A Prophetic Rebuke in Love

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

If you didn’t smell the rain before, do you smell it now? It’s coming! that latter rain of the Spirit… Are you ready? Are you in place? There is a move of God coming! Are you prepared? Have you come through your trials?

We had a message this morning that said it is time to come down off of the observation deck and get into place. I so agree with that. God is ready to put you into position so you can FUNCTION.

Have you trained? Have you prepared? Have you studied to show yourself approved? This is a corporate call to who so ever will!

Is God telling you where to position or are you telling Him? It’s time to get your eyes off of man and HEAR in the Spirit. Can Jesus say to you, “Blessed are your eyes for they see and blessed are your ears because they hear”?

I have a word for the prophetic people. It’s not an easy one for me to give but I have to give it. What I have just said is a part of it, but God has a rebuke. It’s a loving rebuke, but it’s a serious one too.

God has a five fold ministry. Jesus is represented by each of them. The Lord says that many in the prophetic calling ministry have not submitted to Him as the Pastor. The pastor role and ministry is for your good. You are not over them!

When the prophetically called started off, they had to be separate for a season. It’s the nature of their calling to hear Him and be set apart, but that was to be only for a season. They first were to hear and then they were to speak. And many did, even with some fear and trepidation.

God had some serious words for the Church – and He still does – but this is a different season in certain respects. In the earlier time, God had some serious words for the church – it was a shift, a transition, an entering in into a new place, and we went there.

In the beginning, the pastors had a hard time hearing from the prophets. For several reasons, one, it was a new thing and they were the shepherds of the flock. They guarded their flocks. But many came to realize that these people calling themselves a prophetic voice really did have the words of God.

And they adjusted and were blessed, even though there were also others who missed it some. Some didn’t stay true to the word they heard and others began what is often called “judgment prophecy” where they had a sledge hammer over those they prophesied to and it was error. There was truth in the warning, but not in the wrongly discerned plans and prophecies of destruction.

And some in the Body missed it over that. And that is not God’s will for people to miss it, especially if it can be avoided. But we all have to learn and there is grace. (Remember the judgment you give is what is measured to you, so repent if you need to!)

But once the prophetic ones found their place and their voice, they found there was a company, a team of believers and there was encouragment and agreement and even that longed for companionship in the things of the prophetic (even if all you could do was read about it- there was comfort for you that way).

But God says to the prophets, it is time to submit to the Church in the Body form He has set forth. It does not diminish your calling, but equips you. Prophets are not over pastors nor are pastors over prophets. They each have a gift they bring to the Body.

The design is Jesus and He is in the prophet and just as much of Him is in the pastor – and even the teacher, evangelist and apostle.

The Lord says “Come into order!” “Come into My order and serve in My army. Do your assignment and man your post. I’ve called for the eyes to see and for the ears to hear! Those who hear and those who see will be serving Me! It’s not about man-made ministries but the ministry of the Holy Spirit.”

Your job is to set others into position so they can hear and see. The Lord is preparing a work, and it is a Spiritual work. It will change the hearts and minds of men and it will accomplish the desires of Heaven. God will have a people who will yet praise Him – in Spirit and in Truth!

God knows His Dominion and He will take His rightful place as King and Lord over all the earth, but He wants a people who will serve Him, in joy and gladness and in truth! The Lord has been long suffering with many who have wanted their own way, and many have loved ones that they have prayed for. But the season is coming where God will do His terribly awesome work!

God can “cut to the chase” in a mere moment. It doesn’t take Him weeks and months to accomplish that. We have been in the age of Grace, but there is another season coming, and the Spirit of Truth will reign. It will be the season of the Holy!

Of course God will continue to reach out, and He will use many of His people for that outreach. But the Church is defined by Him, it is not defined by man. He knows the people that He is calling. And He looks forward to this Day! This is a team effort and a team work.

I was reminded of a dream I had some years ago back – and in this dream I was in a grand ballroom. Everyone was dressed so elegantly and there were the large pillars and tapestries and paintings, somewhat of a Victorian type of setting. And there was a party going on! I came to understand that it was a wedding party and as one who liked to party, I told the Lord I was excited about being there and I really wanted to enjoy it.

But the Lord said quite matter of factly to me, “You must serve it. You must serve this party and make sure everyone is okay. You need to make sure they have enough of everthing and that their needs are being met for the joy they will experience.”

At first I was a bit sad, because like I said, in the past I had been “a party girl.” I liked to have fun. But there was something special in the way He spoke that made me want to please Him. I found more pleasure in serving Him and helping others than if I was in the big middle of “the fun.”

I found that I could go to the little alcoves on the second floor and look out over the party and see a bigger view. Then there were times when I was taking a tray full of food and/or drinks and serving the people. I would still hear the conversations and even enjoy hearing them but I felt good that I was equipping and serving this joy.

And I felt the pleasure of the Lord. It was no longer about being seen as distinctive. In fact there was more freedom in not being seen so much. But the best part was the Lord (or Master of Ceremonies), the Coodinator of it all, talking to me and informing me of what was going on and what was needed and how I could help with that.

No, I didn’t get “the whole picture” but I got what I could handle and it was more than I had before. This is a season now of transition where many will be coming into their places of service in the Lord. You still can mess it up but you also can get it right! It’s all in your approach to this.

This is the beginning of many more seasons, and these will be like the birth pangs that reveal the Lord! The seasons will come faster and faster and be more intense, but much more will also be revealed. But we also need to know that God will not compromise His Will.

We are that Bride and we are preparing for that union and unity with the Bridegroom Jesus. This is not a carnal thing but a Spiritual one. This union is meant for eternity.

Come, behold His Joy! and His joy is made full when all are able to partake. Amen! You need to realize that this joy is beyond just a happiness joy, even though it is some of that. But this is also a joy of discovering that God is a righteous Judge and He does heal disease, and binds up the wounded and heals the broken hearted.

This joy is for beholding the Time of righteousness and knowing that we are safe and accepted in the Beloved, our Beloved Jesus.

The weak shall be made strong! And one WILL put a thousand to flight, and two, ten thousand! He who has ears, let him hear what The Spirit is saying to the churches.

There are some who need to make ammends. For all the places you have resisted, humble yourself and go serve those who have labored for you in the Body of Christ. Be One with the Body of Christ. Be One with the Master.