The Deception of Convenience

We live in a world of so many conveniences and I enjoy them just as much as the next person. But these conveniences can be deceptive – that life should just be like that all the time, even when we really know many in other countries and even in our own, do not have what we do.

While conveniences may be “cool” they do not make happiness. I have heard so many testimonies from people who said of their past, “We were poor, but we did not know we were poor.” Some of the loneliest people in the world are the spoiled rotten children of the rich whose parents substitute toys and conveniences for quality time and impartations.

Nothing replaces the hands on, face on communications. Many teens and young adults go into promiscuity because of feeling an aching lack of personal concern. They feel empty and aimless and hope that someone else will fill that gap and that void in their life. Some turn to drugs.

Others may go into sports or other activities that demand a lot from them. We all face struggles and finding healthy avenues are much better than the unhealthy ones. But even if we came from what some would consider “the best” of circumstances, we still have a demand from God on each of our lives that puts an expectation of accomplishment upon us.

For those who have had it good, He expects sharing and giving. To those who have had it more difficult, He expects the testimony of how you overcame. We are all called to be productive but we are also called to be Spiritual. Our Spirituality will make our productivity meaningful and fulfilling.

When you feel weak and poor, it is important to go to the places where you would like to be better. You may not feel you fit, but even if you don’t, it’s okay to get the experience and take something positive away from it. God is not holding you back from life.

Eventually your efforts will be seen and noticed and prayers do get answered. God is not taking any of us to places that only cater to us – prayers for that will never be answered by Him. From the foundation of the world we are called to fellowship with Him and to do good works, and we need to enjoy it all. It just takes some effort on our part to pray in, and believe in, and work at finding our fit.

The best job you can find is one that does not seem like work but enables you to contribute. But in the meantime, you may have to go through some difficult places. Life has seasons and some are good and some are not so pleasant. But the status quo is always subject to change because we have an amazing God who can overcome EVERY obstacle!

The most dangerous place we can be is to be complacent. When we think tomorrow will always be like today, we have gone out of faith into presumption. God is insulted when we think that “just this” is the best that there is. When something is good, there is always a way to maximize and improve it, especially if the outflow is going towards life giving works.

It may just be to be in better health, or keeping abreast of the newest things, or to optimize output, but there is a stream to real life that keeps on flowing, and if you are growing strong, you are going up the empowering current towards the Source.

You may choose to give up some things to fine tune the vision. This is something youth cannot see as clearly as the older folks. The young believe they can do anything and everything, but age has a way of making you realize your limitations and the need for a finer tuned focus. So it only goes to say you need a good and worthy tuned in focus!

I love the expression: “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else!” That is so true. You may not know everything you want in life, but you sure can find things you don’t want! But even that is a force for working the gratitude in us that will lead us to being more defined in our calling – if we will but believe!

I used to hear “God has a good plan for your life” when my life was going hard, and I really questioned that. It didn’t “seem to compute” as they say, but it really was true. I just had to learn how to adjust the view and focus, because my vision was off. The key was to seek God and in seeking and finding Him – (because He will allow Himself to be found if we seek Him with ALL of our hearts) – we find that through that our vision will be adjusted to see a glory realm.

God is not going to fulfill the desires of our flesh that make us complacent. Instead He will give us a vision that opens up the wellsprings of life inside of us that give us an energy and drive and reward to make it through everything to a good end.

As it says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, says God, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope – a good expected end!” When trouble comes and our faith is built, we will realize the bad things give us a wrong forcast of the future. Our discernment will increase when we realize that the bad report is only trying to take us out and not bless us, but can be used to see the greater good.

Jesus had a bad day on Friday and had to focus through the crucifixion, but Sunday came (Resurrection Day) and it was a great Day! For the JOY that was set before Him, He endured to the end and received the reward of His suffering – which were souls that really wanted the goodness He has to offer. That’s all of us, I hope!

God expects MUCH MORE than complacency and barely getting by. It’s not about success by the world’s standards, but by God’s standards. ARE you obeying the First Commandment to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength? If you are, then it’s so much easier to do the other great commandment Jesus gave to love others as we love ourselves.

When we connect with God, we come to know we are loved by Him and we can accept ourselves through His Grace. It is through that love then that we are able to love others well.

Our own merits will never measure up, but when we take on His strength and vision, we find a place of function and inner fulfillment that satisfies. As adults, we eat bigger portions than children do because we have matured and can take in more.

So don’t try to get by on little, when MUCH more is available to us. God has prepared a table! And He wants you to come and sup with Him.


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