God is Here and Moving In!


by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)


I am excited all over again. This IS the (ever coming) season of JEHOVAH SHAMMAH – GOD IS HERE! But what I am really excited about again is this message God is highlighting to me…


The end times are (and it means) THE END OF THE DEVIL!  Here is a Scripture God highlighted today. Usually on this book of First John, we focus on loving our brother, and that is there. But there is a divine revelation in there for our soul that can abide in us beyond just us naturally working to like someone that it might be a challenge to like…


I John 2: 8 Again, a new commandment I write to you, which thing is true in Him and in you, because the darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining.


THE DARKNESS IS (not will be, not is going to be, not one day will be, but IS passing AWAY!

The end times are THE END of the devil! Who wants to agree with that? It’s the Word of God!  Woo Hoo!


A few verses down… verse 11 “But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.”


Like I said, we focus on “our brother” so often in this passage and can get snared in our flesh about that so often, but  verse 17 says:  “And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”  I am having trouble writing and typing because I am so excited over this… THE END TIMES ARE THE END OF THE DEVIL!!!  Has he bothered you lately?


The darkness is passing away! If we want Jesus, if we choose Jesus, if we accept Jesus, a supernatural force has kicked in, and the belief blockers want to kick in, but they can’t win!


So if we align with Jesus in the Holy Spirit, we also become agents of removing the darkness. It’s not a lost cause over and over, it’s not an impossible dream or impossible task – we can hasten the Day of the Lord!  (as in Day Light!)


“For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”  I John 3:8(b)


Now I have been known to do the “the work” of the ministry and I have been glad to do it. Like so many today, I am excited to shake off the legalistic bondages that are so crafty. But I am not just holding on, I am not just treading water, I am not in a survivor’s fight to the finish, THE DARKNESS IS PASSING AWAY!  If God says it is, then it is!


There is a sifting and a separating going on right now. Believers are finding each other. We have been in a mercy mode, and an extended hand mode, and all that is good and right – to a point. But then who REALLY wants God? Who REALLY wants Jesus?  For them, the darkness IS passing away.


As we come together, an outpouring is coming – of real love and unity and faith.  Darkness is going to be pushed back because it is PASSING AWAY!  More Light in lives has come!  It is like those strengthening birth pangs that reveal something… Jesus!


There is a new false doctrine that is going on around here, and so it is probably other places too, and even some of my beloved friends have fallen for it. I encountered this one years ago and had a very dramatic experience with it, but it established my faith in the Truth.


And that false doctrine (which can seem ridiculous to some of us) is that Jesus is not really God, He is just a man anointed by God.  And the focus is “the Christ” or the Christening (Anointing) which I very much believe in.


But Jesus IS God, who laid aside His eternal glory to come to us.  We need to know that we are not God. We had that season a few years back, too, where people were claiming they were God.  I am sure some of you remember that.  But I knew they couldn’t make a sunset, so they were out in my eyes.


But Jesus IS God.  See, the enemy can come up with a false anointing because he was so very close to God at one time. He can do the signs and wonders.  But he wants to turn hearts from the true God who would love us so incredibly as to give His Life for us.


The enemy wants the focus to be all on him, and with some (albeit false) anointing, he can ride awhile.  But if you have been around a while too, you will know there are some “catches” to that which will definitely snare you.


Many years ago, in the late 70’s when I was new to the Spirit filled life, there were some people down the long country road where I lived in Texas that were having meetings and miracles. One of them was walking down the road one day and I picked them up as for some reason, they didn’t have a working car they could use and I dropped them off where they were going.


I stopped in to find a “Christian” celebration and I was all excited about that. They told me about the miracles God was doing and I had been encountering some on my own in other areas, so I thought this was one like that.


I hung out for a little while and to make a long story short, one of the very nice leaders of the group gave me this book named “Jesus is Not God.” Well, I had an immediate alert in my spirit something was not right with that but I was a newbie in the Spirit filled life and agreed to take the book and “just read it.”


I read some of it, but I had just enough encounters with God, that I was not changing the Spirit of who He was and this seemed to imply that. There was a real battle going on over me (it was so evident!) but when I went to bed that night, I didn’t just have a dream, I had a supernatural experience.


I felt like I was in the giant tumbler and all my body parts, but they were internal spiritual body parts, were spinning and spinning around, bumping against the sides of the tumbler and each other like clothes do in a dryer. I felt as if I were being dissected and spun like that, and it WAS NOT COMFORTABLE!!!


I began to cry out to God, “Help! Help! Help!” and I was so new to so many things in those days, but I had begun to seek God in earnest in my own life.  The Scripture  Psalm 65:4 became very real to me: “Blessed is the man You choose, and cause to approach You, that he may dwell in Your courts.”


I didn’t know a soul could be taken apart like that and as I screamed out to God for it to stop, this voice came and said, well it really screamed like it was trying to come out of my mouth, “Just say it!!! Just say it!!!”


Confused, I said, “Say what???” and it said (or screamed more like it): “SAY JESUS IS NOT GOD!!!” and I was so terrified that it woke me up and I sat on the side of the bed with my heart racing.


Trembling, I asked God, “What just happened!!!???”  Remember I was just a baby Christian in some ways. I had been raised to know Jesus (thank goodness!) and had had some encounters, but they were options until God put His attention on me after all my searching and playing around.

And then I had to make a decision for Him.


But back to my story.  I asked “What happened???” and the Lord spoke to me and said, “That was Satan.” And I was thinking, “What is he doing here? I wasn’t looking for him!” LOL  And I am saying “What?” because I am still in a daze from this very dramatic experience. I really understood what it meant for your soul to be sifted like wheat then!


The Lord said, “That was Satan, and he was trying to murder your soul.” (I am like dumbfounded on all this.) The Lord continued and said, “If he could get you to say Jesus is not God, he can murder your soul.” And then I realized that it is the confession of your mouth that leads to salvation and that is a real big deal as it aligns with your heart.


We do say all kinds of garbage we don’t mean but the enemy was trying to get an alignment through his forces. For a few minutes I wondered if he had done it because I could tell he was trying to use my voice in trying to force me to say that, but when I “came to” I remember trembling and saying, “But yes He is [God]”,  because that is what my heart really believed.

I had been spiritually bullied, but God was faithful.


So when I hear someone say this kind of thing, it is no small thing to me, even if I love the person. I don’t lose my cool, because the choice really is theirs and they can live with God or not by their own choices. And when you feel love in them, you really just want to believe they have their doctrine wrong and so you try to help them out, but few of us have all-perfect doctrine but this IS a big issue in God’s mind and eyes.


And it’s been many years since that encounter I had but when I heard this come up somewhat recently, with one friend, I confronted it with genuine love in my heart.  But then later heard that there were others and then it became a concern.


See, if Jesus is not God and was just a man anointed by God, then you don’t really have to submit to Him. He is just a fellow companion who was gifted.  If Jesus is not God, and He was “just a man” and then His sacrifice really doesn’t mean as much!  Then He is like just any other holy man who ever lived and then died.


But now we have more of the supernatural kicking in and so things have to be discerned a bit better in that realm. We go from glory to glory, you know.  He is not an “image” God, but a real Being!


The way I came to my faith was through mental reasoning.  I realized that something either had to have a beginning or it always was.  There really is no in-between, so the always was had to be God!  It worked!


If Jesus is just a man, even just an anointed man, then most likely he was not sinless, or it is trying to say sin doesn’t really mean anything!  Then, carrying it out further, it implies that there is no real right and wrong and the “anointing” can just take care of it, even with all their supernatural experiences. And really then your allegiance can go to other places!


But Jesus very plainly directed people to the Father. Jesus was a manifestation of the Father on earth. He was sinless. He did everything that pleased the Father, even to His death on a cross (and then He rose again).


If we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord, then we are saved (Romans 10:9).  That is Scripture.


If He is just an “anointed” fellow companion, then he is not really Lord to the all out extreme that God wants us to believe in. We can seem to mingle but the faith is not really the same.

It’s a big issue. There is a difference in worshipping someone or just being amazed at a fellow human being.  Jesus is the Christ or anointed one as the Son of Man and as a human, our example, but He is also the Son of God (begotten of the Father), and  it is God we WORSHIP!


If anyone asks me, JESUS IS GOD! 🙂  It is written! The darkness is passing away! The end times ARE the END of the devil!!!