“SANDY” by Pam Clark

“SANDY” by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)


Hurricane Sandy…. We prophetic types always try to look and find a symbolism because God so often speaks to us that way. Granted, we can get carried away with it, but God does use the riddles and we wouldn’t go overboard with it if that were not so.

So I was asking the Lord about the prophetic meaning when I first heard the name for the hurricane coming, and the first Scripture that came to me was “I stood on the sand of the beach” from Revelation 13:1   (And it is true that sand is now all over the place there.)

Sand in the Bible means through Biblical symbolism “people” or “multitudes.” It comes from Abraham’s encounter with God where He promised him children as “the sands of the sea.”  Of course this storm hit a densely populated area. 

I shared for a number of years in different places a number of times that the Lord has shown me there will be a great revival in the Northeast. Those who have followed my ministry know this.  The Lord told me that area was a “tinderbox” and once it got going, it would be a raging fire.

He showed me the networkings and that the intercommunications would be incredible, I saw people in offices sharing with people in other office buildings on the phone (this was before cell phones took over), sharing the miracles of God.  The people were so excited that I got excited. 🙂 In the vision the phone wires lit up into shining gold and it was a huge network of intermingled cords.

Now recently I heard someone word a statement very well about the Kingdom of God. They said that in our young days, we want to get to Heaven, but now we want to bring the Kingdom of God from Heaven to the Earth.

Now if getting to Heaven is our goal, even today that is a most worthy goal! But as we have pressed in to be worthy (through faith, not based on works alone, but expressing our faith through our works) we discover God’s impartations.

Having discovered that, we realize that not only can we get to Heaven, we can also receive some Heaven here and of course that is motivating, to the point that we realize that we can bring God’s Kingdom of Heaven to Earth! 

You know I have had a heart for the Hosea 2 chapter. There comes a day of revelation where you see how God’s Spirit really and truly DOES affect the things on this earth.  If you ever encounter it, you are good for nothing else. The only alternative would be to disqualify yourself and only a fool would do that. We may have our lapses of frustrations (may I be real?) but if you have ever tasted and seen, you really don’t give up on it. 

To reach people, God often has to mess with them. He has to get their attention. It’s usually never pleasant, but He can do it and do it well. (Sigh!)  But God’s intention in that is not to hurt them but to bless them.

Many people from this storm will ultimately come out ahead. Many have been very hurt and we hurt for them. Some have even lost their lives and that is tragic.  God knows how to invest in Heaven for us. 

But really so much of the good outcome depends on the Church!  We have to sow the Gospel (Good News) into the people and demonstrate the Love of the Kingdom of Heaven. And when it is our overflow, the place of our heart, we really joyfully do it, even when it is difficult at times.

When we get complacent, God has to deal with us. When we get in unbelief (and that is a big “Selah!”), God has to deal with us.  And when people pray, He will deal with us. But of course we have to pray in His will. (Let’s not be foolish about which spirit we are of.) God is an overcoming power. He is just is and always will be! Yea!!!!  (I got happy there) 

As our hearts work to care about what happened with Sandy, and to express it in the ways we know how to do it best, we need to be encouraged that God is at work through His Church. Your faith has to be expressed by works of some sort to validate it, but that is what God uses to advance His Church into the later days of greater glories.

I heard different people say that “Sandy” meant other things, and I waited to see if there was something that “stuck” with me on what they shared. Maybe somewhere there is other meaning in it, but now that I have listened to see if someone knew more than me (because that can be the case many times!), I now believe for me that what I heard is how God wants me to see this, and I invite you to that too. 

God PROMISED to Abraham that he would have many children, and you know the New York area for sure has many Jewish people. Now the Jews come from the tribe of Judah which means to praise Him, but God promised He would not lose any of the seeds either from the other tribes. So I do believe there is more to Israel than some see. 

He scattered His Word to the nations through the dispersings and He has promised to gather them again.  We are seeing it happen even today.  I believe that now is really a time to pray for the Gospel to go forth to these storm victims and declare the wonders of the KINGDOM of GOD!

I really liked the movie “Pay It Forward” where a little boy believed that if he was kind, it would make a difference. That concept of sowing blessings is really so much the Kingdom of God. We may can only do a little but it really can be so significant.

The main thing is that we do something so that God can train us to do more!  We can learn the cycle of giving, because God gives seed to the sowers! And it’s not always money.  Do what you can do and let God give the increase.  He has our every good in mind.