A Poem for the Loss…

When we are young
And life is free
Covered in love
And possibility
Around is love
And all things good
All the little boo boos
Are understood
But then we get older
And we find
Life is not so easy
Nor so kind
There is a thief
Who stalks around
Stealing what he can
Some things profound
And little by little
Our hearts do break
Holding on to the good
We don’t want him to take
As hard as it is
We learn to let go
Treasuring the things
We’ve come to know
But releasing them to
The God above
We must releast them
Into the Father’s Love
We scream in pain
We look for the gain
Diminished and needy
Resisting the greedy
Why are we weak
When He is so strong
Why do we feel
So all alone
As life slips us by
And here comes the night
We do our best
To resist the fright
God must be real
Or we die alone
He must be real
Or we turn as stone
Dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
Oh my dear God
Where is the after?
But like Jesus
On the Cross
We give it to Him
We resist the loss
Putting ourselves
In our Father’s care
Knowing His Reality
Must be there
We offer up
The fragrance left
And find His strength
In our last tests.
by Pam Clark

The Here and Now Gospel

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)


When I was real little, my dad and I got along great.  But as life went on, he had some job frustrations and that obviously spilled over into the family.  He would come home grumpy and it would make my mom grumpy and thus the kids because he didn’t have everything he needed inside to be “the perfect dad.”


Things got rocky, especially when times were tight financially.  Kids will be kids  and kids want what they want,  and we kids could get disciplined at times with anger more than correction.  As the oldest,  a lot fell on me first.  The enemy of course loved to get in there and make things seem worse.  Everyone had their own issues.


I just went independent and a bit rebellious, and thank God I was sent to church  as much as I was.  The activities they had for kids probably saved me in a number of ways, but still for a season my family dropped out more as time went by and we each sought our own ways.  But God has been faithful to bring us back in.


In my youth, I got into drugs and partying and loved to test the limits on things but still had sense enough to know I shouldn’t go totally overboard but I definitely didn’t fair that well, until….


Until a move of God came and pulled me in.  Suddenly there was another force working on me and convicting me that all was not as it could and should be!   Like other young believers I was accepting whatever I was fed and some of it was good and some of it needed further understanding.


I battled the forces of things I had dabbled in because I had opened the doors to those things.  But thankfully as my hunger for God grew, so did my seeking and study and understanding.  I came to understand over some time, the work of spiritual forces and how we can open and close doors by our binding and loosing, and by not getting involved in things we shouldn’t.


There are examples in the Bible and there are examples I could relate to in real life.  I found that because I dabbled into the occult, certain spirits could come after me and I had to renounce those spirits to shut the door to them.  The Bible had explained those spirits did not come from Him and they will work on you as you seek to grow in the Lord because they don’t want to let go of territory they had claimed.


The hardest thing to understand and believe, I think, is that God is for you in the face of the devil who is also after your life.  What appeals to the flesh seems good in the beginning and most of the time you really don’t want to believe that a more sinister spirit could be behind what you were just taking in a casual manner.


But there are some things we must handle carefully, because just like chemicals can be very helpful, they can also be very dangerous and sometimes deadly.  We must use them with caution!  And when we find that things affect us in a negative way, we are wise to remove that influence but it takes the proper understandings.


In my young Christian life, I learned that first I needed to repent for my own willful sins, and then for my unknown sins – in other words the sins I did but did not realize at the time that it was a sin.  I had to learn that God has an order in life and I had to learn how to apply myself to that order to find fulfillment in the many areas of life that God really wants to bless.  As I learned, I prospered more and more.


I learned about and then came into my Spiritual gifts and calling and more and more, the river of God’s life opened up to me and began to flow through me.  It’s available to everyone!  We just must first seek and get to know Him and His Word and then learn how to work with the Spirit and learn how the Spirit will do signs and wonders to confirm His Word to us.  There is a personal thing going on!


But I want to go back to dealing with my parental issues, because I had to work through that.  In the earlier days of my conversion, when I wanted to get everything right and honor them, I had to learn how to do that honor because just submitting to everything they said was not enough to make things work right.  Not all their reasoning was correct with the Bible, but still I had to and I wanted to honor them because they were my parents,  and I could see that they had been good to me, even in their own struggles.


I had to realize that even my anger came for a reason, and I could see a strong parental influence there in a negative way on some things, and then after listening, asking questions and pondering some things, I realized that my parents’ anger, especially my dad’s that had wounded me came from what he had experienced as a kid.


For a while I thought I was going to turn into a psycho-analyst trying to so hard to understand it all, but then I realized that all these sin problems really do go back generation to generation to Adam and Eve in the Garden.  I was never going to be able to really know, much less analyze, all that went on in my generational lines.


But the Bible does explain that there are generations and those generations of people all had problems and they all go ultimately back to the fall of man in the Garden.  Eve partook as well as the man Adam who was right there with her, the Bible says.  So together we all need to repent.  But we can’t really repent for someone else.  We can show them a better life and God did that deliverance for me just that way.  My dad came to the Lord and got saved and really changed for the good.


Before though, I certainly didn’t like pain and hurt and heartbreak and wounds, so it was easy for me to decide that repenting was in my favor.  Once I found the anchor who is Jesus, I could hold on to Him and look to Him and the Holy Spirit for help and in praying to the Father and ultimately learning how to hear Him more and more.  It was not an overnight accomplishment but enough was there to see me through into greater and greater victories in it.


Then as many do, I went looking for the perfect pastors and surprisingly (ha ha) never found those, even though I met and got to know some awesome laborers in God’s work field.  Funny thing is that I never got perfect either and anytime I thought I found the “perfect” person or situation, something always messed it up.  I found that even when I got active in doing my ministry, I was not perfect.  Imagine that!


When I was little, that was such a good feeling to think I was perfect and could do no wrong!  Especially as the first born, I was made to feel as if I were really special!  But life has a way of working the reality of our real condition to be revealed into our living situation.


What do we find?  We find that we ALL need Jesus and some choose Him and some don’t.  Even sometimes we choose Him and sometimes we don’t, but turning that around and getting that right really does have a good payoff and benefits.  We also discover that the world out there will lie to us!


What do we do with all this sin???  We cling to God more.  We study, we learn, we practice, we achieve, we labor and we grow and we do find blessings.  Some things we seem to have to learn as we go before we are really convinced.  And we encounter some understandings that do come the hard way.  But if we get it, we do good.


We learn that we have to trust ALL things to God’s care and it’s not easy in the face of some losses, yet He does have the answers and abilities that we need for us to have a good life, in spite of it all.  We discover life is a prize and by His grace we get to enjoy so many things.  But even more, He has the completeness of eternal life.


But I said all that to share this.  When I got saved and grew in the Lord and tried to figure out how I was going to fix all my past and those relationships, I realized I had to deal with first myself, and then those who were around me in relationships.   It was on me to do that.  These other people didn’t always cooperate so much, as I would share the truth that I was coming to really know.


I had to study and learn in a practical way, what was God and what He was not.  And while I finally got it that sin went all the way back to Adam and Eve, I was not the one who could handle all that like God could.  My job was to get right in my own life, and that was a pretty big job.


Even learning to minister is something you have to learn, it’s not just a  sudden revelation in a one time impartation.  You have to study to show yourself approved there, too, as a workman.


2 Timothy 2:15 – Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


It takes work!  But there also are great rewards of inner peace and outer tranquility and even peace in the midst of the storms.


But one thing I learned is that I could not repent for everyone else, even as much as I might want to do it.  I couldn’t repent for the dead anymore than I could repent for the living who were not me.   I had to deal with me and work with those around me.  God helps of course, but there is a relationship that goes on that is personal between you and God.


The Gospel is simple.  Jesus died to pay the price for your sins and not just yours only but those of the whole world, if they would accept and receive Him.  Even my good works can’t save me or others but they can influence a better outcome on many things.


There is a simplicity of the Gospel that has a foundation of just you and Him and the complete work is done when you accept Him.  Now you get to walk out that life after you get that, but if you are born again, a power from God has come in to give you what you need as you apply yourself to Him — and countless people for many generations can attest to the fact that God is faithful to His believers.


The Apostle Paul warns us not to be caught up in things that we really don’t have control over:

I Timothy 1:3-7 As I urged you when I went into Macedonia—remain in Ephesus that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine,  nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith.  Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith,  from which some, having strayed, have turned aside to idle talk,  desiring to be teachers of the law, understanding neither what they say nor the things which they affirm.


He says here that things begin with love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere heart.  When God meets us here, then we can go on into other works that benefit our personal lives and those in our surroundings.  But we have to be careful what we take on.

We can’t take on things that were not or are not ours to handle and have any kind of control over it in the area of accountability.   When we get assignments, God is there to help.  We may intimidate others but if they do not respond from a pure heart, it really didn’t stick.  God takes on each of us one by one and we all are held individually accountable to Him in whatever our real circumstances are.  God knows our hearts and their intents,  and He knows all our actions and our prayers and all our follow throughs.  He will help and correct as needed as we seek Him.


Every day we can realize that seeking Him still is an advantage for our lives.  And once we get bored with focusing on ourselves, it’s a good sign that we are ready to help others in honest integrity and truth!


The Gospel is simple – it starts with you and ends with you.  It does not tie you to the generations past except through faith, although there can be some influences around that can be removed or brought in that might help or harm.  But they will be things we know and understand basically and some things we do stumble into, but they will or can make sense to the persons involved.


Some understandings can be as simple as the blind man who got healed.  He didn’t know how it happened exactly, he just knew a man named Jesus touched him and he could now see!  It made sense to Him that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied- there was a power of God to connect to and it worked for his present day.


We may touch someone, or even a child, physically to get their attention, but after that, we expect them to hear by words and even see by actions the intents and communications we have towards them.


Our relationship with God works the same way.  We may feel Him in some ways, but as we mature we learn to hear and see Him act!  It becomes an awesome revelatory journey – but it’s ours individually.  We relate to others.  Don’t be connected to things that are not yours to connect to.  Get free.


Realize that you and those who are before you and after you have and have had a great power to influence you.  While we can’t repent for their past, we can line up in the here and now to be an influence on those souls who are to come or who are here now and are open to hear and know.  It’s not always easy, but it is real and it works.  Evangelism is for today.  We can get snared by things that are not ours.  We don’t have to be.


The Gospel is simple.  Jesus loves you and He opens the door for you to have a powerful relationship with God, if you will just choose Him and His ways.  It’s simple; it’s not real complicated.   He will help us navigate the more challenging places and we will find that the other gifts in the Body of Christ really can help us and together we can accomplish great things.  I wish you good things in your journey!

The REAL Problems of the Times We Live In

The REAL Problems of the Times We Live In
by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

A lot of the crime and harassment today could be stopped if there were Godly leadership.  But “business” has bought out the government.   Like someone said to me one time, look at the commercials around the news – they are mostly pharmaceutical.

That means the drug companies have bought out the news (because the ads pay for it)  and that is definitely a last days thing. (Except I think that Shaq commercial for Gold Bond is the cutest thing I have ever seen.) But look at how many drugs say, “It could kill you but you need to try it!”

It’s the spirit behind it that so few Christians seem to discern. Our whole government has been drugged it seems today!   They seem to not be able to accomplish anything good and helpful and there is no sensible reasoning at all.  We are lost and we see very few leaders in sight!


Even Christian leaders are sucked into the propaganda! You see them lining up with the political rants and believing that your vote is what is going to change things. NOT!  Because even that has become corrupted.  Thank God for the salt and light people who work to make a difference, but it’s not easy!

And some will tell and sell you all this doom prophecies, so they can sell their “last days” products. But once you hunker down and survive a few years, then what? Somehow it gets better? Not without a move of God!!!  A prophet will turn you to GOD!

And if you haven’t noticed recently, the king of the north country is on the move… And our celebrity President who feels that being a celebrity is more important than real covering…. oh don’t get me started. I am not into believing all these conspiracies I can never prove (and they can’t either) but some things ARE obvious!

God gave us navigational tools but we have to believe Him and use them.   God is not going to do all the work for us. You know, if you are flowers in a vase, you are going to die. But if you are PLANTED you not only will bloom but also reproduce!

Numbers are easy to come by with gimmicks as well as scams. But what are the real numbers of REAL Christianity?  See, if we have no VISION for tomorrow, there probably won’t be one, of any quality.

If we are just “cute” for today, we are those flowers in the vase that are going to die!  Today even the media is talking about how Americans are into selfies.  I don’t think it’s wrong to share, if you have something going on! But just to only admire one’s self, is a weakness.

We need some rumbles in our base to produce some real leaders.  If all that results is products to buy, we have missed it.  If you are never stirred in your own Spiritual gifts, you have missed it, so self does become entertainment!

I used to go to churches where there was Spiritual gift training and the people used it!  There is still some of that going on, but not enough!  Most today are on elementary levels.  Churches used to have testimonies of what GOD did!

It not only built up the people but inspired them!   But the problems then were leadership squashing the people too much, and limiting women, so people left or went to jelly (doing nothing).  But there is a core Body out there, and God knows it is there!  He is dealing with some stuff, but He will call it to rise up.

I can’t say for sure exactly where it will be, but when you can see with even glimmers, people flock. When the world passes tests, before the Church, God sees a problem.  It means He is going to deal with the Church first.

If we have no GOD vision, then we will never see God but only ourselves!  God will give us problems to work on, but it’s for our good – to teach us and train us and to show us how to take territory for Him (called Kingdom advance in some circles) but are we doing that?

If we go to church to hear lectures, have we encountered God???  You have to be brave to encounter God but it’s expected of you.  It’s not about leaders to idol worship, but a Body that responds to Him!

WHEN God moves, the other junk will be moved out, but it’s not about us being ‘king of the hill’ (for idol worship, SELAH!) but about incorporating people into His Living Body! Are you perfect???

Some will work to move forward, and many won’t, but for those who will, it’s an awesome journey! And the biggest hurt is when you think you have friends and you really don’t but you have to press through anyway!  Sometimes it’s misunderstanding, sometimes there is a fear to trust, but God is the Rock, not man.

When God is center and first, and He is in some places, and should be in your heart, then you can press forward.  We don’t want to just survive, barely alive, we want to THRIVE!  But a church that doesn’t raise up its flock to function is a dead church!

Leadership has to be skilled. Some churches are mostly women, not men in the workplace who know what’s going on in the world. Selah…. In many, the men lead, the women do nothing but care for babies, and people are out of touch!  The world is not like that.

The world then thinks that Christians are strange, and oftentime, fools because their mental reasoning is low and low functional.  People leave the churches to find freedom! Now what is wrong with that picture?

What they are really looking for is the real Church.  If you are struggling for a structure, you are missing it. If you find God, you have it! GOD can do what people can’t!

If church is about OUR songs and dances and speeches, is God there???  And we wonder why the holy Presence is missing???

I have never been to a perfect church, but I have been to some good services!  When you respect the hearts of the people, for God, you are on to something. If you are trained IN HIM, you can help others.

There used to be a lot of politicians who would never step foot into a church but had great respect for them. Can we get those days back?  Billy Graham was Billy Graham for a reason!  He had and has a heart for the leaders.

He wasn’t trying to boss them around and control them.  But he was praying with them and leading them to the Lord, at least in their situations!
As a Body, we have grown (gone through stuff) and what is coming is a new world order – but I don’t mean the conspiracy one. Society has changed in many ways. We are going through another youth boom, globally.

You can raise up a few kids or you can raise up leaders and send them out and bless them.  You teach them to know God, to pray, to hear from Him, to care about others, to have good sense, to know family love, to understand encounters.

And the test that JESUS has is “when you did it to the least of these, you did it to Me.”   See, if you are not willing to advance another person in the Kingdom, you missed it.

There are many encounters in the Bible. And believe it or not, encounters are still happening today. But, what are we doing with them? How are we responding to them?  What is the fruit?

Will Jesus say, “Well done”?   He will look at you, He will look at the Body, He will look at the Father and then respond.  Is anyone teaching this?

Psalm 91 works for those who work to please Him.  He will cover you.  God is a rich deep well. We should never be bored or impotent.

Working with God

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

How many of us would like to go in there and fix all the problems – in Israel, in our government, in our churches, in our workplaces?  But while we may even be gifted, we can’t really fix them all, even if we have clues as to what should be done.  We have to wait on God and work WITH Him.

A person who is really gifted is not believing at the time that they are.  A person who is gifted in God is pulling on Him to find the solution.  And the ones who are wise will realize who is the Source and learn how to call upon Him again and again.  The Holy Spirit is our Helper.

If “we” focus on “our having” the gifts of the Spirit in a public way, and all our attention is focused on “us” “having” the gifts, probably we are going to miss some things because we are doing it to please the crowd.  Many want solutions to fix this or that but find that even with the right ideas, it doesn’t always work.

Something more is needed, and it is relationship WITH God.  There comes a place in our lives where we have to abandon ourselves from our world and go into His.  Some call this the divine exchange, where we give up our thinking to have His.  We give up our thoughts and control and let His reign.  And until there is a track record established, it can be pretty challenging!

But those growing pains are really worth it.  At first we have a hard time giving up our ideas, and then we have to learn how to deal with other people’s!  Peer pressure can be a strong force.  It’s why we must seek out the Godly for their prayers and influence on us.

Now God did not leave us in the dark.  In the past, He raised up Godly voices, and while He still does that, He also left us with a Book, that declares much that is His will and insight into this life we are in.  We cheat ourselves if we don’t read it and study it.  And even then, we need anointed people who can explain a lot of it to us, until we get on our own two feet, for the Scriptures have to be Spiritually discerned and even though it is “an open Book test,” we don’t always get it without really seeking for His will on things that apply to our lives.  Jesus is the Door to Life in God.

After a while, we will get that hearing His Voice, His impressions, His sense of guiding us, is the most important thing that we could have, but there is a process.  First we must submit to who He is and meditate on that a bit and then we go before Him with our questions and petitions.  He is not our bellhop, we can’t pay Him enough to respond;  He is our Lord and He is willing to share if we will show the proper honor and respect.

We learn that He is not condemning us, if we are seeking Him, but there is a evil set in motion by the Fall that we have to overcome.  And we are doing it!  We are learning more every day!
Many people in the Church are fascinated by the gift of the word of knowledge and some mistakenly believe that if they could get the inside track on that, they would really have something.  We are carnal, the thought crosses our minds.  But when we yield to the Life at work within us, if we are born again and walking by the Spirit, then we see that the treasures in us as individuals really do only come through Him.

Someone else could be gifted all day long but if our hearts are not set on receiving from Him, we will only get a partial benefit.   Again, Jesus is the Door, and the entrance of His Words brings life.  After we realize how wonderful His ministry is to us, we will begin to see that ministering to others is a bigger blessing too!   We will find that we can have a “double portion” by ministering the Truth to others.

But when we advance to that next level, we have to realize that it comes by doing it His way.  There are many who stall out because they set it up in a way that looks pleasing to man, and while the Lord is not opposed to man having a blessing, He is the Gate Keeper and He knows the Divine Order for the maximum benefits for everyone.  It is here where so many get snared.

But once we see the snare, we can overcome it.  The best way we can get over any snare is to minister TO the Lord.  When we bless Him and love on Him and worship Him and extol Him, our mind gets off of our ways and on to His and who He is.  When that happens, the anointing comes and it has a power and a blessing with it.  But it is the mature ones who lead in it.

All people make mistakes in the Kingdom.  That is why God sent Jesus to show us that man can access the divine powers and still live!   This is a big deal because when it’s handled wrong, there are consequences.  This is why learning humility is important.  Then we will have a teachable spirit.

God is not just looking for a few, He is looking for a large group of people and He calls them His Body and His City.  He wants a community that can walk in divine powers and overcome the enemy and thrive in Godly living.  He is not just about the natural, but also the supernatural, and we get to learn this.  It can be sobering as well as a whole lot of fun!  And often, it is literally life saving.

It’s not enough to know what the gifts are, but we also need to know how they work and how they work with each other.  That means that people have to learn how to get along and work with each other and recognize the gifts in each other.  Then when we get in that divine presence and our gifts rise to the surface, we will learn how to not only recognize them, and see them, but also learn how to flow in them together.  We have to cultivate them in the Spirit.  The power of God goes beyond the natural.

The most challenging part is to learn patience.  It’s so easy to be excited and some will go too fast and some will hold back – both of which can equally hinder.  This is why if we practice our gifts in the world and see how people respond, then when we get among the holy, we will have a better handle on them.  People will be real in the world.  Too often we get snared in the church.  We have to see this through God’s eyes and not man’s.

The gifts are the same in the Church and out of the church atmosphere, we just find a blessing when we get in the corporate faith anointing, but sometimes God will hold back so we will go out and reach the world as He has commissioned us to do.  When we do outreach and bring people in, it gives all the ministry giftings opportunity to be activated – those who are called to help (which is all of us) and those who need to receive.  When we hold back and willingly work to limit the anointing of God, we incur His displeasure and we will see that eventually manifest.

There will be many unhappy and heartbroken people, but the remedy is to seek Him and serve Him.  Man has no problems that God cannot fix.  Life is an unfolding Story, so we will always be learning and accommodating His Plans.  If we don’t, our lives will be shallow and dry and we will be tossed to and fro with every wind and wave of doctrine.

God wants to activate us if we will learn how to reverence Him and see Him in others.  Too many still look for an “organization” to pull this off, and there are some great organizations doing great things, but none of them can sustain a move of God without God leading it.

We want to be careful of following people over God.  And even the supernatural has the bone structure of the natural built into it.  If we try to go beyond where we live in a way that does not bless others, we will go off track.  It may have a temporary high, but it will not have good fruit that remains.

When people drive you “crazy”, God will be there for you.  The deeper you go into God, the more prophetic you will become and that carries a burden, for the prophet is an intercessor between God and man and at the same time an intercessor between man and God.  It’s a difficult role, because we don’t enter His courts lightly, and people can also be hard to get along with or unappreciative.

Intercessors have “to get over” a lot of things but all ministers know it can be a thankless job at times.  However, your reward is with God and He will not allow abuse forever;  He will deal with it.  This is why we must get skilled in our intercessions!  The goal is much fruit!  And that calls for laying down our lives and serving Him and seeing Him more than we see ourselves.

God knits us and joins us in love!  If we fail to love, we won’t have a lot to show to God or to others.  Most parents know what it is like to be long suffering with their children, or you know if you have less than perfect family members (which may include you).  The Kingdom of God is built with shouts of “Grace!  Grace!” to it.  When the tension is released, we want to find the love, because we do have an enemy that would love to devour us, but our God is there to help and to save, as we seek Him.

And He will save to the uttermost, those hearts who cry fully unto Him.  Whether in this life or in the world to come, there is an Answer in Him.  When we learn how to do this on the earth, we will see a great wave of Revival because His ministry will be able to go forth with much understanding and discipline and effectiveness and it will be quite a joyous thing.  For as the Body comes into alignment and agreement for the King of Kings, we will see the majesty of it unfold to us.  And as long as we stay disciplined in it, we can enjoy it.

Don’t settle for the small stuff when you can have the big.  If you have been crying out to God, pay attention to the things He has been showing you and work with it, to get the application of it right.  Be willing to learn more and love more and keep your prayer life active.  Because only through the humility of prayer will anything be manifest in the Lord, unless it is rebuke.

Some things take a long time because of the need for real agreement in the Holy Spirit.  That agreement with faith, though, can do mighty things when it is released!  So work and labor to enter into His Rest and prepare the Way before Him, for He surely is coming!  And no one gets shortchanged.


Watchman, what do you see?

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)



“Watchman, what of the night?” Isaiah 21:11

In our church service today, one of the speakers/prophets quoted that verse, saying “Watchman, what do you see?” and she also mentioned that the Barbarians are at the door and we do need to repent. And we honored “Call to Fall” day where we spent five minutes on our knees in prayer to God.

But haven’t we heard all this before? I know I have, and inside (although being quiet on the outside) I am screaming! And this watchman is hearing that the Barbarians are very much still at the door! We don’t realize how close they are, and we are not prepared. Even many of the best of us will be taken by surprise, perhaps even me, the one who is declaring this.

Watchman, what do you SEE? And I see this arrogance, this false buffer we believe we have because we have done this before and nothing new seemed to happen. However, society gets worse and worse. Haven’t we been this way before? Don’t we know what to do?

Watchman, what do you see? And I see trouble coming with a grief that really will vex our souls. Do I want to see this? Trust me, I do not!!! And while everyone feels like they have done a good thing by praying, and I believe some did, I am also seeing an uncircumcised heart in the Body.

Now when the Lord called me out of the world into the Church, I was what was called “a party animal.” I loved a party, I loved to celebrate, and I thought I found all kinds of positive things to celebrate, but some of that celebrating was without the knowledge of God and so it didn’t really count for so much.

But in the pride of my soul, at that time, I thought it did. “I am a good person,” I would basically think. “People like me, I have friends, some even think I am the life of the party because I am so happy.” And they did. I liked people, and now today it seems sometimes like I don’t when I really do love them so much I am in travail for them and they don’t understand.

Ezekiel went through that. He was sitting around like everyone else in the crowd until he had a visitation from God and then he returned in the heat of his anger. After his visitation, he saw injustice! See, he was basically a good guy too, easy to get along with, agreeable, nice, but then he acquired a holy anger after a visitation from the Most High.

See, before God comes along, we are basically content for every man to do what is right in his own eyes. In my younger days, that was my great philosophy. I got the “great revelation” (and I thought it was at the time!) that people could do whatever they wanted as long as it didn’t hurt anyone else. It was really live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow and if you did mess up, “Oops! Okay, we’ll try harder next time.”

There was no conviction, no awareness of condemnation, and condemnation is pretty ugly anyway. God sets us free from that, but how did it get here in the first place? It was a pretty peaceful life for me. If someone did do something wrong, then society would surely take care of it. And it should be reasonable to the crime, of course. For me, gentle souls were nice and the norm, and the rough ones were on the outer edges, taking their risks. If others did it wrong, we would just tune them out and go on with our more righteous ways.

Oh yes, some of us still think that way! But what we don’t understand, or choose to fail to understand, is that God wants a peculiar people. It’s NOT anything goes, and all is well. Oh yes, some days are better than other days and how grateful we are for the good days we get – there really is A LOT to be thankful for. But something else, something more is also going on, and we don’t always want or choose to see it.

We LIKE being the masters of our own ships, setting our own sails. Don’t they teach that to us in the schools that we can be ANYTHING we want to be and do ANYTHING we want to do? And we buy into that freedom song, only to sometimes have the rude awakening later, that it really ain’t so. Some seem to slide by longer than others, but this life is not exactly “anything goes, no problem!”

And success is a beautiful thing, but what is it for? Is it for doing our own thing, or for caring about others? I think we would say, “Oh, I know the answer to that! I knew that already,” but do we live what are told to live? Do we really, as we watch society getting worse and worse? And the answer to that question today is: NO, we do not!

“Oh yikes! Another doom and gloom prophet,” but that is not really so! This is a cry for us being whom GOD wants us to be. And this may be harder for me than it is for you! But none the less, I am the one or one of the ones He chose to cry this out!

Today we have hard hearts and we think we don’t. We say we care, as we toss a few coins to a worthy cause, but our heart is not fully following. We are too busy going our own way. Oh, yes we were given a good upbringing, some of us, in this great Christian nation we say is so wonderful, but again, it’s going downhill. As our pastor preached in his message, it is God who has taken away the understanding of our leaders.

Job 12:24 – He takes away the understanding of the chiefs of the people of the earth, And makes them wander in a pathless wilderness.

And so if God is doing that, and many believe He is, WHY is He doing that? Why is He blinding them, and thus us? Why are we wandering to and fro and looking for justice in so many places? It is because we are not seeing HIM! We have taken things for granted, but yet we think we are sure.

We go through the motions, we THINK we are good people, we really believe that, but God says we are falling short!!!

“Haven’t we been this way before?” we say in our hearts. “Don’t we know how to handle this thing?” but yet we are surprised and appalled at what happens in other countries that soon could be at our doorsteps, or maybe already is.

While we were blind and going our own way, the enemy crept in through the gate and slipped by the guardsmen. Life is a party and like one person shared, the table is spread, the Marriage Supper has come, and what is being served is skewered Lamb!

But aren’t we the “special ones”, the “chosen ones”? Aren’t “we” God’s favorites? Isn’t that why all this “favor” has come to us? Let’s confess up some more! Ouch!!! Our words have power, they conjure! Oh God, help us!!!

Some of you are really feeling this as I write and are crying out, “What! What! What must I do???”

He answers from Joel chapter 2: 12 “Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: 13 And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.”

What are we fasting and weeping for? The answer is a circumcized or tender heart. We need to remove the foreskin or callousness we have that is making us insensitive. And what if we don’t? God will do it for us. For Pharoah and his kingdom, God took away the first born sons. Only then would he let Israel go. (He thought he owned them, but God said No.)

The fear of the Lord is knowing something can happen and you can be grateful it didn’t happen to you, but when it does happen to someone, you need the appropriate response. Some day some things will happen to you and you will be grateful for the Body of Christ, because they are wonderful people and ministers, but if that hardness creeps into the Church and takes over, God will have to purge His Church. Who has eyes to see???

Will it be the one who knows everything already, or will it be those who call on His Name? Will it be the mockers and the talkers or will it be those who really weep? Believe it or not, I was told that in the older days some of the women who attended the prayer meetings would bring onions in their handkercheif so it would provoke their tears. I don’t think that is what God has in mind!!!

Not only do we share in the wounding, but we also are to share in the blessing, and when we get too big to share, we are too big for God in His eyes. Yes, we need wisdom and skill in handling life and we are all students or disciples. But this hardness of heart is a big issue and it is leading to A LOT of sin in our nation! We might point to the other nations but in whose hands is the Book of Life that we call The Holy Bible? In what nations are the houses of prayer? What if God gives us double that was too much trouble for us?

Yes there are snakes and scorpions out there, but we are to take our power and authority over them in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ! In I Samuel 4:9 you read: “Be strong and conduct yourselves like men, you Philistines, that you do not become servants of the Hebrews, as they have been to you. Conduct yourselves like men, and fight!”

This was the enemy resisting the Israelites. They respected themselves enough to not want to be taken over, because they didn’t know the Love of God that was meant for them. But if they can stand against a small people, what can we do if the Lord is on our side? If we don’t take what is lawfully and rightfully ours through the work of the Cross, and if we just give that blessing to our enemies to trample underfoot, do we deserve a blessing that we don’t really care about?

Remember Esau who gave up his divine birthright for a pot of stew! Later when he wanted it back, with tears he could not get it. It’s a fearful thing to offend God. We must be stewards over our own souls and influence those around us. For we are our brother’s keeper and one day we will stand before Him accountable.



To Do or To Be?

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)


You can DO missions or you can BE missions. You can DO the Gospel or you can BE the Gospel.  The difference is that you take on “a role” if you DO them.  You step in and out of something.  If you “BE” (or are)  something, you take on the whole person and then what you deal with is personal, and many, I find, don’t like to go there.   People hide in there and it can make church seem treacherous.

When you work at “being” something, you will make mistakes, but, you are putting it out there for it to be tested and that is how growth happens. You also make yourself vulnerable.  BEING the Gospel put Jesus on the Cross.  But you CAN learn how to do this in the Lord!

You can learn “the system” or you can learn “The Lord.” We sometimes call it “works” versus “Spirit.” If works were good enough, and in some places they are, then everything is based on works and you long to hear the “well done.”

But the Spirit heals and the Spirit makes alive, and the Spirit does the supernatural and so then – in the Church – we have conflict!  No one wants to be judged by others. And the Bible works to teach us to judge ourselves, so that we won’t be judged.  But it’s not easy!

We have to learn to forgive others, and ourselves!  Some even get into church wars over the denominational doctrines.  Then they get so busy competing with that, that they miss the world  they are to reach, and don’t realize that no one is respecting them like they are respecting themselves!  They have missed Jesus altogether, even though they claim His Name.

They will say,  “We are saved and everyone else is not unless they see it like we do.” And they will put His Name on that and find followers.  It’s very sad when you see it.

On the other side, when we get “in the Spirit,”  we can make idols out of people who are obviously not God. But they manifest some glory, and people make idols out of them, only to get angry at them when they see their flesh.

What it comes down to, really, is a changed life. Sometimes you need the healing and supernatural to survive!  But “the encounter” is what changes you.  The encounter changes YOU, you don’t change to adjust to it and come up with a new works plan. The encounter will give you a works plan, because you are changed and you have a fresh vision!

Is He with you in the plans? I have seen this more than once in my life, and that is when a Visitation occurs, you have a room full of different people. Why? Because the people are changed when the anointing comes and they have to learn who each other is all over again.  Instead of the natural gifts on the surface, the Spiritual gifts come up, and they have a power.  So there is a new and different interaction.

A mechanic suddenly becomes a song writer. A teacher suddenly has the anointing to preach and evangelize. The president of the company suddenly has a heart for the poor and needy.  But the momentum can’t be sustained without the abiding anointing.

If we go into works mode, then we go in the strength of the flesh, but if we go in Spirit mode, we go in the mighty power of the Lord.  We have to cultivate that in our our spirits.   We can sometimes go into works mode because of our encounter or someone else’s, but if we missed Him, we missed it all!

It’s like the preachers who win the world and lose their families. The kids want nothing to do with the Lord because they saw works only.  But even worse are those who turn against the Lord because of what they saw.   It is going to take God to help us and we have to seek Him for it.
Now the outpouring of the charismatic wave in the Spirit had a very unique thing that went on. The Presence of God drew people from MANY DIFFERENT denominations.  They gathered for weeks and even years at a time together “in one place together” – for Him.  And when His Presence lifted, then many of them went back to their denominational backgrounds.

But some hung in there together in more independent churches.  Remember how the “non-denominationals” practically became a “denomination” of its almost?   The works churches used to scorn them for not having their act together in a system, I do remember!  There was even a section in the yellow pages for “Non-Denominational” churches, and is there maybe still.  What is that? For a while we knew, but now it could be anything, LOL.  People wanted to break away from the restrictions of form into more life, because the restrictions of traditions crowded in.

But here is the quesiton – does Jesus love me?   Or do I have to perform a certain way to be loved?

We have our right wing group that really supports the family.  So many have found that you have to be a family to get into that group and have some acceptance. (Did you know that 50% of the population is single?)

But a whole lot of people realized there was a cut off in the Spirit for them there and because they were not a family like “everyone else,”  or their families had problems and were not the “ideal” family, they felt rejection.  They put up with the church for a while and then many left.  The core group, because it is based on a good principle, has hung in there, but when “the Love” left, so did a lot of the people.

Many started their own type support groups, and they were scorned by the churches, and some of that was based on wrong doctrines, but many of those people went looking for Love in some of the wrong places because the Church didn’t have the time or the right resources for them.  God is not lacking, man is the needy one!

Because we do have a standard of the Word of God – and interpreting that can be controversial – but when the Anointing is on the Word, it can change the hardest heart, and heal many wounds.  The Presence of God is there to heal them.

When the Anointing is on the Word, things are less about works and more about His Spirit.  A Person is now there to be interacted with.   The Anointing has a power of its/His own and even a Personality.

But we have to know the difference between something anointed and the Spirit.  It’s tricky, I know! But Jesus said to judge by the fruit that is being  produced.   Peace is a part of that, and look at the news today! There seems to be anything but peace and little of the other fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

And the next Miss America will say, “And I want world peace!” Okay that was just a funny I had to throw in there.   The beauty queens lead the way, right?  No, I’m kidding, you know they don’t.  Preachers do, because God designed it that way through the foolishness of preaching (I Corinthians 1:21), but there are responsibilities and abilities for everyone!   He leaves out no one!

There has to be more than just beauty, but there is NO beauty like God’s beauty!  And sometimes we have to figure out what God is not, to find out Who He is.   We need to develop appreciation, but SEE HIM as Someone DIFFERENT than who we are.   And until we do, we will be forever warring in the flesh.  Let’s seek Him and find His Spirit working with the Word.  Then signs and wonders will follow!

“And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.”  Mark 16:20

The real and lasting change will be through His Spirit.





Are You Considering Sin?

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

As stated in the Bible, there are three main categories of sin – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.  All others, and there are myriads, fall under these categories.  It is not so important to get the category of every one of them right as it is to discern it.

The devil was good at attacking two pure people – Adam and Eve – and sadly, he is still good at corrupting today.  Our diligence has to be that we are aware it can happen, that it displeases God, and have the faith that once and for all, the enemy’s defeat will one day be fully accomplished in our lives, but we have to choose Him.

We have all been raised in the weakness of this fallen world and some things have just been set up to trip us up, if at all possible.  We know that when frustrations mount, or that when we are extremely tired, or when someone successfully sabotages something, that the enemy sees these as opportune times.  The Bible even talks about the devil leaving Jesus “till a more opportune time.”

Yes, there are these seemingly designed set ups for attacks and even in wars, we call them ambushes.  They are real and they are out there.  But some sins are done because of unexpected pressures and some are done with the full intent to commit them.

When it comes to repentance, this does make a difference.  Some are not tempted if the adverse circumstances for them are not there.  Most likely they would totally avoid the snares of sin if the circumstances were favorable to them in a reasonable manner.

And that really is the work of many in a service to the Lord, and that is to prevent adverse circumstances from becoming ambushes.  We are grateful to those people, who often themselves had something bad happen and now they want to help others not experience that out of the goodness of their hearts.

It’s a sign or token of redemption and faith.  But then there is another aspect of the intentional sin.  It is something that is considered, pondered upon, thought about and there is the choice of willful intent to partake in the matter.  Oh the excuses that man can come up are innumerable and even the devil will gladly help them come up with justifications, but the God who knows and weighs the hearts knows and sees and discerns it as intentional.

When a people choose to have revival – a visitation of God because they ask Him for it – it is done by an intentional seeking.  They go out of their way with sincere hearts find His will,  to repent for their sins and invite and make room for His Presence in their lives.  Even then, God often will wait to see how strong their real intent is.  Because God has an order, He looks to see if they will comply to the order and the spontaneity of His ways.

When people respond by seeking the will of God with a posture of true repentance, many things you didn’t even realize were a problem, or the problem, comes to light and gets corrected.  There is also the joy of restored relationships and joyful anticipation of working together and finding accomplishments with others for a common cause in trust.

Many in workplaces today work out of obedience for the little reward of a paycheck, but too often  their true lives and hearts are not into that job and it is just a ways and means to get other things that they really want done.  It causes a split in their personalities and life becomes a discipline more than a pleasant experience.

We admire the survivors of adverse circumstances, but how much better might it be if we could all work for a happy goal and enjoy those around us as we do.  And many people do strive for just that and see it as a blessing.  But when many don’t, it becomes a problem of discontent and unrest, and then others seek out methods of “crowd control” to manage the froward people, some even to the point of possibly killing them off.

Conspiracy theories abound and some just love to stir them up.  But some are very real and it’s a symptom of lives out of sync with the will of God.  And things out of the will of God are going to have problems and as the Bible says, the wages, the rewards, of sin is death!  Some breathe, but are dead inside.  They are entertained but not satisfied.  We want to reach those people and give them the light of life!

Many are looking for leaders to “just handle things” or to “just fix things” but leaders alone can’t do it.  For the world today to change for the better, it is going to take large groups of people with a common and sincere heart.  It’s going to take a unity of purpose.  And then God will bless that if it is for His foreordained purposes.

When we realize the purposes of God are good, and that He is indeed a Master Mind who created it all, and that His intentions for us are for our fulfillments in Him, we gain a true and enduring hope when we understand the purposes and scope of why He sent His Son Jesus to die for us and take us into the redeemed life.

First of all, we need it to have life!  Secondly, it’s sure death without Him.  And thirdly it is important to understand that all this is based on choice if we want to contend  for things with it.  Some lives are ruined because they are herded like cattle and have little ability of resistance.  When we engage the power of God with the understanding of His good will, it’s a win-win situation with far reaching ramifications!

If we persist in our own ways, making willful intentions to serve our own lusts and desires that work against the goodness of life, we not only defeat ourselves but those around us.  God weighs the hearts and will give us the fruit of our ways.  Sometimes the smallest things can affect major circumstances!

The rewards or paychecks of sin are not always “later” – often the negative process starts and the results are not that far away.  We must understand that there are two world systems at work.  One is the Kingdom of God and the other is that of the fallen world.  So choosing, you can be a master of either one, but you have to decide which one your heart is lining up with, because it speaks of your destiny.  Death has many facets, most of which we do want to avoid!

Many people, without the knowledge of God, excel in the world system.  When we see those people, we sigh and often say, “Oh if only they would serve the Lord, how awesome that would be” because we believe they would use those same skills for Him.  But if you have been around a while, you will notice that the fame of one world does not transfer over that easily or that often into the other.

Often if you choose to “transfer” to the other side, either way, you are wrecked inside.  The whole thought process and system of checks and balances are different.  The building process for internal power and strength is different.  This is why there will be much deception in the future days because there will be a bait and switch and if you don’t know your God, you will fall for the “promo.”

About 20 years ago I had a friend in a city I used to live in from church and he was a kind of burly type man, sweet and gentle but also quite manly in appearance.  He seemed to know a lot about the Lord, and it turns out that he used to work with a major repentance ministry.

I found him interesting because he knew a lot of people and had some strong thoughts but he never could keep all of his thoughts together.  To “get” him you would have to be very patient and get the pieces and then try to put them together yourself.  Honestly, it became frustrating.

I took it to the Lord as I wanted to enjoy this man’s company, just as a friend, and then one day he confessed to me that he had sinned and committed homosexuality in his recent past.  I was not only shocked, but brokenhearted over it, because I could then see what happened.  He really was like a shattered mirror.  The pieces were there but they didn’t connect anymore and so he was fighting the distortion, as were those around him.  It broke my heart.

That shatteredness led to his mistrust of everything and everyone because it wasn’t like before and he couldn’t get his internal foundation right for building.  Now this is an extreme case but also typical of how sin works.  We all have little pieces that we put together as we grow into maturity and the enemy who hates the cause of God is just seeking how he might destroy that because of the power it has to be used against him.  So he wants to stop it and will work at it.  There is a war going on in the heavens!

With genuine repentance God can put his life back together but it will not be an overnight thing.  He will have to find the glue of Heaven and declare God over every broken piece to put that back together again.  And he probably will be a much stronger person for it, but it’s a painful thing to go through.  I’ve seen it in women, too, and with other types of sin.

Apostle Paul talks about growing up in the sincere faith because once we were babes, but we can gain maturity and strength.  Some people are sheltered, some start off in a good place and are able to maintain it.  It’s an awesome gift.  But there are millions called too, who have every right to partake but they have to struggle more to get there, but as Jesus says, “He who is forgiven much loves much.”

The whole goal is to find your ministry in Christ (the anointing).  There is power in the anointing to change the world and the things around you.  Those who were sheltered have to be on guard just as much as those who came up “street wise.”   They need the blessings of each other, because wisdom often comes through challenging experiences.

God often calls the “least likely” because He likes to get the glory for what He can do.  Are you considering sin?  Don’t do it!  Life is hard enough, and the enemy is targeting you anyway without you making it worse.  It can wreck your whole life that consists of time and it can also steal your eternal rewards.  Everyone likes cash, but righteousness is your spending money in Heaven and it works on earth, too, in prayers.

Have you failed already?  Know that the true Body of Christ and God Himself is on your side for you to win this thing.  Yes, things may take some time and hard efforts but everything you do for Him, will bring you benefits.  When you turn from sin, your example speaks loudly to others and Heaven also has a child has come Home and rejoices.  There are eternal consequences.  There is no peace like God’s peace.

God will get great glory on the earth – it has been promised!  When the holy spark starts the next  Revival Wave, you want to be in the right place at the right time.  You don’t want to spend all your time on the logistics of trying to get there.

Pray as Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is Heaven.”   It’s not about brownie points – that is the world.  Jesus says you are either for Him or against Him and that is how He is looking at it.  Be on the winning side.