God Will Enforce!

Many, many people do not believe that God will enforce His Word. They see the easy manipulation of man and realize they can tell a lie, too, and thus determine that the real enforcement of God is a myth and that man is the enforcer. And since on that premise the power lies in man, then man must really be God and the power behind the throne of their lives.

When they see others who fall, they justify in their thinking that the others just made a mistake or did not think it through clearly enough, so they must not be as smart as they thought they were! And since they can see it that way, their pride kicks in presuming that after all, they themselves aren’t in trouble, so they must be the better person.

In all that, God is not really the foundation of life. People play games for fun and for strategy and God allows the exercises of the mind for the independent defining of different persons or realities. But oh how blind the person is who thinks and believes that they are the source of their own strength and there is none other.

These people either are not born again with a God encounter or they think because of the weaknesses they have seen in other people that God does not care; or if they have encountered God, they think they can play a strategy game with Him and win their own way. To God, this is entertainment.

We read story after story in the Bible of kings that God used to judge others and then He brought them down in their own arrogance. Some people make great studies of the battles. But there is the unseen God factor that is missed when people believe that life is all WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).

Life can confuse the best believer but there is the peace that God is for the person some way. It takes the faith of believing that God can overcome great things, even death, to live in that peace. Partings can bring great sorrows, but in faith, one believes that what was lost can be restored, even if it takes the world to come to show it.

The best that grief therapy can produce for the unbeliever is to get someone to the place where they are willing to replace what was lost. In that view, life is transient, so get all you can, can all you get, and then sit on the can, but still they can’t hold on. At best they can hold life as temporal and for them it can only be lived in the moment. And the moment is great when all is going well, but when it’s not, there is no resource but to be at the mercy of others or the unknown, and the unknown has no guarantees.

Many choose to live that way and play the mind games and work the strategies in their attempts to get ahead. And if there is anything temporal or fleeting, that is. Many get to the top of their game and find that it’s empty once the first thrill of it is gone. If you can’t connect to the Eternal, this life is just a puff of smoke or wilting flower.

The only guarantee of the Eternal is God. Otherwise life stops or is an unending hell. So many live their lives in fear of that, while struggling in the fight and make it through the day. They only have their mind and the minds of the others they can access to sustain them and it’s a lot of work! They constantly have to be on the hustle to make it or come out ahead.

They will seek the wealth of mammon to secure their walls. Money can do a lot but it can’t buy loyalty or true friendship. So they hustle to buy more enforcements with their money but that can always be outdone, and so they labor even more, and find no rest. They form clubs or clans to work it, and that is just more work. Sleep is not sweet.

Hopefully they will come to the place where they must encounter God. Hopefully reasoning will kick in before stupidity and foolishness or accident takes over. The self medication of drugs and alcohol will not help. They can become even more fearful if sickness, injury or disease comes in and a worried and fearful lifestyle breaks down the immune system. Many injured and fearful animals will bite!

They must come to terms with the God factor. That factor is that God is! He is real, He has a Personality and He has a Force. He also has a mind and a will and an intention. Until we come to terms with that, we will be boxing the air or fighting the wind if He chooses to blow it our direction.

Only until we get to the place where we realize our own finiteness and mortality do we get to the place where we can see a God who is Infinite and Everlasting Life. There IS a Source! And the Source can Enforce! It humbles us to realize that we are dependent on Another who is stronger and mightier and more justified.

But when we do arrive to the mercy of that place, life takes on new meaning and gives new understanding. When our spirit man begans to see and comprehend the God factor, there is a new learning curve to life. A sincere and humble heart will begin to work with that God. He is not a bully or a legalist or One who condemns His own creation. He enjoys it! In fact, what one finds out is that there is great love in this Eternal Life Being!

Upon that understanding comes a cooperation and the unseen becomes more seen in the invisible realm of the soul. One will just know – and it will be so! It’s the God factor. This God Life has an energizing and unending power and it begets more of the same. It will alway outdo the negatives with its positives. It cannot be escaped. The only thing left with its warriors that is true is the definitions. It pays to be on the right side.

Once we learn how to cooperate, a whole new realm of living is engaged.


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