD said to Moses, “I will also do this thing that you have spoken; for you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name.”
18  And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.”
19  Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before you. I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”

The Faltering Prosperity of the Church

Prophetically speaking, I really believe that one of the reasons for the economic downturn is that people are not giving in the right places. When God’s people sow into dead works, God’s economy for them stumbles and falters. When people give with faith into the activities of God, they become co-laborers with Him and feel His joy and excitement and receive His blessing. He has not changed.

More and more strong appeals are going out for finances today, even from those you believed were pretty solid. When the Church leadership fails to feel the pain of the people, they breed zombies and not ambassadors. Zombies are followers with little opinions. They can pretty much be told what to do and they give the right response that their leader wants to hear, which makes the leader feel affirmed. But it’s not effective in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus said that a hireling runs when his flock is in trouble. A true shepherd gives his life for his sheep. When people are hurting and the preacher preaches down to them, they feel a sense of failure. If they have sacrificially given, and now encounter problems, then their self-worth becomes acquainted with their dollars and not their lives.

Not finding Christ there, they turn away. And of course this begins a downward spiral. Church leaders are intercessors for the people – if they are true. They speak to their potential in Christ. If the leader goes looking for the next financial investor, the spirit of Babylon has crept in and made a stronghold. But Babylon is destined for failure, and that leaven can destroy the whole lump or group.

The funds will fail and then everyone looks to see if the leader takes and follows his or her own advice! If they are hirelings, they will just jump from one ship to another. If they are mistaken, then they will repent and turn back to God.

This really is a very serious issue as finances are a means for exchange. How that is done makes a big difference. Satan was thrown out of heaven for merchadizing. So often in the corporate world you find people asking for your spiritual power. They want you to BELIEVE in their cause because they realize there is a power there. Problem is that if it is not God’s cause then it is defiled.

The law and ways of the Lord are clean. God doesn’t just ask for your soul, He asks for your heart. But the way He treats your heart is with freedom. He is not trying to “run your program” but is trying to get you to respond with a heartfelt response. Cold or hot is better than lukewarm to Him.

He wants the interchange of true personality. He is not bypassing your brain. It is just going through your heart. He wants that because there is joy and productivity in finding what works for both. God is very creative. When our spouses or children do things that may not be extravagant to the world but it speaks to your heart, you are touched and they are endeared to you. They have not sold their soul but multiplied it by giving it away in Love. Love is a safe place.

There are rules to the Universe that give it its order but in the middle of all that is a lot of space for creativity and interactivity. Without borders, nothing can be understood, but with borders, different aspects can be noted and highlighted and enjoyed. Then the substance is not feared but respected. So it should be in our relationships.

When we give because we care, there is passion and power that goes with it. It is an expression of the soul that produces more, not like an extraction from the soul that ultimately produces a death type experience. Mindless heartless giving is a dead work in God’s eyes.

Businesses offer services or goods. In exchange for their efforts they get reciprocal payments. When businesses or governments ask for more than that, they are offering a religion. They have set up a pastor/leader who gives you advice for living and a plan but they are the source and not God. It becomes a cult or movement where the rules become well defined. And the more people get into it, because of the diversity, the more rules that are needed to make it become its order. It’s a trap.

Only God can give true Spiritual benefits. When the Church sees church as a business, they have already failed. It has then become limited. There are good business ideas and strategies but if prayer does not lead through the heart, the system is infected. They have started working out of the intellect more than the spirit of the heart.

The Kingdom of God is within you. It is truly real and it truly offers you something in return that is much greater. It is not a commodity. When your soul is rich it manifests in other areas as well. God will supply the needs you have to do His Kingdom work. It’s His good pleasure!

When we feel financially deprived, the problem is usually because our soul has taken a wrong turn. When you are in your soul’s destiny, rich or poor, you are satisfied. Sometimes money is a distraction – the lack or the abundance of it. It’s a clue that we need to re-assess the values we have for life.

We can be influenced by others and sometimes we make bad decisions or wrong choices. The good thing with our faith is that we have a God who can overcome our problems. When we receive declarations that say we are limited in our opportunities, we have started to live the Lie. Our God is unlimited!

When the spirit of religion creeps into a church, it can appear to do God a favor but as He says, it’s whitewash. White wash is colored water, it is cheap paint because it does not really cover well and washes off in a short amount of time. Slicksters know that and prepare for the next story. But enlightened people through the truth of the Word of God begin to see through and seek for better. And it’s out there! We just have to seek until we find it. Genuine seeking efforts are not in vain. That faith speaks!

The bottom line is to know that your soul can be satisfied. There is an order of events that is going to take place but when we focus only on the tribulation and not on the life, we get a warped view of what God is all about. When we channel flip, we find murder stories on station and go to the Christian station only to see more death and dirth predicted or lamented. It gets depressing! We need the overcoming Gospel. It sets us apart.

Those who know their God will do exploits! And exploits are not about how much sorrow can you hold, but how much life can you find. Godly Christians will find life in what seems the most unlikely of places to the carnal mind. But we have something more – we have the Holy Spirit who overcomes even death and proved it by raising Jesus from the dead.

He IS the Resurrection and the Life that affects all life! When churches miss that focus, then the Church gets fearful, despondent, despairing, grumpy and angry. They will turn away to something else that gives them more life or sedation, but without the Savior, even that will ultimately fail them.

Our only hope is in Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One. The Anointing is the power from Heaven that is a life force. It joins and anoints a living Heaven to a fallen dead Earth and overcomes it with its Life. It destroys the works of the devil. Hallelujah!

The ministers weep between the porch and the altar. The porch is where people come to find help and leadership. The altar is where the sacrifice of the soul is made to God. The priests or ministers are those who intercede and who know how to approach God with understanding and wisdom and the right protocol for entreating. It’s about honor and respect and knowledge of the Holy. He really is a Personality!

The devastation of the Body and the Church in a time of crisis can be overcome by getting back to the basics. Most children have their basic needs provided while they learn how to navigate. But why do parents want children? They have to invest a lot in them for quite a while before they ever get any kind of quality return. Parents want children to reflect and solidify who they are, to know the joy of seeing their life replicated and enhanced, and for the loving relationship of genuine affection.

In God’s mind and ours, it truly is and should be a beautiful thought. We are created in God’s image which means there is more than just the natural but the Spiritual revelation too. Love can beget more love and multiply through the humility of being naked and transparent. Family is family because we know them through the junk!

God loves us. He wants to love us. We just need to make ourselves loveable in return to get and mulitiply the blessings. Have faith in God! He does it right and He blesses abundantly – inside and out! When the joy of the Body returns in faith, so does the prosperity. Be careful of your end time philosphy. It can affect your business.