The End Times Are… ?

by Pam Clark  (

The “end times” are…. the end of the devil!

We really need to believe that, in fact, we must believe it to see the total victory that we can and will attain through our faith.  That outlook makes a difference in everything we do. 

If we only have fear about what is ahead, and look for ways to avoid “the end”, we won’t face it, confront it, or overcome it.  But the truth is, we can overcome because Jesus overcame!

The most often quoted book in the Bible about “the end times” is the book of Revelation, but if you consider the whole and true title of it, it is “The Revelation of JESUS CHRIST.”  The name “Christ” is not His last name but means Jesus is the Christened or Anointed One, or another term for it, the Messiah. 

He was anointed with power from on high that caused Him to be equipped to take on the world and win over it, with the Spiritual gifts and empowerment that we can walk in too and have fellowship and even see miracles.  It is not “The Revelation of the apocolypse.”

Another definition of “anointed” means to smear or rub on.  Jesus allowed the anointing to permeate and absorb into Him, will we do that too?  It means there is something beyond us that can come on us.  Will our inner being accept this powerful grace? 

The prophet Elisha did to such a point that it remained in his bones, even after he had died and been buried.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  He is willing to give of Himself to whomever wants to seek Him for that revelation.  Not only will He come in our hearts, but He will anoint our lives and lifestyles as well.

Jesus said that Abraham saw His Day and rejoiced in it.  How obvious is it that Isaiah saw Jesus’ Life and the Cross hundreds of years prior to His actual walk on earth in chapter 53?  We can seek Him and we can find Him!  And in Him, it gets progressively better.

The “end of the world” scenario seems to be infiltrating our society on so many levels, but according to God, it is not the end of the world but the end of the corrupt world system. What a great time to be alive!  A witness of the Gospel (the Good news about who Jesus is) will go out into the world as a witness and then “the end” comes, but what is that “an end” of? 

Of course it is the end of the devil and his ways and his world system.  It is coming to an end!!!  So what side of the story do you want to be on?  The woe is me or Jesus Triumphs?  Birthpangs means that something that is not seen yet is about to be revealed.  There is a pang and then the awesome is revealed and the pains are forgotten for the joy.  This is the Bride in Her glory as becoming one with Her Lord, because she was willing to receive Him!

Yes, the devil is angry because he is knows his time is short, but that is GOOD NEWS for us as believers!  We are NOT DEFEATED.  If we really claim Jesus, we are the victorious ones!  God WANTS to enable us and equip us.  He wants to REVEAL HIMSELF to us.  We just need to get into unity with Him and other true believers.

We can feel the peer pressures to accept a lower way of life, but if we hold on and press through in our faith, we will be AMAZED at what the Lord will reveal to us.  We need each other for this.  Not only will He speak to us but He will also demonstrate.  He will answer us and show us things to come and even more, He will show us the way to walk victoriously in THIS life!  Every part does its share and it’s wonderful!

The biggest challenge for our self focused life is t change our focus onto Him, but once we get the hang of it, we will determine that it is the ONLY way to go!  He is faithful!!!  The Lord will be personal to us individually and corporately.  We do NOT need to walk in fear. 

We need to know what these tribulations that happen are about and learn how to discern them and overcome them.  We need to see what He is really trying to get us to focus our attention on.  He is not just picking on  us.  The negative is from the devil.  God is the good.

And when we get that focus, we will find that in His Spirit, we will have THE STRATEGIES we need to overcome them, if we have studied to show ourselves approved.  It is not that hard nor is it just for an elect FEW.  NO!!!  It is for everyone who is willing to seek Him with all of their minds and hearts!   He is here!  He is Jehovah Shammah – THE LORD IS HERE!

And when we learn that we can see past the junk to the GREATER GLORY, then we can see the bigger picture more and more and how we fit into it, and discover His plan and purpose for our lives.   When we learn that He creates and can hold on to every good thing, and that He really does, and His Presence will bear witness to it, we can walk over and foil all the plans of the enemy.  The God of Peace WILL crush Satan under our feet!  And doesn’t the world seek peace?

Don’t ever let the words “the end times” scare you.  Instead rejoice!  The evil is just for a little while longer.  Instead, seek to be strategic in Him.  Pray every day to be in His perfect will and let Him align your life for His good purposes.  I did, and I am writing this.  Remember the Scripture in I John 3:8(b):

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

Now if we are to be like Him, and this we will be as we behold Him, then we will get those strategies and powers.  Our mind will be renewed to the GOOD THINGS!  We can taste the powers and glories of the ages to come.  We can do EXPOITS in devil-overcoming works!  Ask Jesus to manifest IN YOU!

Yes, the end times are about the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, THE ANOINTED ONE.  The end times are about THE END OF THE DEVIL.  I am ready for him to end.  How about you?

Never hear those words in a negative way again.  When something wrong seems to come along, run to the Lord and ask Him, “What can we do about this?”  for His power is within you as a born again believer and He is willing to manifest it and give it witness as you agree with Him in and through you via the Holy Spirit.  The end times are the end of the devil!  Shout it!  Hallelujah!

Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.  (I John 3:2)




One comment on “The End Times Are… ?

  1. Hi Pam-Well said! Back in 1980 about fours after my conversion I experienced some things in the spirit that stirred me to question God about to the point of pestering I reckon. I never could figure out why Adams sin was more powerful than Jesus’ sacrifice. Why do we still see all the effects of Adams sin. Well over the years I have experienced many revelations from the Lords heart. We as a church are still too full of judgement to see the magnitude of his mercy and grace. The bible read through those eyes is pretty much a closed book but this is an hour that he is revealing and sending light into our judgemental souls. This light will be called as in Paul’s day “The Way of Heresy”. Paul said he couldn’t share some things and Daniel could not share some things but this is an hour that we shall see those understandings and those fairy tales that have been taught about the Book of Revelation looking for judgement shall be seen in a greater light and the church will have no choice but to repent. Jonah saw that gourd (empty doctrine) smitten by a worm (type of man humbled by God) and he was angry.

    His doctrine was ruined! Then he saw the Whole Cityof Nineveh was spared.
    Here is a link to a prophetic poem you might enjoy as might any who enjoy your Blog that can see a merciful god.

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