The Manifestation of Spiritual Forces

When the Lord told me to downsize a few years ago, I thought He was asking that of me so I could move and travel light. I tend to be a pack rat, enjoying the memories of past experiences, but today I realize the reasons for that word was more spiritual than physical. In “downsizing” to a simpler mode, it made it easier for me to distinguish some certain things. Discerning is a key element in learning how spiritual forces manifest.

Many times we focus on other individuals to define our worlds. If “they” say it’s okay, then we believe that and feel a peace, and we trust them as our spiritual advisors. But more is going on today than just a simple Christian life. I say this to Christian believers. The times and seasons have changed and more is going on around us and is being required of us.

A couple of weeks ago I was observing some circumstances in my life that at that moment seemed out of control. It was one of those unexpected things. First a wave of gloom came over (a type of depression) and then a feeling of oppression. So of course, I was crying out to God as I knew I should! When trouble strikes, call on Him, yes? Yes.

As I was telling Him about the overwhelming situation, He asked me, “What are you going to do about it?” Well, my first response was, “Why do you think I am calling on You?!” But I know that God never says things that I am to ignore. So I processed it in the light of His word to me. In my mind, I was able to put that situation on a piece of paper. It still looked big, but then He said, “Where is the Scripture that counteracts that?” The light came on!

I was able to put borders around the problem and give it to God who told ME to define that situation by His Word! Jesus has overcome the world! I have been trained in spiritual warfare and really knew quite a bit, but these things were at a different level. I started bombarding that situation expressed on that piece of paper with the Word of God. The oppression and then the depressed feeling lifted! I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Well, the truth is all the good thoughts come from God and I needed to give Him the credit and the glory for that. We sometimes like to get confident in the abilities He has given us and forget it came from Him originially. It’s called pride when we think we can “help” rather than “need” Him! In this particular situation I “needed” Him and He came through, because I called on Him, but with the reminder that He was behind the Victory and that I could face things on another level than the one I had been walking in.

Now, honestly, I like those seasons without the warfare, but stuff happens and we need to know what to do with it. I am not going to present this like the “great sage” that I am because I am not! ha ha I have learned that we ALL go through different things at different times and if God gives us a gift we are to share it with others, otherwise we pollute the gift and displease Him. We are stewards of the gifts which means we have a responsibility to handle our gifts wisely. (He thinks more of us than we think He does sometimes!)

If you are on any of these social networking places, like blogs, and Facebook and MySpace and / or even just keeping up with the news, you can see that people are concerned about a whole lot of stuff! It seems in the past that there were trends but today there are so many trends, there seems to be a lack of leadership! It was nice when pastors and newscasters told us what we should be concerned about and we could choose from that, but today anything goes!

Bring in the nameless and faceless generation and and those quietly in marketplace ministry we are wondering what happened to leadership at all! The truth is, it is there inside of you. When we read the news and our beloved nation seems to unravel before us, we can feel overwhelmed. So many of our Christian leaders have fallen that it has shaken us and made us realize anyone is subject to be victim of an attack by the enemy. We are rattled as we try to hold on to what seems to be left.

Of course I have taken all this to God in my own prayer life. When I look at all the concerns out there, I’ve cried, “Oh Lord! we are like sheep without a shepherd! Your word seems so true!” and yet I also hear, “I have not left you comfortless.”

The population and travel and knowledge are greatly on the increase. It amazes me that I can email someone in Australia and they get that message in the very next second. I remember posting a letter in my younger days and knowing it would take at least a few days if not a week for something to be delivered. The Lord let me know that all the voices I was hearing were out there. I wasn’t imagining anything, these were voices of spiritual manifestation.

Some of the voices were people crying out to God, some are counter-voices working against the Kingdom of God. Some were the voices of life, like babies crying, children arguing, people presenting thesises, people selling things, not to mention entertainment – even that has agendas. Many, many voices! We have to sort through all that!

Once we get our own lives right in God, then we are required to sort through and discern the voices. It’s always so much easier when “someone else” does it for us, but oldsters as well as youngsters have to grow up! As we are faced with certain things, God asks, “What are YOU going to do about it?”

Now I have to be honest, in the past, He has helped me out quite a bit and I liked that. He even gave me the Church Body to help out and I still need them. But He also gave me a life force that is growing in me, and it’s from Him, of course! But now He asks, “What are YOU going to do about it, since My word is in you?”

And I realize there is another level to this life of responsibly handling the power of the Spirit and the Word He has entrusted in me. We are not defeated! The nation can seem to unravel, people can flake out or be overwhelmed, but I am not helpless! God is still there but He has given us tools that we can use to help others and ourselves. We are not overcome.

It’s okay to be me. It’s okay to say I face challenges. It’s okay to have my own views but they pale in comparison with His views and that is a great gift! We have been given a powerful tool in prayer and in knowledge. The counsel of the Lord is with us. We have the seven fold Spirit of God. He is amazing! We are not overcome, because greater is He who is in us than He who is in the world. Give Him room and place to manifest and you will see: All is well!



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