Understanding “WordCraft”

When I lived in Houston, I went to have my nails done at a little shop apparently owned by Viet Namese. There was a young lady who apparently had two daughters who helped her run the business. Then while I was there, a man came in and they were quick to defer to him. I wondered what kind of true influence he had over their lives and if they were under his bondage because perhaps he brought them over to the States.

I never felt right asking, and there was a language barrier, but I did think about them from time to time. There are a lot of real situations like that, some even in worse scenarios than that, where the fear of the authority makes you do obescience. Many kind and flattering words are said but it’s because of fear, not because it is really from the heart. It can even take on a form of manipulation and even result in what they call the Stockholm syndrome, where a person forms a psuedo love bond with their captor.

All those kind words do not make the captor something he or she is not. Captives in bondage often do what it takes just to get along. But the free will of the heart is never expressed. I also saw in some of these storefront shops their budda’s and fresh fruit laying in front of it as its offering. It took me a moment to catch on that they were serving it to an idol. At that particular shop I did do a gentle witness about the freedom of Jesus because they were open to the conversation to a point.

People can honor statues all day long but that certainly does not make the statue something that it is not. But for these people who are used to that, and who see it as a serious good luck charm of sorts, it is hard for them to transition into freedom. Sometimes as Christians, I don’t think we understand how powerful our good upbringings and teachings are. It can make a huge difference to the world we live in, which is why the neglect of what is right is so damaging and scary when people don’t comprehend it. I think we submit to that Stockholm syndrome.

The answer to defeat is not condemnation. In churches we have thousands, if not millions of people talking to things and circumstances in ways that really don’t do all they have been told those words will do. In fact some are so spooked about saying the “right words” that they feel cursed and condemned if they say it wrong and they blame their lack of wordcraft. There is a lot to a positive and strong attitude, but is it the words or is it the spirit making the difference?

Christianity is not a formula. It’s a life and it’s a relationship. When things build up to ridiculous levels, God just takes a big bowling ball, so to speak, and knocks down all the pins. Those statues or idols – no matter what you confess over them – are not going to make a difference. Some things God takes very seriously.

When people do not honor others who are made in the image of God, but process everything through formulas, they are missing it. They are not living Christianity. Christianity is a spirit world where Jesus is the King over spirits. His nature and virtues are not confessed into “being”, He just is. He is God, Supreme, and Sovereign. He is solid and sure and can be trusted.

When we focus our mind and heart on Him, we are blessed and inspired. When we speak of Him in praise, we open the access of His Presence into our lives in greater ways because we are focusing on who He really is and our relationship with Him. Our praise and our words help us to open up to His attributes and attract His Spirit nature around us. But all the words in the world are not going to make us God or give us the power to overcome others in His Name. It’s just not who or how He is!

Have you ever pondered how atheists need a God to say there is no God? I have found it amusing. Some spend so much time on it, it’s comical. But other spiritual type people are in a war with the Living God. Why is beyond me, but their hearts are cold and dead. Witches do a lot of chanting to draw negative forces to them and then will focus it on others. They will use the art of deception to capture and then destroy. It’s the nature of the enemy – to kill, steal and destroy. The opposite of that is goodness. God wants to teach us how to deal with this – His Word says He trains our hands for the war! Not to be God but to live in Him.

There is a lot of what is called charismatic witchcraft in the church today. When people are not allowed to have inner personal freedom, they use the power of wordcraft to create a world, but it’s done through negative forces and utilizes false praise. When people make idols out of preachers or goverment leaders, and heap exalted praise on them, it can be a trap of the enemy. To counter that with trying to condemn the leader is not going to work! Some people think they can use the power of their words to combat the freedom that God has given mankind to think and respond, and He considers the gift He gave.

It’s called wordcraft when they believe they can use the power of their words to create a thing or circumstances to their liking. They have entered into a spirit realm that can be difficult if not ultimately impossible to escape from. The fruit will not be good because it competes with God. There are two ways to be against God and that is through competition or antagonism. The way we enter into the knowledge of Truth is through the Scriptures. The Scriptures help lead us into the right Spirit.

Declaring who God is has a big blessing. Declaring what He is not has a big curse. People often think swear words are taking God’s Name in vain and while in certain instances it can be, really the vanity is when words are used to effect a force that is outside of God’s will. This is a serious matter! As the Scriptures say, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

I love the verse in the Bible that says “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” There is a force that is much bigger than we are. But other spiritual forces are also bigger than we are and we need to understand our place in all that. We are responsible to respond to God. We need to know our metrons (our surrounding ability of influence) and that can grow in it. In some areas, we might be strong, and in other places we may not be as strong, but we need to understand Who our authority is.

If we fawn over forces that are not of God and if He sees that as competition to Himself, we stand in the place of pending judgment, even if we think it is politically correct! Peer pressure can be strong, but a true minister will lead you to your God and to proper wisdom for living life.

Enjoyment in life comes when we can express ourselves with our God given talents and gifts and enjoy those gifts in others. We are all called to be productive with the abilities God gives us. If at all possible, and it usually is, we should at the end of the day be able to say we enjoyed God’s Presence and honored Him with our productivity. Those are the things that lead to life. They are a free will expression that God does not take lightly.

We have lost a lot of the power of understanding right from wrong when we believe that wordcraft can supersede choices. There are orders of things and we discover daily things that can lead to a more healthy and beneficial life. Every part supplies in the true Body of Christ. But we must be in the right spirit for it to pay off in long term in faithful benefit.



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